Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 29, 1994

The Sunday, July 24, Bemidji Pioneer featured an article by Pioneer staffwriter Jodi Gregory, “‘Kids Count’ study paints bleak picture,” which began, “While the media often paints a picture of a nation delving deeper into poverty and crime, a recent study documents that the majority of Minnesota’s children are faring well, ... however on the local level, trends slowly move in the wrong direction.”  According to staffwriter Gregory, the study was “created” by the Anna B. Casey Foundation.  Upon inquiry, I was referred to Laura Cadwell, at (612) 870-3660.  Ms. Cadwell no longer works at the Casey Foundation, and the only information available at that Foundation was the “Kids Count” study is for sale as a ten dollar book.  The Anna B. Casey Foundation apparently did contract research for the Children’s Defense Fund and the Minneapolis Council of Churches’ organization, Congregations Concerned for Children.

These organizations are trying to solve the social problems inherent in Western European/Judeo-Christian social structure by entrenching that society, using “social service” programs which will end up benefitting only selected children.  The people with whom I spoke at these agencies offered neither rationale nor apologies for their society’s genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples, and had no defense for the involvement of their Judeo-Christian institutions in this heinous crime.  Although they knew that it had happened, they did not understand how to prevent similar atrocities from happening again.  When I questioned them about their agenda for the future, including what kind of family role models they proposed to offer the shattered single-parent families which are the consequence of generations of Western European social engineering, they had no idea.  They insisted that they are not “blaming the victims of poverty,” although the statistics presented in the report they commissioned are being used that way, including the false insinuation that forty-six percent of single mothers are so promiscuous that they do not have “clearly established paternity” (in plain English, that these women don’t know who fathered their children).

Western European tactics in this Ahnishinahbæótjibway land began with rape and plunder.  In doing the genealogy and the history of Red Lake, the number of documented bastards left by the White invaders is large.  Who supported these fatherless children?  The United States Government blamed the women for being raped, and at the same time condoned rape as one of the perks of the occupation forces.  When these children were born, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway provided for them—our resources and our land took care of these children who were abandoned by their White fathers.  The breakup of Aboriginal Indigenous families was a very strongly advocated part of U.S. policy, proclaimed by a U.S. President as “pulverizing” our community.

The Ahnishinahbæótjibway did not invade Europe; we are on our own land and we have always been here.  We did not claim the Europeans’ countries, and then destroy the ecology, salt the fields, burn the forests and the longhouses, plant epidemic diseases, scalp the men and rape the women—and then adopt official policies designed to destroy the families (Dodems) and the rest of the Aboriginal Indigenous social structure.  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway are a non-violent people; our language and culture do not even include swear words.  In our world-view, such atrocities are unthinkable and unspeakable.  The U.S. social policy, endorsed and promoted by the Christian churches, focussed on the annihilation of everything pertaining to the Aboriginal Indigenous people, while at the same time they endorsed and promoted the Tribes and Bands of fake Indians and Wanna-be’s which the White man created to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous people.

The Western Europeans apparently have very short memories, and now that the consequences of their social engineering, including low-grade class warfare in every American city, have become firmly entrenched, they want to blame the victims.  The upstanding White citizens are complaining that “single Indian mothers” are on welfare.  But, what are you White people complaining about?  Why didn’t your ancestors stay in Europe, and live off your own European resources?  Since the Europeans (including most of the Indians) have been on this Continent, these immigrants have been on welfare, living off of the capital of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ resources, plundering the ecological infrastructure (without seeming to understand that they are stealing from their own future generations as well as ours).  The robber barons whose vast fortunes underwrite U.S. high society got rich from “welfare.”

The U.S. policies, since the early nineteenth-century days of grand theft, have been formulated on a dishonest foundation: simultaneously blaming their crimes, including genocide, on God [as in “Manifest Destiny”]; and socially engineering the communities they assaulted, to cover up the reality of their crimes.  “Compulsory school education,” with curricula designed to destroy indigenous communities, was a more important aspect of the Indian Treaties than “cessions” of land already claimed by the U.S.  Once they got Aboriginal Indigenous children brainwashed into being their Indians in the boarding schools, the U.S. policy-makers figured that they could get off “welfare”—that there would be no Aboriginal Indigenous survivors to challenge the “legitimacy” of their theft of two Continents.

The schools at Red Lake, and the “Indian education” programs throughout the State of Minnesota, also reflect the United States’ social engineering.  The children who are tracked into becoming “Indians” are being mis-educated in a Chief Jim Crow curriculum: the schools are training them to wear feathers, do beadwork, dance, make a fire with two sticks, and talk Chippewa.  Instead of being nurtured in a creative and supportive environment, encouraged in the study of chemistry, physics, sociology, history, and English writing—which would provide these children with the tools to understand how they are being exploited and ripped off (and the means with which to survive in the society they’re asked to assimilate into)—children from single-parent families in particular, are being channelled into becoming the scapegoats and fall-guys for the Western Europeans’ crimes.  Rather than integrating and desegregating the curriculum, these children have a “disadvantaged” identity imposed on them, and are being trained to hold pow-wows and otherwise play out the Indian mythology as a tourist attraction.  The other alternative with which they are presented, is to provide well-paying jobs for welfare case-workers, the legal system, and the prison system.  To you kids who think you’re being “smart” and “tough” because of the stereotypes—the White man has mapped your path right down the Red Road and into Stillwater, where he’s planning to make big bucks off of you in prison.

The way the Indian system has been set up by the Western Europeans, the majority of the people who accept the fraudulent identity of Indians, have less of a chance than a snowball in Hell.  They are exploited mercilessly by their White-appointed “Indian leaders.”

SKIMMING THE 2% CREAM: According to the media, the Indian Leaders have been “denounc[ing] Senate gambling legislation.”  The question is, why are these puppets, who the United States calls “sovereign nations,” wards of the government and under trusteeship, testifying in the U.S. Senate?  It seems to be as though the White men who run the States, the Federal Executive Department, and the U.S. Congress are using their Indians as pawns in a turf war.  The present Senate hearings are about which bailiwicks and bureaucracies get to skim the Indian gaming industry.  While the governments are spending millions of dollars debating who gets the cream, other Government social-service agencies are exploiting and skimming the children in poverty, painting a “very bleak picture” and no future.  If this 2% was put away for the children’s’ future, then they’d have something.  But, the Indian leaders presently testifying in the Senate have neither the guts nor the backbone to invest in the grassroots of what they claim as their communities.  All they’re looking for is hand-outs and affirmations from the White man that they’re Real Important Indians—without any plans for the future.

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