Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

June 17, 1994

The Northern Minnesota town of Squaw Lake is in the news.  The June 10 issue of Bill Lawrence’s Native American Press reported that Angeline Losh and Dawn Litzau are working to remove the name “squaw” from place names in Northern Minnesota.  According to newspaper reports, these young women have learned that the word “squaw” is a racist stereotype of presumably vulgar origin.  I don’t know of anybody who likes to be called “squaw,” or to have any other racist, stereotypical labels used on them, such as “N*gger Buck,” “Inj*n Buck,” “Drunken Indian,” “Lazy Indian,” “Dirty Indian,” ad nauseam.  In spite of the human misery that it causes, race-baiting has been a sporting event in Euro-American culture for a long time.  The capitol city of the United States of America is Number One in promoting fictional racist stereotypes under the guise of having a good time (and making big bucks in the process), with the Washington Redskins and the Tomahawk Chop.

In Ahnishinahbæótjibway culture, there are no stereotypes or name-calling.  Because of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, our people have manners and respect, we are polite, and we have lived in harmony with the environment here for the past million years or so, which is why our ecosystem was intact and our land was a paradise.  The Western European immigrant peoples apparently have no manners at all, nor any respect for anybody, even themselves—as they have demonstrated by going into other Peoples’ lands, destroying and polluting Grandmother Earth, and promoting their abstract dichotomy of the Devil and God.

Western European racism is so entrenched in Euro-American culture and values that I don’t know if Ms. Losh and Ms. Litzau’s efforts at eliminating the word “squaw” from local place names will be successful.  Instead of fighting an uphill battle against vested interests who profit from the use of racist and sexist epithets to make themselves feel superior (and ease their consciences while they steal Ahnishinahbæótjibway property and resources), these dedicated and socially aware students could flow with the Judeo-Christian values that they’re being asked to assimilate into, although rather than assimilating they can help the Western European immigrants integrate.  Instead of changing the name of Squaw Lake, they could acknowledge that racism is endemic in Euro-America, and organize a fund-raising effort to erect a huge Monument to racist stereotypes in downtown Squaw Lake.  Instead of fighting the Chamber of Commerce, they could get the Big Buck City Fathers go along with their cause, and promote politically incorrect tourism.  As the most racist city in the U.S.A., they could have travel posters and brochures, T-shirts and bumper stickers; and put up a huge statute of a Squaw Man, with his squaws and papooses, by Squaw Lake.  They could take the concept of Squaw Lake and really get into it, and rename the streets.  Can you imagine the publicity, and consequent tourist dollars, that N*gger Avenue, H*nky Drive, K*yke Way, W*p Street, and a dead-end street named “A Chinaman’s Chance” in downtown Squaw Lake, would generate?  The Good Ol’ Boys who run the town could encourage everybody in town to get involved, having the Hospitality Industry change the names of the bars in Squaw Lake to “The Red-Neck Ranch,” “The Praise-The-Lord Saloon,” and “The Gringo Greenback.”  The Pillars of Squaw Lake could also change the names of the other public establishments to match the image automatically conveyed by the name of their town, such as changing the name of the police station to “The Gestapo Headquarters” of the S.S., because they are using imported Western European (Roman) Laws to maintain an hierarchical social structure. These are the same laws as were used by the Democratically elected Chancellor of Nazi Germany, and the same laws which were used by the immigrant Europeans to name the town Squaw Lake in the first place.


When I was forced into Boarding School, I was not allowed to speak my egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous language of Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  I was beaten for speaking my own language, and for many years, I had use of very little language at all.  The immigrant Euro-Americans are still using the compulsory education system to destroy the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, this time by teaching Chippewa as a fake substitute.  Chippewa is a Creole trade language with an Indo-European hierarchical structure.

Like most other Ahnishinahbæótjibway who spent our formative years speaking our own language, I had a very difficult time learning how to read, write, and speak the imported Western European English language.  I asked a number of well-educated native speakers of American English what the key to understanding their language was, and although it was right in front of them, none of them realized that the hierarchical structure of the English language was a critical barrier to an Aboriginal Indigenous person learning that language.  I am also amazed by the ways in which Western $ivilization uses language to manipulate, mentally imprison, and psychologically enslave their own citizens.  Included in these vicious linguistic structures is linear thinking, which creates a misleading and narrow world-view, and generates a perspective which distorts reality into lies.  The abstractions which are the foundation of the imported Western European languages are also very alien to an Aboriginal Indigenous way of thinking, misleading and nonsensical, and I have heard many old Ahnishinahbæótjibway laughing about how strangely abstract thinking makes the immigrant Europeans talk and behave.  Abstractions may be OK in math, but they are very foolish when the Euro-Americans try to apply them to reality.

