Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 28, 1995

“Set priorities, avoid weekends when planning trip to Disneyland,” advises the Sunday Travel section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  I don’t know whether the writer means Washington, D.C. or Anaheim, California, because on the front page of the same newspaper beneath a picture of Mickey Mouse, there is a headline, “Exercising tribal sovereignty in the face of new conflicts”—Washington, D.C. and Disney, Inc. are both indulging in make-believe, creating fantasy-lands and mythological people.  Disney created Pocohantas and on the other side of the continent, Congress created the Pokagons.  (The Star Tribune devotes more than two newspaper pages to 315 Federally Recognized Pokagon Pequot “Indians” of 1/16 blood quantum—they don’t tell you their other 15/16ths is mostly European, and blood runs thicker than water.  The Strib is playing the White man’s guilt for all it’s worth, obscuring both the genocide of the Aboriginal people and the massive White Federal “Indian” bureaucracy by promoting the illusion of “Indian sovereignty.”)  After the jump to page 15A, the Star Tribune article reads, “Congress recognized the Pokagon tribe last summer ... the ink was barely dry on the recognition documents” when the newly created Indians had a referendum to put up a casino.

SCAMS AND OTHER CRIMES: The good ol’ WASP elite used to have the Mafia handle their dirty work and run their disreputable businesses, but since the RICO Statutes came into effect, we haven’t heard much about the Mafia or the G-Men (just the re-runs on T.V.).  Taking their place, it’s déja-vu all over again with the Indians and the same old crooked games go on.  It looks like the New Indians, who are under trusteeship and are wards of the U.S. Government just like the older Treaty Indians and Chiefs, are being used by an in-group of Euro-American shyster lawyers to fill the void left by the Mafia.  When the dirt beneath the glitz in the new Indian casinos starts to stink, will the Congressmen, Senators and B.I.A. bureaucrats who institutionalized Indian gambling by creating their own mythological sovereign Indians, be sent to jail along with their Federally Recognized Indians for racketeering and moral turpitude?

SECONDHAND HOT AIR: Affirmative Action is also front-page news—it looks like President Clinton is going to use it as one of the planks in his platform.  President Pete Wilson wants to abolish A.A. (Affirmative Action) because too many people are getting “uppity,” and they don’t show him proper respect like genuflecting and kissing hierarchical butt.  They need a 12-Step Program in Affirmative Action (or A.A.).  When they talk about “reverse discrimination” in Affirmative Action, I always thought there should be an exchange program where the upper class would go live in the homeless’ section of town, and the dregs of society would go live in the penthouses and country estates for awhile.  That would really be Affirmative Action!  Or, the moneyed Congressman should swap status with the down-and-out and unemployed, and let the poverty-stricken govern for awhile.  The homeless and the chronically unemployed pay taxes, but do not have representation in Congress.  The first ten steps in the Affirmative Action (A.A.) Program should address these and other despicable inequities in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  In the thirteenth step, history repeats itself again: you’re getting screwed without any loving.

USED BOOT-STRAPS: How does Affirmative Action apply to the Sovereign status that the White man gave to his Indians?  Can Whites file equal-access lawsuits to wear war-bonnets, beat tom-toms, smoke peace-pipes, live in tee-pees and run sweat-lodges?  Or, are they scared to use Affirmative Action to get equal treatment—they might be labelled “Squaw Men” or (Ugh!) Wanna-be’s.  In re-inventing the New Indian and leaving the old stereotype in the dust of history, some of what used to be the exclusive province of Indians is being left behind.  I haven’t heard the words “Ugh, Me Indian,” or the songs “Squaws Along the Yukon are Good Enough for Me” or “Ka-lai-jah the Wooden Indian” for a long time, and I haven’t heard Russell Means calling everybody a “Squanto Sell-Out” in his speeches lately.  When I was in boarding school, we were told over and over again, “Indians are the ‘Vanishing Americans,’ and you will not live among us, and you will go;” Indians were to be scapegoats and political hockey-pucks.  But, the U.S. Congress keeps re-inventing their Indians, leaving the old stereotypes behind and turning the “bad Indians” into the “good Indians”—wait until the casino profit pendulum swings back again.  In the meantime, White Wanna-be’s could keep the old stereotypes alive through Affirmative Action, suing for the right to use these farces for themselves.  Everybody wants to get into the Hollywood act of playing Indian and re-playing tired old caricatures; as long is this is America, why can’t everybody be an Acting Indian?

RED, WHITE AND BLUE: The K.K.K. seems to have given up on cross-burning because of a city ordinance against burning trash, but burning as a public demonstration has been a part of European and Euro-American tradition for hundreds of years—if they’re not burning witches at the stake, they’re burning steaks in their backyard (it’s either steaks or mistakes, I haven’t completely figured out the Euro-American culture yet).  The new White Supremacy groups are looking for something else to burn—if Bud Grant’s anti-Indian organization burned war-bonnets and sold Treaty Beer and Custer Malt Liquor as the Indians look for a depleted fish to spear, would the 7th Cavalry rise again?

The U.S. Congress is getting on the burning bandwagon (along with their Prayer-in-school agenda) by proposing a Constitutional Amendment making a symbol, the United States flag, holy and sacred—while at the same time trashing the real ecology and polluting the water.

INDIAN LAW: When Congress created White mythological Indians (using their expansionist culture’s mystique of “discovery”—they were lost but yet they “discovered”), they had to give the illusion which they created all the trappings of assimilated civilization including “Indian Law”—a tired old rewrite of Roman and English law.  Indian law is not Aboriginal law, and is not indigenous to this land.  Congress and the Star Tribune would like you to believe that Aboriginal people had Roman “Indian Law.”  If Indigenous people had, this Continent would have been even more of a barren rock than Europe was at that time, and the Europeans would have turned around and gone back home—there would have been nothing left for anybody to steal.  There would have been no need for Missionaries under “Indian Law,” which is based on the Christianity of the Holy Roman Empire.  Under White “Indian Law” the ecosystem at Red Lake has been trashed and demolished, and the water polluted—so much for the Romanized people who claim “Indian Law” as their own.

THE AMERICAN DREAM: The melting pot theory has been renamed, they now call it “diversity.”  Instead of being founded on “race,” it’s based on social class; using social engineering to steal what little identity the “Americans” have left, and mongrelizing these people in a hodge-podge of mythological identities and pseudo-history.  It fans the smoldering flames of anger and resentment, disenfranchises the lower classes, and (using Affirmative Action) keeps the Good Ol’ Boys in power.  It’s another “Manhattan Project,” a loose Cannon connected to a lightning rod, out of control and approaching critical mass.

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