Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 7, 1994

The Native American Press/Ojibwe News scooped all the White Man’s in-house (mainstream) newspapers, by reporting the Indian Reorganization Act election fraud at White Earth in meticulously documented detail.  The September 30 issue reported the indictment of the Chair of the White Earth Election Board.  The elections, the candidates, and the inherent fraud is not the issue.  Crooked elections have been standard misuse of taxpayers funds in White Indian Country since the U.S. Congress enacted the 1934 I.R.A.  For years, some of the Federally Recognized Indians have been complaining about crooked elections.  Gathering signatures and filing petitions about fraudulent Indian elections after every election is part of the Indian election process designed by the B.I.A., intended to generate enthusiasm and other strong feelings (including ignorance) about I.R.A. democracy, and to authenticate and validate the jurisdiction of this White man’s colonial system by gathering signatures.  Even if the outcome of the election was fixed by the Superintendent before the ballots were cast, the Indians enthusiastically participate in the B.I.A.’s version of democracy by selling their votes several times, and protesting the election results, sometimes violently.  The Bureau’s bureaucrats refer to the standard post-election situation on the Reservations as “a very volatile situation.”  Because Indians are wards of the government under trusteeship, there is no legal redress for election fraud in Reservation politics.  As former Commissioner of Indian Affairs explained to a group of malcontents and dissidents, “You don’t have a government!”  The “Indian Tribal Governments” established by the B.I.A. under the authority of the U.S. Congress’ 1934 I.R.A. are puppet governments which are designed serve the purposes of the United States Government and Corporations.  The primary function of the “duly elected tribal officials” is to lease land, sell timber and mining rights, and take a few kickbacks to keep the in-group Indians docile.  They beat their White grandfathers’ drum for a few bucks, and do P.R. by embodying caricatures of Real Feathered Indians for the White media.  The B.I.A. also keeps their Indians under control by distracting their attention from the real problems and “saving Indians from their tendencies to self-destruct.”  The politically inclined, the Demonstrators and the apathetic Indians are all kept busy worrying about crooked elections and that old carrot-on-a-stick which is called “payment,” instead of looking at the underlying issues.

Ms. Carly “Baby Doll” Jasken, chairwoman of the White Earth Election Board, was indicted for “obstruction of justice” after she shredded ballots.  U.S. Agent Dave Barnes is said to have instructed her not to tamper with the ballots, but he then left them in her possession for two weeks after serving a subpoena requesting this incendiary evidence.  This Enrolled Indian Frenchwoman (a faded burnt stump) obeyed the implicit suggestion of Dave Barnes to keep the gravy train on track.  She destroyed the paper trail leading to the big culprits and the supposedly “good guys.”  The cut-and-dry mail fraud case that the United States Government was investigating is gone, because Barnes apparently told Baby Doll she was “sovereign,” and could shred the evidence with impunity.  Mail fraud and R.I.C.O.-statute racketeering are serious crimes which have set precedents of sending criminals to prison for long sentences—look at what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.  There is no precedent of sending election board members or anyone else to jail for a crooked election.  Barnes and Baby Doll should be prosecuted under the R.I.C.O. Statutes and for destroying the evidence in a Federal Mail Fraud case—but the way the case is being handled, the only penalty will be a slap on the wrist for Baby Doll (and probably a promotion for Barnes).

RESURRECTION: The United States Government is running out of Indians—the intended result of U.S. policies in the past.  The General Allotment Act was social engineering designed to destroy both the Aboriginal and Indian communities within three generations.  After the Aboriginal communities were nearly destroyed, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act brought back the Indians, and entrenched the plush patronage jobs in the B.I.A. bureaucracy, so Friends of Politicians could continue pigging out on public pork.  But, the 1934 I.R.A. also created “Base Rolls,” and the Indian Agent can no longer turn pure White people into Indians with a stroke of the pen—now, in order to get Indians, the Indian Agent has to conscript a “Squaw Man” for stud service.  But, the B.I.A.’s Blood Quantum Indians are slowly being diluted.

The Disney Corporation wanted to put an amusement park in Virginia, but it was voted out.  Mickey Mouse and History According to Disney are abstract cartoon concepts.  Speaking of abstract and mythological thinking, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is resurrecting Indian Tribes which had gone extinct.  They also computerized the enrollment lists of other Michigan Indian Tribes which were on the edge of extinction, using the mystique of Modern Technology to redefine “blood quantum” so that their Indians with 63/64 White blood will get 1/4 or more Indian Blood Quantum.  This is also known as “blood runs thicker than water.”  Instead of just bringing a few deceased Indian voters to the polls, in Michigan and on the East Coast, the Bureau is resurrecting whole Indian Bands of mythological Indian Tribes.  (Most of the Aboriginal people who lived there were killed a hundred a years ago.)  These New Indians will vote in the Bureau’s crooked elections, and will be costumed and paraded to show the world that there are more Real Indians living now, than when Columbus landed.  (The only problem is that the Bureau’s New Indians are not Aboriginal people, whether the B.I.A. gives them matrilineal Indian Clans or not.)  The precedent was set at White Earth, where the 1934 I.R.A. was brought onto White Earth by voters of 1/64 Indian blood quantum (and less), and the deceased not only voted regularly, but also married, wrote wills and sold land.  Election fraud is only a symptom of the U.S. Government’s fraudulent Indian system, which has been corrupt since the first Indian Treaty was signed.

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