Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 16, 1994

“Mille Lacs Chippewa snare a fish and game victory, but waters will remain muddy for a while in treaty dispute,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune headline on September 4—but the Indian treaties have always been a muddy issue.  These so-called treaties were unilaterally made by Euro-Americans in the nineteenth century, and the State of Minnesota, the United States Government and Judge Murphy put on their Indian feathers and beat their own drums, and re-affirmed the treaty among themselves, again.  The Western Europeans are re-enacting their classical Indian Treaty melodrama, recasting their mythological Wild West caricatures in judicial robes and Federally-licensed feathers, trying yet another time to revise their sordid history and legitimize their crimes through symbolic “magic,” transparent White acting and typical tall tale re-runs.  They are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars with their carefully-scripted B-Western rigmarole; instead of “Oscars,” Judge Murphy may be awarded a “golden parachute” and the proverbial Noble Loser, Bud Grant, should get a golden shower.  The Indian Treaties were crooked when they were written by White Treaty Commissioners in the 1800’s, and bringing them back into Court compounds the pathological lies, compulsive theft and other violent “ethics” of Western Civilization, which were inherent in the Indian treaties from the very beginning.  The media reports focus on the so-called Indians (who are wards of the U.S. Government under the plenary control of White trusteeship) taking half the meager fish stocks—which have been depleted by White over-fishing, deforestation, pollution and the European immigrants’ re-creating their plundered homelands in “the New Country.”  Newspaper articles explain the Treaty court decision as “the Indians get half” and the sports-fishermen get half, but the Indians were created and are owned by the White man and he gave them an identity, so the White man gets 102% of everything, including the Treaty, and the Indians lose everything they had, which was already nothing except for paper Sovereignty owned by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1934 I.R.A. Tribally-Acclaimed Royalty, and a shabby identity created by pulp fiction writers.

The White United States Constitution contains the clause, “Indians not taxed,” and therefore defines Indians as economic non-persons without representation or political voice.  The hypothetical Indian identity was created to provide the Western European status quo with scapegoats and political hockey-pucks.  The State of Minnesota intends to use the illusory Bud-Grant-backlash, which has all the hallmarks of a smoke-free back-room deal, both to “authenticate” the Treaty and to bring public opinion to a fever-pitch so they can take their cut in the Indian Casinos—which are already owned and controlled by the White man (pretty slick, huh).  The Star Tribune pundit writes that the French Feudal Indians will be allowed by their White puppet-masters to “sustain a modest standard of living” from combined fishing and casino income, and ignores the black Moorish and other impoverished and disenfranchised Wanna-be’s who are not part of the “Indian” in-group circle.

“LILY-WHITE FAMILY VALUES”: According to media reports, on Thursday, September 8, Dan Quayle told the silver-spoon Commonwealth Club, “Our poverty of values spares no group.  ... The pop philosophy of the 1960s—’all truths are relative,’ has taken root, and it is bearing bitter fruit.  The ills we sometimes attribute to welfare queens and deadbeat dads are actually manifestations of an ethical cancer that has metastasized through all levels of society.”  Quayle’s speech was an open admission of “ethical chaos,” lack of good role models, and absentee fatherhood throughout the world’s “democratic” societies, but he did not touch the deeper issues or the root causes of the problems he identifies as lack of “family values.”  Quayle did not mention the archetypes of Welfare Queens: Queen Isabella and the Queen Mum of England, whose family has been on welfare for five hundred years; and also including Dan Quayle, who is a bona fide welfare recipient living off of Aboriginal resources, and cheap labor violently extracted from people of color.

Quayle criticized “absentee fathers” and “fatherless children,” but he did not make an offer to share this Country’s plundered wealth and status.  Nobody mentions the White “Squaw Men” who walked away from their families and forced their own children to become non-person Indians.  Quayle’s self-righteous discussions of “fatherhood” also ignore the children left by military occupation, the genetic engineering of Western Civilization, and the polygamous White fathers who disinherited their darker children and sold them into slavery.  Where are the good role models for the Euro-Americans?  The Great White Fathers have always been a rip-off role model.  Western Civilization lost its family values two thousand years ago, and there is no community, nor even an English-language word which means “community.”  The people who call themselves “Americans” are running from their past; denying their origins, their roots and their real identity.

The candidates for Governor in Minnesota are pontificating on social problems from an even shallower perspective: stump-speaking on the same old worn-out self-serving non-issues of abortion, welfare mothers, assault weapons, ad nauseam.  These politicians, and their professional party-machine constituency have become a closed circle of narcissistic vested interests, wooing and seducing each other, and then pocketing the taxpayer-funded gravy from the social-services pork barrel.  The problems they identify have very little do to with the real issues, and the solutions they legislate are regurgitated redundancies which did not address the problems thirty years ago, and still do nothing more than generate civil service jobs for faithful political hacks, lavish government contracts for campaign contributors, and create bashable abstract red herrings while maintaining slush funds.

