Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 29, 1994

On Friday, April 29, the Clinton Administration is hosting an Indian media circus, which the White House press relations office termed an “historic event.”  More than five hundred duly elected 1934 I.R.A. Indian Wanna-Be Leaders (including Lame Duck Chairman Gerald “Butch” Brun) will stand around outside the White House, waiting to shake hands with the President.  (I don’t know if they will let them inside the Big House if they have to go to the bathroom, or if other arrangements have been made for the 498 clowns—Indians on the Federal payroll—who will be attending at the taxpayers’ expense.)  The public relations people at the White House did not mention whether Chairman-For-Life Roger “Absentee Ballot” Jourdain will be there.


The Blood Quantum Chip-away Indians are gearing up for Federally mandated Unique Indian Elections, to be held at the end of May at Red Lake and other P.O.W. camps called Indian Reservations.  Sovereign Chairman-For-Life Roger “Outsider” Jourdain has been disqualified as a candidate by the incumbent I.R.A. Tribal Council, using an amendment to the 1959 I.R.A. Red Lake Chippewa “Band Constitution” which was enacted during Chairman-For-Life Roger Jourdain’s Federally Recognized dictatorial regime: “Article 5, Sec. 5(b), Amended [I.R.A.] Tribal Election, May 24, 1978.”  In his campaign literature, the Chairman-For-Life claimed that his Sovereignty (as a Federally acknowledged majority of the Red Lake Chip-away Band’s government) over-rode the 1959 I.R.A. “Band Constitution,” and that he should be automatically qualified as a Candidate.  Roger Jourdain is so Sovereign that he took away Archie King’s Title, as Hereditary Head Chief, and gave it to Chairman “Butch” Brun’s half-brother, another White man.

The campaign promises are flying thicker and thicker, and one of the benefits of holding the election in the Spring, is that people won’t have to buy much fertilizer for their gardens.  But, there is one candidate who is talking like an honest man—his rhetoric almost made me want to become an Indian again, so I could vote for him in the election.  Then, I thought about all of the other candidates, with what former B.I.A. Commissioner calls a “White Plus Psychology,” and I quickly returned to reality.  The promise that this “honest politician” made, is that when he’s elected, he will pass a resolution: “May I be excused from this meeting, with a year’s salary, so I can go pick up my new car.  I will be available in an Atlantic City Casino, or I will be laying on the beach in Waikiki.  Instead of sitting through a cold Minnesota winter, nodding my head in unanimity, FAX me the resolutions, and I will rubber-stamp them ‘YES’.  For an extra $50.00 a resolution, I will nod my head while I do it.”


The 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of the Minnesota Chip-away Tribe is at it again -—these Federally Recognized Indians are gambling and treaty-making like there was no tomorrow.  The United States Government is using their Federal Instrumentality (created under European Roman Law).  The U.S. Government’s Indians, with their English Law, Roman Law and Indian Law, are operating under an European paradigm which has no jurisdiction in the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation.

The present “Treaty Negotiations” are no more honest than the original ones were.  The “bait-and-switch” being used, this time, is hunting and fishing in the so-called “ceded area.”  As far as I can see it, the hunting and fishing is pretty hypothetical—the forests have been clearcut, the water has been polluted, mahnomen beds have been destroyed, and rivers have been dammed up, and the European immigrants have raised havoc with the Ahnishinahbæótjibway permaculture and the ecology in general.  The hunting and fishing is gone (would you eat a fish out of the Mississippi river?).  The Mille Lacs Chip-Away Indians are allowing themselves to be put into the position of scapegoats: the fish have nearly disappeared, and the State of Minnesota is (as usual) setting up the molding of public opinion.  According to my crystal ball, the Mille Lacs Indians will be blamed for the disappearing fish and other wildlife.

What neither the State of Minnesota nor the Mille Lacs Band is publicly talking about, is that the Generic Chip-away Indians ceded whatever eminent domain they might have had (as patrilineal Indo-Europeans, by “right of discovery” under Holy Roman Law), under Article 3 of the Treaty of 1826, under which these Generic Chip-aways stipulated the United States’ “existing jurisdiction” as the Sovereign over Chip-away Indians.  Whether the fishing licenses are issued to Federally Recognized Blood Quantum Mille Lacs Chip-away Indians through the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Tribal Council, by the United States Government; or whether they are issued directly by the State of Minnesota, the Federally Certified Indians (whether they are catalogued as “full-blood” or “1/8”) still have to jump through Roman Law bureaucratic hoops to get a hunting and fishing license from the White Man.  It’s the same old story—now that the fish and game are gone, it’s mighty white of the invading European immigrants to offer their patrilineal blood brothers a good deal on special hunting and fishing licenses.  The forthcoming lawsuit over the 1837 and 1855 Indian Treaties is being heard in United States Federal Court, rather than in International Court, because the so-called “Indian Treaties” have always been internal affairs of the European government which calls itself the United States of America.

None of this hoop-la has anything to do with the allodial, autochthonous and inalienable jurisdiction of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway over our land and everything connected with it.

In a recent Commentary article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Laura Waterman Wittstock wrote that “Tribes are independent entities ... subject only to the exceptionally great powers of Congress,” and quoted the U.S. Constitution that the U.S. Congress has the power to “regulate Commerce with the Indian tribes.”  She implies that the “Unique” relationship between what the U.S. Congress calls the “Federal instrumentalities” of 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Indian Tribes” and the U.S. Government comes under the jurisdiction of International Law—but the U.S. relationship with their Indians has always been an internal affair, although admittedly under the jurisdiction of International Law in terms of the Rules of War for occupied people, which comes out of Judeo-Christianity and Roman Law.  Under this parasitic European law, the White Indians are falsely claiming to be Aboriginal Indigenous People, and continuing to steal our identity and what remains of our land and resources.

The Catch-22 is that so-called International Law, administered through the World Court and the United Nations, is also Roman Law as it has been modified through the Western European colonizing nations.  It is a European concept, with no connection to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  There are no Aboriginal Indigenous People in either the World Court or the United Nations—almost all of the people involved in these so-called “international” agencies are patrilineally Indo-Europeans or descendants of hierarchical Asian empires.  It is a lie to call what comes from this European institution, “International Law.”  It has no jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of the world.

Schoolchildren are taught that the “Roman Empire fell,” but in reality it only mutated, and rears its ugly head on both sides of the duality of church and state.  They say “Latin is a dead language,” but it’s alive and well, embedded in the English language, Roman law, and Christianity: defining people into old hierarchial Roman-derived categories, regulating the perceptions and behavior of native speakers of English.  The perversions of the European colonial paradigm have come full circle, and if there is going to be a harmonious and viable world for future generations, both the European hierarchical languages and the old Roman assumptions about nature and Grandmother Earth have to change.

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