Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 28, 1994

The October 21 Native American Press published letters submitted by community members, including one from the Department of the Interior to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, authorizing establishment of the “Minnesota Chippewa [Indian] Courts,” and a second from BIA lawyer James M. Schoessler offering the South Philadelphia back-alley shyster opinion that establishing an Indian Tribal Court for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe is not in violation of the MCT 1934 IRA Constitution [although the 1934 IRA Constitution is a human rights violation] and “is a major victory for the Tribe and Bands.”  In an accompanying letter to the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, also published by the NAP, Lowell Bellanger observes that the proposed Tribal Court will “set up a ... system whereby corrupt tribal judges and so-called ‘elected’ people will be able to try themselves and escape justice.”  The BIA’s decision to establish what they call a Tribal Court turkey-feathers the bureaucrats’ nests, maintains their lucrative positions to administer sweetheart contracts, enables them to continue pigging out on perks at the public trough, ensures their golden-parachute retirement, and re-entrenches the Bureau’s pit-bull hold on their puppet IRA Tribal and Band Governments.

The timing of the BIA’s decision is just at the right moment for incumbents to appoint Tribal Judges who will try these very same incumbents for election fraud—and in this Western European archetype of Democracy, Wadena and his crooked cronies will acquit themselves and set themselves free using post-facto BIA Indian Sovereignty and other uniquely creative legalistic shell games.  The Bureau has apparently unilaterally repealed Public Law 280 and State jurisdiction, and is supporting MCT incumbents because the BIA’s very existence depends on their corrupt in-house IRA Indian politicians.  (I don’t know what kind of back-room turf deal was cut between Federal bailiwicks in Washington to “take care of” the mail fraud which continues on 535 Indian reservations in conjunction with the dead-vote.)  Vernon Bellecourt and Camp Justice are gathering petitions to challenge the White Earth IRA election and oust Wadena, but they’ll never get enough signatures, because the BIA and Wadena have the keys to the voting booths in the cemetery, and the polls are not in your favor, Vernon. Although the BIA may be subsidizing you “dissidents” through third parties and front-men, to hench as token opposition, it’s an old tradition of the Bureau to promote factions and obscure reality and honest Injuns.  Hats off to Euro-American Democracy!  Crooked Judge Lynch and his favorite sidekick Chief Jim Crow ride again, just like the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

THE BELL CURVE:  The Western European social scientists’ all-purpose statistical tool, the “Bell Curve,” is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg that’s been broken in three places, and couldn’t be mended even with a level Chi Square or a straight face.  The Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune reprinted a review from the New York Times of a book, “The Bell Curve,” co-authored by a deceased Harvard psychologist, “which suggests that differences in intelligence between races are a matter of inheritance,” rather than looking at the violent social reality which favors Northern European Whites.  (The playing field is not level when it comes to White definitions of I.Q.—the deck is stacked and the dice are loaded.)  The reviewer’s criticism focuses on his observation that “racial categories, especially in the United States, are often more poetry than science.  American blacks almost invariably have some white ancestry, so their classification has more to do with politics and culture than with genes.”  Descriptions of race and mixed-race invariably ignore the genealogical fact that almost all people identified as “Americans”—including most Blacks, Indians, Jews, and Hispanics—have a White patriline.  This used to be called “miscegenation;” in forked-tongue Anglo-English, it’s called “diversity.”  My, my, tsk, tsk, how Crooked English hides the constant corruption of the status quo.

In the 1860’s, the U.S. Census dealt with mixed race using an illusion of precision, buying time with artificial categories such as “mulatto.”  The problem is still here, and the social engineers are re-naming it in Crooked English, again.  Now, the U.S. Census Bureau is seriously considering adding the category “mixed race” to the year 2000 Census.  The people who like to call themselves “upper class White Americans” are fleeing their own identity, and hiding their roots and their origins.  Instead of admitting who they are, they are neurotically re-creating the abusive conditions of their Old Countries.  The reality is that the Lily-White European immigrants have already been mongrelized in the endless wars, rape and plunder which raged back and forth across Europe for more than a millennium before these hybridized White Anglo-Saxon Protestants got here and unilaterally created the self-serving illusion of Diversity they call “mixed races” in their insatiable greed.

What they call the Melting Pot is a euphemism for: Anglo control of the White dollar-economic system and their imported system of laws which rapes and plunders the Aboriginals’ resources and systematically discriminates against non-white men; and permissive “wink-and-slap-on-the-back” laws condoning rapes committed by White men against non-White women and the land we call our Grandmother Earth (what they ambiguously euphemize as “resource management” is really rape).  The “Melting Pot” can never work, because of the White economic system, and because the laws are all unilaterally White, including the prison system.  What really comes out of this burnt Melting Pot is a putrid smokescreen derived from a stinking red herring and other rotten residue of Manifest Destiny, which masks the hideous bigotry embedded in the imported Anglo-White culture and foreign English language.

SENATORIAL DIATRIBE: Senate Candidates Rod Grams and Ann Wynia had a media event orchestrated by Minnesota Public Television on October 21st.  This carefully controlled spoon-feeding of illusory “Democracy” was heavily promoted by PBS as “citizen participation,” and was itself a pitiful reflection of the cynically elitist parody of fairness which is touted as the Great American System.  A Citizen in the Lunchroom, Mark Anderson, asked a question about “family values” and “diversity.”  Neither one of the Candidates gave a meaningful answer, probably because neither one of them knew anything about a family—they never really had one.  Western Civilization depends on destruction of family and community, and polarization between generations.  Replacing the extended family with the Nation-State and the Great White Father maintains the class system and the status quo.  This is why the United States enacted their genocide policy of forcing Aboriginal children into Boarding Schools, intentionally destroying our Aboriginal families (Dodemian—which are very different from what the White man labels “bands” and “tribes”) and brainwashing us into the fraudulent pseudo-identity of “Indian,” which they now define as “Diversity” under their rigid control.  “Diversity,” translated from Anglo-English, is a rainbow of Apples and Oreos and Bananas and Uncle Toms and Uncle Tomahawks: people with White patrilines who are all White on the inside, paraphrasing their Great White Father in the Big House as they claim to “speak for” their distant non-White maternal relatives.

HOT FLASHES: Rod Grams, when asked about “diversity,” answered that he advocated the unilateral imposition of “English First.”  The White-WASP Language Police are talking about a Constitutional Language Amendment, while they “fight crime” by building more jails.  Unilateral laws to enforce English First are lurking over the horizon.  According to my crystal ball, the penalty for first offense of speaking any language but English will be 90 days in jail, although Whites speaking Norwegian or German will get a slap on the wrist and community [which community???] service as a warning—the first time.  The penalty for a second offense will be a year in jail (at hard labor if it’s a non-European language).  To play ball in the New Diversity, the California Initiative is “three strikes and you’re out”—the BIA has already established the “legal” precedent.  This is also known as “multi-culturalism” and “equal opportunity” in this “great Land of the Free,” where because of unilateral Lily-White legal and economic systems, Citizens of Color are forever in hot pursuit of elusive illusions of Happiness.

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