Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

June 10, 1994

The Red Lake 1934 I.R.A. Tribal elections are over, and Bobby Whitefeather is the new shadow Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians (representing the B.I.A.), just as I predicted.  My 99.99% accurate forecast did not have anything to do with seeing into the future—the I.R.A. Indian elections are socially engineered, and the winners, who administer the United States’ I.R.A. colonial government, have been chosen by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their cohort political hacks long before the elections are ever held.

The Sunday, May 29 Bemidji Pioneer describes the new Chip-away Indian Band Chairman’s vision as “forming a number of task forces to define reservation problems and solutions ...”  The social problems on Red Lake Indian Reservation—and in the relocation urban ghettos—are an intentional and necessary part of the immigrant Euro-Americans’ colonial structure for their Indians’ affairs.  The system is now working very efficiently, and very well, for the immigrant Europeans.  Clear across the country, on nearly every Indian reservation, these White man’s 1934 I.R.A. colonial Indian governments are a part of the problem.  When these Wanna-Be Indian governments masquerade as the legitimate governments of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, everything is going according to plan, and the Indian leaders are getting paid to keep the status quo.  What Chairman Bobby Whitefeather is going to accomplish, is fine-tuning the imported Indo-European socio-economic problems to advance the agenda of his bosses, the White colonizers.  The New Red Lake Chairman is simultaneously claiming to be both “Chippewa” and “Anishinabe,” but as the token In-House Indian chairman of the Federal instrumentality called the Red Lake Tribal Council, another part of his Federally-defined role is to sell resources, “Treaty rights,” etc., to the White élite, so that they don’t get their lily-White hands dirty.

Now that the elections are over, the social life on the Reservation is back to whatever passes as “normal.”  One Red Lake humorist described the I.R.A. electioneering process: “The politicians were thicker than on fleas on a dog.  You couldn’t chase them out of your yard, you couldn’t get rid of ‘em.  But, now that elections are over, I won’t be seeing these crooks, or hearing all the promises they couldn’t keep anyway, for another four years.  Next election, I’m going to get two pit bulls, and sic ‘em on every politician that starts telling me White lies.”


Indian mythology has been featured in Country-Western music since the first ecology pirate, romanticized as a Hollywood cowboy, strummed his guitar, kissed his horse, and rode off into the sunset.  Indian caricatures have been promoted as high-class literature since H.W. Longfellow, who was a good friend of the crooked Indian Agent Schoolcraft, concocted “The Song of Hiawatha.”  Now, there is an Indian Uprising over Cletus T. Judd’s song, “Indian In-Law,” which is said to be a parody of another song, “Indian Out-Law.”  These songs about in-laws and out-laws have nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous people.  Ahnishinahbæótjibway society centers around our Dodems.  Our family relationships are very different from the blood-quantum Indians, who do not have Ahnishinahbæótjibway Dodems, and who are caught in the White patrilineal system of patriarchal in-laws, so-called illegitimacy and nuclear White family values.

Some National Indian Leaders are claiming that Judd’s song is “the epitome of literary evil,” and rhetorically calling for a Salman Rushdie indictment.  In my personal opinion, I don’t think that the bosses of the Famous Indian Leaders (the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Supersquaw) would go along with such an Ayatollic command.

Cletus Judd’s song is a typical projection of the White man’s own self-image; the Whites created the illusion of Indians as a scapegoat for his own guilt.  This has nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  The ugly stereotypes which are embedded in the invading Americans’ mythology of Indians have generated Big Bucks for the White people forming B.I.A. policy, who manipulate the Indian Leaders.  These Indian Leaders are making Big Bucks maintaining the system which oppresses both Indian and Aboriginal Indigenous people on Franklin Avenue and in the many other Red Ghettos across the country.  Why should Cletus Judd be excluded from making Big Bucks, like all of the other parasites exploiting and living off of the Indian mythology?  Making Big Bucks from illusions and lies, is what the White Man’s alien economic system is all about.  In layman’s terms, Euro-American economics translates into the Rip-Off-er and the Rip-Off-ee, the exploiter and the exploitee.  I wouldn’t give you a plugged buffalo nickel for any of these big-name Indian Leaders.