POLITICAL CANONS: The media is in an uproar about Tony Bouza suggesting that people turn in their handguns (and keep their shotguns), and political analysts are prognosticating political suicide—that Bouza shot himself in the foot and although he did not lose any hot air, he is said to have lost the support of the heavily-armed Iron Rangers.

The Biggest Crime of the Year is the O.J. Simpson case, and guess what, two murders were committed with a knife.  It must have been a high-powered automatic knife, that the second murder was committed; but no hand-gun was used.  The only firearms involved were in the possession of the police who arrested O.J.

The second crime which has received much media attention was the Rodney King case.  Rodney King suffered physical and psychological damages, and is scarred for life.  Drawn guns were used to arrest him, but he was beaten violently with clubs.

The violence upon which America was founded has gotten out of hand, and the people who call themselves “Americans” have no leaders with the guts or the will to address the real problems.  You, the People, are deluding yourselves by echoing political platitudes like “regulating, registering and confiscating guns,” and scapegoating Welfare Mothers.  The violence which is blasting America comes from Euro-American history, the English language, Judeo-Christian values, and a hierarchical social structure in which the people who should be solving the problems passively allow themselves to be lied to and misled by political leaders who enrich themselves and their close constituency by maintaining violence, ignoring the real problems and making big bucks.  The rich and striving-to-be-rich are deluding themselves that money can buy “security” and buy time.

Guns were used in the massive genocide committed as a part of stealing this land, and millions of dollars were made by the Manifestly Destined Peoples’ White manufacturers of firearms in Providence, Connecticut.  The Atomic Bomb was used on Japanese cities to kill millions of non-White civilians and cause incalculable harm to future generations from radioactivity.  Gas Ovens were used by the Third Reich for “ethnic cleansing,” annihilating millions of Semitic people, Gypsies and others who were said to be “tainted.”  Without Europeans’ and Euro-Americans’ violent values and violent religion: guns, clubs, knives, gas, ovens and atoms would not be a problem.

FEMALE PROBLEMS: Allen Quist says that women have a “genetic predisposition” which makes them unsuitable for public leadership.  More than half of the world’s population is female, and yet very few women have either a language or an identity which fits them or belongs to them.  Most women cannot even describe who they are, except in the White man’s patriarchal, condescending and abusive terms.  (If you don’t believe me, you “chicks” and “old hens” can try to trace your genealogy on the female line.  Very few can trace their ancestry back to any woman who had a surname of her own.)  English is a Creole language and a pseudo-male language (and English is not my language).  English and American English are not pure languages; they are a hodge-podge of words and grammatical structures taken from other languages, but redefined by the educated male élite to fit their own isolating and controlling agenda.  The Aboriginal Indigenous languages here are both male and female, in balance and harmony with Grandmother Earth and connected to reality.  Chippewa and other so-called Indian (Creole) languages have been mutated into dichotomies and ambiguities which take them out of balance with Nature and perpetuate the values of violent Western gun-toting “Civilization;” these Indian languages, like English, are hierarchical languages which imprison people inside their abstract “station in life” and make them into slaves.  These artificial, so-called “civilized” languages are structured to make it nearly impossible for Western Europeans to see outside of their artificial paradigms and into reality, and also make it very difficult to even think about solving problems at their root causes (that’s why I used common English-language colloquial nouns like “chick,” instead of a proper noun, as an example of the inherent misogyny of English).

DARWIN, SPENCER AND NOAH:  In response to a reader’s question, I called a wise old sage who lives in the desert, and said, “there’s much talk about the dinosaurs in the news.  Can you tell me what happened to the dinosaurs?”  He told me that Noah’s Ark wasn’t big enough, and so God told Noah the dinosaurs would have to perish.  Then, I asked him about the Hairy Mastodons.  He said, “the Indians came over the Bering Strait, and they ate them up, and then they went back over the Strait and ate up the ones in Europe, too,” and then, being a cantankerous old sage, he hung up on me.  But, according to the scientists quoted in the media, there was selective meteor bombardment from outer space which was aimed only at dinosaurs, so my quandary is paradoxically impaled on the horns of a dilemma.

    I was also going to ask what happened to the fire-eating, fire-breathing dragons, but the old sage apparently felt he had already answered enough questions for one day.  Did St. George kill all of the dragons, and why aren’t there any dragon skeletons on display in the Natural History museums?  Why don’t we ever read about paleontologists searching for dragons?  Did fire-breathing dragons play a part in the deforestation of Europe?

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