Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 30, 1994

Many of the blue-blood and the supposedly (self-proclaimed) upper-crust “old families” who immigrated to the land they call America, did not come here voluntarily.  For more than a century, their “Mother Country,” England, emptied her prisons into the colonies as “indentured” (white slave) labor.  Fidel Castro is using an old Colonial trick when he sends convicts to the U.S. as “refugees”—as many of the people who are complaining about “undesirable elements” would know if they researched their own genealogies.

Ever since the first European immigrants came here, crime has been a big problem on this Continent.  Jail-building, dungeons and prisons have been a part of Western Culture for millennia—as if locking people up solves the symptoms of unbalanced social hierarchy, cultural disharmony and ruined ecology (which are the reasons the people who call themselves Euro-Americans left their homeland).  The Western Europeans seem incapable of looking at themselves, their violent values, their culture which emphasizes slavery and power over others, and their language which molds their behavior.  The “crime problem” which plagues the United States has very little to do with the “criminals” who are being incarcerated in ever-increasing numbers.  “Crime” is an economic system in which the “good guys” make a lot more money than the “bad guys.”  Western Civilization uses the dramatic illusion, “the Good Guy vs. the Bad Guy” to obscure reality: the “good guy” creates the problems, and the “bad guy” just follows self-destructive scripts learned in school and on television.  The “good guys” [good ol’ boys] are pathologically greedy, and are fostering a “criminal culture” which fills their pocketbooks.  The “good guys” and the (relatively powerless) “bad guys” are enabling each other in a closed system which needs them both, using their abusive European social infrastructure, and the victims are the ones who are getting ripped off.  Instead of abusing the crime victims a second time by levying high taxes to build more jails: if the State upheld their contract to provide a secure society with the tax dollars they take in, and compensated crime victims whom they failed to protect, the crime rates would fall dramatically.  Using “high crime rates” to justify building more dungeons and hiring more police, is criminal—a positive feedback loop [a good analogy is connecting a thermostat backwards—the hotter it gets, the more the furnace runs] and a round-robin, and will only make the crime problems worse, although in entrenches the class system and builds the infrastructure for an increasingly repressive police state.  The “good guy” is making big bucks off of both the “bad guy” and the victim—and if the Goddess of Justice took of her blindfold, most of the so-called “good guys” would be in jail, too.  From this perspective, it seems as though the foreign Goddess of Justice is not only blind, she is also deaf and dumb.

Western social structure depends on destroying the community and the family, replacing them with the patriarchal State.  Abusing peoples’ family natural ties, and manipulating them into transferring their loyalty to the abstract pseudo-families of the State and the Corporation is a big part of what holds so-called “modern society” together—this perverted strategy of enslavement is built into the English language and Judeo-Christianity, and is reinforced by the compulsory-education system and “social welfare” programs (the Indian Child Welfare Act is a good example).  The leaders’ repetitive hollering of the NewSpeak slogans, “freedom” and “democracy,” is a clear indication of slavery and societal pathology.  If there wasn’t something seriously wrong, they wouldn’t need to waste hot air.

INDIAN LAW: At the conclusion of the Mille Lacs Treaty Trial, Bud Grant and the Resort landowners objected to the Judge Murphy’s decision, asking why there separate laws for special-interest groups, saying “why can’t we all live under one law?”  The tricky part is that when the Euro-Americans created the Indian, they created them under White law.  The “Indian laws” are really White laws—they are Western European apartheid which has absolutely nothing to do with Aboriginal law.  For your information, “Indian law,” when applied to Aboriginal people, is a human rights violation.  Putting the Indians, and the White/Indian law that goes with them, on Ah­nish­i­nah­bæót­jib­way land is also a human rights violation.  Renaming the Aboriginal people and trying to turn us into “Indians,” so that the Euro-Americans can use their foreign Indian law on us, is also a symptom of the massive genocide of the Aboriginal people on this Continent, and part of the on-going cover-up.

“Upholding the Broken Treaties” is an euphemism for re-entrenching the Euro-Americans’ fraudulent claims to the land they have stolen, and a cynical denial of full responsibility for the ecologies which have been demolished.  The White Wanna-Be Indians who continually cry “Broken Treaties” are just following orders, so that they can stay on the payroll.  The political leaders who advocate “upholding the [White man’s] Treaties” know full well that these so-called “Treaties” are dishonest, one-sided documents.  The policy-makers are trying to get one step ahead of the time when the Circle inevitably comes around, telling carefully calculated half-lies to manipulate the White immigrants’ guilt for their own ends.

The Indians keep referring to the “Great White Father” in the Treaties.  This semi-metaphorical, foreign, pale prick is the Indians’ father (who abandoned his illegitimate children and had somebody else support them, using Aboriginal resources).  I am not an Indian, and this White man is not my father.

FOUL BALL: Baseball is no longer the national pastime.  One of the staples of television is re-runs, like “Leave it to Beaver” and other hits from the 1950’s.  As long as the professional baseball players are on strike, the Networks should air re-runs of the old World Series (which are a lot better than modern baseball, anyway).

The book, We Have the Right to Exist, by Wub-e-ke-niew, is going to press on October 15.  If you have any questions about your book order, call the publisher at (212) 226-0578.

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