Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

August 5, 1994

While looking through Indian Country Today, which lauds itself as “America’s Indian Newspaper,” I came across a racist ad for the Marty Indian School in Marty, South Dakota.  According to the application process explained in this ad, the prospective Student’s Enrollment Application must be approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Education Office.  While multiple agencies in the United States Government disburse millions of dollars to promote integration and “equal opportunity,” the Marty Indian School requires “Certification of Blood Degree,” promoting pseudo-racial discrimination by admitting only those students who have papers to document their pedigree of what the White man designates as Federally Recognized Indian blood.  This Jim Crow admission requirement does not imply that the students at Marty Indian School have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry, however it is in accord with the archetype of the apartheid Anglo-American philosophy of racial purity, the “one drop of [tainted] blood” rule.

Since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, racism in America has become many muddled shades, obscuring what was previously perceived to be a black-and-white issue.  Behind the illusions of “protected classes” and “minority preferences” is the old Roman colonial tactic: divide and rule.  Not-quite-lily-white people were mongrelized in their homelands through eugenics, miscegenation, ethnic un-cleansing and the rape which is inherent in Western European Civilizations’ wars.  Then, they “discovered America,” and the Utopia engineered by the old European upper class on this Continent included the use of “race” as an indelible caste mark, an impenetrable barrier to advancement of the “low-born” into the élite.  What the Ethnic Leaders who are avariciously holding their hands out for “special funding,” “Indian Education,” and other “privileges” do not realize is that they are strengthening the structure which oppresses them, greedily gulping the bait of a very old colonial ploy.  The “special privileges,” including blood-quantum Indian education, are in direct violation of the fundamental concepts attributed to the White Founding Fathers’ Documents of the United States, “All [People] are Created Equal,” as well as the rhetorical pursuit of illusions of happiness and delusions of “freedom.”

The W.A.S.P.s are buying time by seemingly pandering to special-interest groups who are demanding “recognition,” “entitlements,” “protection” and other perks.  Only the Ethnic Leaders get a worthwhile portion of these “protected class” gratuities—the people whom they presume to lead, go without—the only thing they get is self-destructive Ghetto Gangster role models and Rodney King police protection.  The White man appoints members of what he calls the “lower classes,” as Ethnic Leaders.  If these Ethnic Leaders were genuinely concerned about the welfare of their purported followers, and of their next generations, they would all band together, and desegregate and integrate the racist Roman and English Laws imported to this Continent by the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant good ol’ boys, as well as the U.S. Constitution derived from those imports.  This should have been done a long time ago.  The Law of Western European Civilization, and the economic system derived from it, is what keeps the people labelled as “minorities” on their knees, begging for handouts and fighting like hungry dogs over a pat on the head and a few scraps.


The Western European language of English is not my native language, and from the perspective of an Aboriginal Indigenous person who learned English as a second language—with great difficulty—English is a rigid and disharmonious language, which was intentionally manipulated and engineered by a literate élite, to maintain and entrench their flat-earth slave society.  The English language programs its native speakers into a very narrow world-view circumscribed by the old Roman Propaganda Fide.  Compounding the problem, it systematically disconnects native English-speakers from reality and from nature, and brainwashes them so that they do not see the ways in which their perceptions and their behavior are being controlled and their expectations downsized.

Because the foundations of the English language were formulated before the Indo-Europeans knew that there were other Continents beyond their limited horizons, the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of these Continents do not exist—in some very critical ways—for native speakers of English.  (Racism is built into the English language and into their legal system.)  When the Europeans arrived on our Continents, and claimed our land in the name of their god for the Holy Roman Empire, their White black-robed shamans waved their crosses in front of them to exorcise the apparent apparitions of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, who bedeviled their guilty consciences, and who have always walked free, beyond the constraints of the chains and shackles inherent in the Western European languages.  When the Europeans found they could not linguistically enslave the Aboriginal Indigenous people, the White man then turned his own subject people—who were already slaves trapped within the context of his languages and who did not have an identity—into purported blood-quantum Indians (of Columbus’ lost Continent).   In dealing with his greed, the White man could conveniently deal with visible and controllable proxies for the linguistically nonexistent, invisible and unknowable Aboriginal Indigenous people.  Over the past five hundred and two years, the White man has perpetrated a remarkable scam, and has almost gotten away with it.  This is also why the United Nations does not have any representatives of the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations in the Security Council, which operates under the very limited and racist paradigm of Roman Law, and the violence of Imperial Pax Romanus.

The Western European languages split hair-breadth differences into presumably irreconcilable dichotomies, and the ensuing high-voltage arguments, for example Creationism vs. Evolution, maintain the illusion that the narrow world-view of the Western Europeans is all-encompassing.  Other examples of this Trickster’s Shell Game are the decades-long “confrontation” between the blood brothers of Capitalism and Communism; and fratricidal brothers like Cain and Abel.


The intense congressional debate over “Health Care” is another example of the Western European language run amok.  The real issues of sickness and wealth are not publicly acknowledged, nor is the entrenchment of compulsory Western European “medicine.”  None of the many “Competing Health Care Plans” deviate from the enrich-the-rich boilerplate of U.S. Congressional legislation.  All of the attention is being focussed on giving “breaks” to “employers,” rather than to the workers.  Instead of passing legislation to subsidize businesses buying insurance, why not increase the wages of the employees so that they can buy their own health insurance, or pay their own medical bills out of pocket?  Or, is part of the urgency in “Health Care Reform” to bail out health-insurance companies whose near future holds immense, massive liability because of radioactive contamination, the AIDS epidemic, pollution-induced “environmental illness,” and an increasingly adulterated food supply?  The Great Ms. Bubba is writing the fine print so that the taxpayers will pay several times for the consequences of the demolished ecological infrastructure of this continent—and no matter who Congress lays the tab on, nobody’s pockets are that big, or deep enough.  Health Care insurance is not the problem, although the severe mental illness of greed is.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

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