Language patterns how a person looks at the world, and by defining their interaction with the world, regulates their behavior.  An example is the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, which is both male and female, and synergizes the harmony which kept this Continent beautiful.  On the other hand, Western European languages are based on an unbalanced caricature of maleness, and define the world in terms of power and greed.  Imported Euro-American English relates to Grandmother Earth in obscenities which the English-speaking Leaders describe as “He-Man” terms of domination, prostitution and beating; as “virgin wilderness” to be penetrated; as a frontier for pioneers to outflank; and as “resources” to be raped and plundered, bought and sold, and otherwise exploited.  An example is the “Mille Lacs Treaty” which is presently in the news, often in the sports section.  The so-called Indian Treaties were recorded only in English.  Even if the Chippewa language into which the treaties were mis-translated had been recorded, it would still have the same consequences as the English-language document—the Chippewa language also has an abstract, Indo-European structure.  The Chippewa Indians have the same values, and are a part of the same system, as the other Indo-Europeans.  Chippewa Indians are defined by Congressional con artists and other Constitutional front-men as Sovereign wards of the Government under Trusteeship, and under Roman Law, no matter who wins the Mille Lacs “treaty-rights” case, the “resources” will end up under the control of the White man.  Notwithstanding the fact that most of the Indian Treaties were signed by professional Indian Treaty-Signers, the whole Chippewa Indian Treaty scam is in the abstract of Western European $ivilization, has nothing to do with Ahnishinahbæótjibway reality, and has neither roots nor validity on this Continent.

The English language is designed to disconnect and alienate its speakers from nature, and it is difficult for most native speakers of English to understand what is wrong with “exploiting resources,” for example.  My Ahnishinahbæótjibway language is connected, alive, and in harmony with Grandmother Earth.  In translating the meaning of “exploiting resources” into Ahnishinahbæótjibway, it becomes very clear what is wrong with such exploitation.

The imported language, American English, is a patriarchal male-parody language, which was profoundly influenced by the Catholic Priests, who were almost the only people who could read and write for several centuries in Europe.  The Holy Roman Monastery establishments, which were the centers of European academic learning at that time, had their world-view set by men who had no intimate relationship at all with women—even their relationship with their own mothers was in the abstract, mythologized by their language and perverted by their dogma.  Western European and Euro-American White women do not have an identity.  They are defined and crippled by the patriarchal European languages, in terms set by a homosexual and/or celibate, misogynistic priesthood, which at times had such ritual practices as burning women at the stake.  Euro-American women could not vote until the 1920’s, and are still defined in the English language as chattel, which means “property without what is required to be a human being.”  The English language also defines those people who choose to allow themselves be called “Indian” in very derogatory terms.  Indians do have an identity of their own, but not as Indians, which is a racist and artificial definition by immigrant Europeans. The so-called “Indians” could take responsibility for their own identity—they know who they are.

Even when they are not being called “squaws,” English (or Chippewa) speaking Indian women are caught under the double, demeaning, Indo-European language definitions of “Indian” and “woman.”  These languages have been developed over the centuries to conceptually chain women to a patriarchal world-view, and simultaneously to separate them from Aboriginal Indigenous understandings.  Some anthropologists have described this separation as a “glass wall,” although they do not understand that this prison wall is an illusion in their own minds, generated by their language.  Aboriginal Indigenous women define themselves, in harmony with men, Grandmother Earth, and the Universe, through our egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous languages which are a balance of male and female, harmonious and with no linguistic structure for holding power over another.  White women, and other female speakers of Indo-European languages, do not have the vocabulary or the grammar to describe who they really are, nor to talk about what they feel inside of themselves nor how their inner nature leads them to see the real world, because they are blinded, crippled, and made fundamentally mute by their male-centered languages.  There is no communication, and the White man does not know anything about women, even though he defines them.  When White and other hierarchical women rediscover the balanced male and female harmony of the Aboriginal Indigenous languages, and re-create their own vocabulary and grammar, then they can take back their world.


The off-again, on-again news media has changed their focus away from the Arkansas S & L and Whitewater.  The Evangelical Right has set a precedent on the President, and is skirting the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution very narrowly by promoting a sexual-harassment suit against the President.  I have always wondered about Fundamentalist, Right-Wing politics.  I finally realized that why they act so weird is that they have a Methodist God and a Presbyterian Devil, and their Catholic Archangels compound the confusion.  The High Priests of Judeo-Christianity have always abused women to advance their own vested interests.  Their latest version of a very old scam, is promising Paula Jones fame and fortune, including television appearances, a book, and lots of money, which she pledges she will “donate to Charity.”  This is the New Right-Wing Evangelical version of “The Devil in Miss Jones.”

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