Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

August 26, 1994

Honest Injun!  Former Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier, who helped design the 1934 I.R.A. which is the foundation of the present Indian Tribal Governments, described the so-called “breeds” and the Wanna-be’s who call themselves Indians and were created and written into the 1934 I.R.A. boilerplate by the U.S. Congress.  Because of their greed, Collier said that his Indians had a “white-plus psychology,” and worse.  These White-Plus Indians were given their mythological cheating identity by the White U.S. Government and its subsidiary bureaucracy the B.I.A., so they could be passed off as the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.  But, these Federally Recognized Indians are really Europeans who are ashamed of their White identity and where they came from.  They are using the facade of “Indians” to hide their history and disassociate from their past so that they and their masters can continue to steal.

According to news releases, on August 17, U.S. Attorney David Lillehaug announced that State Senator Harold “Skip” Finn and his cohort, Myron F. Ellis, have been charged with Federal Crimes.  Stealing from the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe is apparently not a State crime, so “Skip” Humphrey did not bring himself into the case brandishing Public Law 280.  “Skip” Finn wrote a letter published in the August 22 Bemidji Pioneer, explaining that “fictitious invoices had been requested by and approved by the [fictitious] Reservation Tribal Council,” meaning that his confessed “misapplication of tribal funds” is business as usual: stealing.  The Indian identity was designed by the Euro-Americans for the purpose of stealing (in the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, there is no word for Indian—it’s a White European term), and if the Attorney General’s office is going to indict “Skip” Finn, they had better start indicting all of the Indians who are posing as Aboriginal Indigenous People, because they are all in complicity with stealing.  The United States Government is using their Indians, who they created, to justify their theft of the land and resources, and to hide their atrocities, their holocaust of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and their rape of this Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.

GAMBLING AND CASINOS: The Monday, August 22, Star Tribune published an article about Indian Casinos by staffwriter Josephine Marcotty.  I tried to contact Rick Hill, Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association at (202) 546-7711, about some of the comments he was quoted as making, although the real regulators of Indian Gambling are in Congress.  NIGA did not return my call.  Rick Hill was quoted as saying, “white people do not have a monopoly on smarts,” and “sophistication is coming because of the dollars.  The money controls everything but religious freedom.”  [He did not mention the Christians’ collection plates.]  But, Rick Hill was given an identity as an Oneida Indian.  Rick Hill is not saying how smart the White people are, who have defined him as an Oneida Indian, and who gave him an Indian identity.

The White people also gave him Indian Gaming—and the White people run that, too.  We called one of the Casinos, trying to get the telephone number for the regulators of Indian Gaming, and nobody in the vast Casino bureaucracy the operator shuffled us through, would admit who was in charge, that there was such an agency as NIGA, or where their regulatory agencies were.  I suppose that they have to wait for orders from their bosses in Washington to tell anybody anything.

Rick Hill is also quoted as talking about “some” Oneida treaty, which, like all Indian Treaties, was made by White people signing Treaties with White people.  Who has the smarts?  Rick Hill wants to get some money for the land, but the White man is so smart he’s the one who prints the money, and he’s going to keep the land.  Mr. Hill, who has a White identity and unquestioningly takes orders from his White employers [slavery], is complaining about “White people” being “trespassers.”  Rick Hill is a White man’s Indian, a broker and a trespasser who doesn’t belong here, either.  What is it about White culture that makes White people run away from their patrilineal heritage and want to take on a different identity, even a shabby cheap imitation caricature like that of Wanna-Be Indian?

DRUGS AND TAXABLE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES:  Hubert “Skip” Humphrey III and his co-plaintiff Blue Cross Blue Shield are going after a big shake-down, of the tobacco industry—which because of corporate mergers, includes one of the biggest food-processing companies in the world.  But, H.H.H. III is biting the hand that feeds him—going after the tobacco companies on a State of Minnesota salary is a conflict of interest.  The State of Minnesota collects millions of dollars a year in tobacco taxes, sales taxes on tobacco products, etc.  Scapegoating tobacco, which makes a hefty involuntary contribution to the budget of “Skip” Humphrey, his staff and his pork, is mis-representing the problem.  If he wants the tobacco industry to subsidize the Clinton Health Plan, why not spread the responsibility fairly, and go after the alcohol industry?  What about the costly medical care for all of the people injured in automobile accidents—the only cigarettes that contributed to this extremely costly medical expense are “funny cigarettes”—and the Attorney General doesn’t have the guts to go collect the Minnesota State Marijuana Taxes, which are flagrantly evaded.  By neglecting the Marijuana Tax collection duties mandated by the Legislature, “Skip” is promoting funny cigarettes at the same time as he’s condemning tobacco.  State of Minnesota Law Enforcement personnel are presently collecting the Marijuana Tax under the table, in the form of confiscated vehicles and personal property, and through the court system.  If “Skip” collected the Marijuana Tax up-front and above-board, a significant percentage of the graft in the State of Minnesota would be eliminated, and the burden of health care would be distributed more evenly.  Eliminate hypocrisy—tax them all.  Closing the drug-tax loophole, which benefits only certain law-enforcement groups, would go a long way toward paying off the deficit.  But, when the federal unemployment statistics are compiled, is all drug-pushing counted as full employment, is it part-time employment, or are only the legally-approved dealers counted?

CLINTON’S CRIME BILL:  The crime bill that Clinton proposes has nothing to do with making the streets safer, or protecting people in their homes.  The Clinton Crime Bill is a publicly subsidized campaign for re-election: creating jobs for police officers, improving business for gun and ammunition manufacturers, and entrenching the American Police State that nobody talks about.  The Health Care Bill is an integral part of the Clinton Crime Bill—the people who get gunshot wounds in the festering class warfare of Urban America usually do not have medical insurance.  In fact, the levels of crime in the cities has nothing to do with the number of policemen—one could make everybody a uniformed policeman with a badge and a gun, and the crime rate would just keep on escalating (go ask the people who have received Rodney King police protection, or better yet, ask Mike Sauro).  Clinton’s Crime Bill is criminal because it promotes the deadly game of cops-and-robbers being played across the country, echoed in T.V. violence, and entrenches the G-Man-and-Mafia cult of violence which is one of the underlying problems.  The imported Euro-American value system depends on this violence: it is part of the infrastructure of their hierarchical Western European language, their songs, and their culture.

They used to say, “crime does not pay,” but it does.  Both sides are filled with greed.  The crooks and criminals who are elected to office, are the ones who define the petty criminals in the streets, and give them their abusive identities as crooks, hoods, kingpins and gangsters.  Their constituents deserve to live in fear—they got what they voted for, and apparently did not question the demo-publican propaganda that was spoon-fed to them.  In layman’s terms, Euro-American democracy is called “fleecing the flock, and pulling the wool over their eyes.”

MORE PORK: Thanks to the legislators who passed the Clean Air Act.  The hot-air politicians who are using taxpayer dollars to campaign for re-election are using sleight-of-hand to clear the air (but not the smell), and now we can all breathe Congressionally-approved, Federally-inspected Western-European-style Clean Air, delicately scented with Federally-safe levels of “particulate matter,” hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, etc., etc.  Cough, cough, ... choke, choke ... gasp, gasp ... a third-world rattle.

My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.


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