Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 7, 1995

Greetings, pilgrims! And to the rest of the descendants of the Western European immigrants, I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday while celebrating your “independence” in the Land of the Free, and violently pursuing your traditionally elusive happiness.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: The good upstanding, moral citizens of California have enacted an unconstitutional Proposition which denies all government services to illegal aliens, a foreign kind of discrimination against immigrants based on date of arrival—the second sons of the old European blue-bloods didn’t have green cards, either, and the U.S. Constitution is a European immigrants’ document based on imported Roman and English law.  The recent undocumented immigrants pay more than their fair share of taxes, and subsidize the economic system in California with wages which are far below the poverty level.  The fruit growers and other agribusinesses welcome these so-called illegal aliens with open arms and pats on the back, exploiting their cheap labor, and then, when the crops are harvested, instead of receiving unemployment compensation or social security, the I.N.S. has a big roundup, fines the workers a hefty percentage of their earnings, and deports them back south of the border using firearms and batons (clubs).  So much for “affirmative action” for the most recent immigrants without green cards.

Affirmative action has been touted to “disadvantaged minorities” as redressing the legacy of centuries of discrimination.  A very few Uncle Toms, Uncle Tomahawks and some Aunt Jemimahs and Pocahantases got middle-class jobs as tokens under affirmative action, which maintains the status quo—it was not designed to assimilate or desegregate the good ol’ WASP boys’ economic system.  The people who have benefitted from the last three decades of affirmative action are the white businessmen, including consultants, federal contractors, and office supply companies.  Under Affirmative Action, the big corporations get wealthier and minority employees have less take-home pay than they used to—for the working people, nothing’s adjusted for inflation and never will be.

Affirmative action has been an unwritten law for a long time, under other names.  In one example of affirmative action, the self-proclaimed upper class labelled their lower class “White trash,” and used them to do the carpetbaggers’ and squatters’ dirty work: the K.K.K. dressed in white robes and carried crosses in the south.  In the north, affirmative action was promoted by White squaw-men carrying crosses and dressed in Black Robes, who segregated the French “[clearcut] Jackpine Savages” and sawed-off “Burnt Stumps” from the allegedly “civilized” WASPS, laying the foundation for what’s now called “Indian [quasi-] Sovereignty” (held in trust for their Indian wards by the United States Government).  The mixed message is an illusion, a dichotomy of slogans: “Church and State are Separate,” but “In God We Trust;” greenbacks pack a bigger clout than green cards, and blood runs thicker than water.  Any Affirmative Action program designed by the WASP elite is going to benefit nobody else, but it turns Congressional politicians into rabid demagogues and provides the White lower classes and riffraff with an expedient scapegoat.

GET GOVERNMENT OFF OUR BACKS: There has been much ballyhoo, by people who made their fortunes and social position from Anglo government give-aways (including four centuries of pork-barrel distribution of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ property), to “get Government off our backs.”  Just the other night, television news featured cry-baby American auto makers whimpering about not having a “level playing field” for selling shoddy, left-hand drive, gas-hog cars in the islands of Japan (maybe they’re hoping that if they send enough Detroit-irons over there, they’ll sink those tiny islands and their competition along with it).  The elite who is urging the American public to “get government of your backs” is subsidized by American public taxpayers though the gas taxes, energy programs, trade stipends, etc., etc.  But, in the good old American Tradition of greed, they want more!  They’re asking Government to get on somebody else’s back, and nuke the Japanese if they don’t agree to buy an Affirmative Action quota of American cars.

GROUNDWATER: The electric companies are spraying an incestuous close cousin to Agent Orange on the power-line right-of-ways east of the Reservation.  Poison is poison, and what they’re spraying to kill the plants is also killing the birds, insects, deer and what’s left of the vanishing species that comprise the wildlife in the Northwoods (whoops, I meant Northbrush—it’s all been clearcut) of Northern Minnesota.  The herbicides also get into the surface water and the groundwater—instead of providing summer jobs cutting brush, the electric companies are creating a time bomb for future generations.  NASA is promoting its space program, but the utility companies have another space program all their own—they are completely disconnected from Grandmother Earth, out of balance and in disharmony.

I.R.A. NEWS: The Big Indians are gearing up for the White man’s colonial Democracy (presented to the public as “Tribal Elections”), and the Real Chip-away politicos are jockeying around, playing Indian in a context of French feudalism.  One-term Chief Gerald Brun is gone, and after only two years in office it looks like Bobby Whitefeather will be another One-term Chief unless the Democratic Party pulls off a miraculous feat of ballot-box stuffing and raising the dead.  Judy Roy has political ambitions, and is maneuvering to become Chieftainess.  Bobby Whitefeather, run like a Deer (but not to Ada)—there’s another Mankiller here, and she’s not from Oklahoma.

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