I’ve watched these so-called Indian Leaders who are anointed by the White man, for the past 50 years, and the main priority of every one of them has been self-interest and their own back pocket.  Other than personal greed, there is not one issue about which they can get together in solidarity.  They can’t even stand in harmony about “Indian In-Laws” and “Indian Out-Laws,” because Indian is an artificial identity.  If Indian was a real identity, then the B.I.A. and their Indian Tribal Councils could file human rights violations lawsuits—but then, the stereotyped Indian identity is itself a human rights violation, and the B.I.A. won’t even stand up for the so-called Indians they claim to represent.


President Lyndon Johnson lost the War in Vietnam, and then he lost the War on Poverty.  In the late 1960’s, the Generals in the War on the Impoverished had a battle plan named Model Cities.  They tore down affordable housing for the poor, and built freeways so that the privileged could theoretically get out of town fast.  When L.B.J. first started huckstering about abolishing poverty, I almost wanted to believe him.  I quickly came back to reality when the Poverty Warriors invaded the ghettos and started their programs up: buying lots of office supplies, parking their new cars outside of gentrified office buildings, and hiring expensively dressed experts with ram-skin Ph.D.’s and other degrees, who had no firsthand knowledge of poverty.  I realized then, that the War on Poverty was just another get-rich-quick scam, abusing the people in poverty, keeping them impoverished while the professional exploiters violated their human rights, and made money off of them.  Once a social services program is established to “address a problem,” the professionals want to maintain the problems as job security for themselves.  The B.I.A. is a good example.


President Bill Clinton’s social program warrior, H.U.D.’s Cisneros, is in the process of creating jobs for the middle class, in another poverty-program bureaucracy.  I don’t know what this program’s going to be called yet: the Bureau of Homelessness, Hutlessness, Shacklessness, and Cabinlessness?  They’re making all kinds of promises, and what will probably happen is that they’ll create a lot of jobs for unemployed social scientists, re-engineer social definitions so that the homeless will be blamed for not having a roof over their heads, and spend a lot of time arresting everybody sleeping under a bridge.  Cisneros is promising to give the Homeless counseling, and provide them with “adjustments.”  Translated, this means that his agency will make the poor homeless jump through hoops, and do flip-flops and other acrobatics (like kissing bureaucrats’ behinds) to qualify for substandard ghetto housing.  You can place your bets and wagers, that voter registration and political organization will not be a part of the Homeless programs.


Crime is another big business, where the crime-fighters have painted themselves into a corner.  According to the White man’s Indian mythology, their legendary West was “wild.”  In Aboriginal Indigenous history, the so-called “West” did not become wild until the European invaders and their Indians came here with their violent family values.  What the self-righteous media is now calling “drive-by shootings,” are no different than the old “Wild West” tradition of “ride-by shootings,” when outlaws and bandits would ride through on horseback, and shoot up the town.  Euro-Americans have very short memories—the only thing that’s changed in the modern drive-by shootings is that the Old West’s White townspeople would get a posse together, and ride their own horses out into the hills to chase down the renegades and bandits.  The chase is still on, but now the duly delegated professionals use high-powered vehicles, with red lights flashing, sirens blasting, and two-way radios cackling with static.  Can you imagine a whole posse of cars, chasing bandits down the freeway—in hot pursuit at 25 miles an hour?


The banner headline in the May 29 Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune was old news, “Mafia associates had ties to 5 casinos.”  So, what else is new?  At Red Lake, imported European organized crime has been entrenching itself since patriarchs Sibley and Ramsey negotiated both sides of a crooked treaty, aided and abetted by crooked fur trader Norman Kittson.  Organized crime has been in Ahnishinahbæótjibway territory since the first European fur traders opened up shop with their Tonto Indian side-kicks.

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