Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 21, 1994

When I was growing up in the late 30’s and early 40’s, one of the luxuries we had on the Res was “going to the show.”  We never went “to the movies,” and there was no place called a “movie theater” at Redlake, but anybody who had the price of admission (ten cents) went to the show—at the Show Hall.  Those of us who did not have ten cents sat outside, and listened to the movie through the thin walls of the theater.

At that time, politicians had already realized the power of propaganda in the mass media.  Most of the movies at Redlake were Grade B Westerns—the archetypal Cowboy-and-Indian movies (“shows”).  The plot was always the same: in the early part of the movie, Hollywood Indians in grease paint rode out of the barren hills with war whoops, terrorized White “pioneer” women and children, burned the wagon train and drank up the whiskey.  (They never attacked the Chinese railroad laborers or the Black slaves.)  The climax of all these Western movies was the Cavalry charge on horseback, coming to the rescue in a cloud of flying dust, with bugles blowing and horses running, then the U.S. Army would slaughter the “merciless savage” Indians: every man, woman and child.  The French Métis children would stand up on their benches in the Show Hall, clapping their hands and cheering loudly for the Cavalry as they mercilessly killed the Indians, shooting them in the back and scalping them.

These burnt stumps grew older, and guess what.  Times have changed, and now these very same French Métis people who applauded the Cavalry, along with their descendants, have replaced the dead Indians who were massacred every week on Hollywood’s movie sets.  They are now running around with beads and feathers and pow-wow paint, telling gullible White people that they are “Real Indians” who are experts on Indian culture; Indian Medicine Men practicing White Christian shamanism in what they claim are “sacred sweats” for big White bucks; hiding a heinous and despicable Holocaust—the genocide and “ethnic cleansing” of the Aboriginal people here, exploiting the rotten residue of Manifest Destiny and playing the White man’s burden of guilt for all it’s worth; parading in the mass media and acting like damn’ fools.  Before World War II, these Métis spoke Creole French, and had lively French dances with expert French jiggers and fiddle-players.  The highlight of these French dances was a raucous drunken fist-fight, which kept the local gossips busy until the next week’s dance.  I often wonder what happened to their Traditional Cajun culture (did the English take it away from them as a part of the French-and-Indian wars?).  I also wonder why they reject their own roots for the shallow pretense of mythological Indians.  Could it be they fell for the second oldest dirty trick in the books, that carrot-on-a-stick of “payment” and “land money.”

Politically correct people have claimed this manufactured phenomenon of [mythological] Indians is a “Diversity of Culture,” but on closer examination, it’s an self-serving illusion of White culture that’s really out of focus, out of kilter and way out of balance.

To promote the Johnny-come-lately Indian culture on this Continent, the formerly French Indians create jobs for themselves, using phony “Indian preference” as “equal opportunity” to hire their relatives.  These Indian fakers and con artists should be in jail for fraud and abuse of hard-earned taxpayers’ money and pigging out at the public trough [“salt pork”].  The people who claim to be “Indians” are nothing more than dark-skinned southern Europeans.  Also participating in the Indian scam, are the lighter-skinned low-class Whites who are trying to get their share of the plundered resources here.  The “me-too” grabbers include Squaw-Men who have become instant Indian experts because they fathered “Real Traditional full-blood Indians,” although they know nothing about the Aboriginal culture or values.  Squaw Men have a vested interest in promoting Indian programs for their so-called Indian children, and some, like Schoolcraft, have written much nonsense about how to be a Real Indian.  Instead of supporting their children in their own society like everybody else does, the Squaw Men are pretending that they did great service by making Indians, who can take advantage of Indian college tuition subsidies, Indian health care, and other “Indian” programs paid for with Aboriginal resources and taxpayer dollars.  These parasitic Squaw Men are not only complicit in hiding the genocide of the Aboriginal people of these Continents, they are also vital to the perpetration of the American Indian fraud, which makes a pathological liar out of everyone who claims to be an “Indian.”  The only Indians who have ever lived on either one of these Continents are people from India.

GRAVE ROBBERY: The Indian Freedom of Religion Act uses unilateral legislation to try to turn Aboriginal people into Indians, so that the White élite can use their Indians to get at the Aboriginal peoples’ graves—maybe they’re digging for more voters and petition-signers.  The Indians who are trying to steal the Aboriginal peoples’ ancestors (and the self-serving Whites who hench for them) should go look at the Indians’ genealogy; they should look at reality.  Most people don’t know that the Aboriginal people are buried with their heads to the North and their feet to the South, but the ancestors of the Indians who are pretending to be Aboriginals are buried East and West, and their graves are in the Christian cemeteries, where they are interred like the rest of the Europeans.  The Indians who have enabled the White man to steal almost everything, and now are desecrating the few remaining intact Aboriginal gravesites.  The Indian impostors are not indigenous to this Continent, and maybe they don’t realize that the spirits of the Aboriginal people whose graves they are plundering and whose identity they are trying to steal, are still here.

There has been a lot of election-year hoop-la lately, about what the White man proclaims are “family values,” “community” and “cultural diversity.”  Western Civilization depends on the destruction of the family and the community, usurping peoples’ loyalties into a paternalistic Nation-State.  There has also been some discussion of racism, and what it means to be “American.”  The United States of America is founded on violence and the destruction of families, including the Boarding Schools, which were designed to destroy Aboriginal families and brainwash Aboriginal children into becoming Indians and slaves for the White man.

“Diversity” in Euro-American terms is a cruel illusion: what is called “diversity” comes out as only one paradigm, the Western European one, and it is locked in and can’t get out.  There is no “diversity” in this imported paradox—there is the narrow, Western European, point of view, and this is the only (one-sided) perspective presented by the mass media.  There are no checks and balances on this linear and abstract form of not-thinking, which is why there is so much violence.  Euro-American “diversity” has no respect either for other people, or for themselves.  The imported European form of “diversity” needs to be de-segregated and integrated, and then the people who call themselves “Americans” might begin to find harmony and respect for themselves, but first they will have to get their real identity—they are not Americans, and they are not Indians, either.

Almost all of the Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent were annihilated, and more than 99% of the people now living on this Continent are immigrants.  A lot of these so-called Indians and other Americans say, “I’m born here, and I’m a native American, so therefor the land and resources are mine, and I can plunder and destroy them (without regard to the consequences).”  The Euro-American policy makers are promoting Indians to justify their illegal and abusive tenure on this land.  My Aboriginal ancestors are from here (and they are not immigrants, either), and I am born here, and I am not an American and I am not an Indian.  Those are European foreign identities.  I’m Ah­nish­i­nah­bæót­jib­way of the Bear Dodem, and I am on my own land.  This is not American, or Indian, land.  This is Aboriginal land.  The Ah­nish­i­nah­bæót­jib­way people have lived in harmony here for countless millennia, and all the land here is the dust and the bones of my ancestors.

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