Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

March 11, 1994

On Sunday and Monday, staff writer Pat Doyle published a two-part series on the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  In his article, he quotes B.I.A. Commissioner Ada Deer, “It’s always easy to talk about phasing out the bad old BIA.”  In the late 1950’s, Ada Deer was in the forefront of the termination movement for the Menominee Indians in Wisconsin.  After White Friends of the Bureau got choice pieces of lakeshore real estate and pine timberlands, then Ada Deer was recognized as an Indian Leader in the re-instatement of the Menominees under B.I.A. trusteeship.

According to Pat Doyle, “BIA employees have allowed some tribal leaders to squander money or violate the rights of their members.”  (Easily embezzled money and sado-masochistically satisfying abusive relationships are among the “perks” used by the B.I.A. to control their Indians.)  Since the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Self-Determination Act, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act tribal “leaders” have become representatives of what the U.S. Congress describes as a “federal instrumentality.”  Under Trusteeship, the so-called Indian Tribal Leaders are simultaneously wards of the U.S. Government, and working for the U.S. Government in carrying out U.S. policy, which has never changed from genocide of Aboriginal Indigenous people, and eventual termination of “Indians.”  Under the present B.I.A. blood-quantum guidelines, there will be no more Federally Recognized Indians born after the year 2020.  Between the lines in Pat Doyle’s article, it looks it’s going to be sooner—and “Indian factions” are going to get the blame.

Pat Doyle also quotes Senator Paul Wellstone, who sits on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, “The tribal leadership has been the most visible and vocal constituency.”

According to Pat Doyle’s article, “on the White Earth Chippewa Reservation, when the opponents of the Tribal Chairman called the BIA to investigate election fraud, the agency said it lacked jurisdiction.”  This is convenient for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which under Trusteeship has control over Indians as wards of the Government.  The ballots cast by Indians have no relationship to outcome of the elections, the winners of which can be—and have been—determined by the B.I.A. by proxy vote before the general elections have ever been held.  Star Tribune writer Pat Doyle describes the B.I.A.’s Ada Deer as “a former tribal leader [who] shows little sympathy with dissidents, saying they often cry foul because ‘their person didn’t get elected.’”  Super-Squaw is saying, out of one side of her mouth, that she is going to shake up the Bureau.  The woman who helped terminate the Menominees speaks with forked tongue, and is saying she isn’t going to do anything.  Out of the other side of her mouth, she is quoted by Pat Doyle as saying that she only wants to hear one side of the story, and that’s the one from the Indian Leaders in the in-group.  She totally disregards the grassroots, and the Indians in the red ghettos, who have no representation and who do not get any services.  According to my crystal ball, all of you dissidents, malcontents, protesters and sore losers who are going to go around getting petitions signed after the elections—forget it.  Save your energy for something constructive.

Ada Deer is quoted by Pat Doyle as saying, “we all know that many of these treaties were not honored, but the moral obligation still remains.”  Under the founding documents of the United States including the U.S. Constitution, “Indians not taxed” cannot own land, and have neither Constitutional protections nor representation in Congress.  The purpose of the Indian Treaties was to use the Indians to steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land under capitalist Manifest Destiny, and redistribute this plunder to the White invaders—isn’t that socialism?  I fail to see the “moral obligation” in documents of criminal design.  Ada Deer, as long as she remains a Federally Recognized Indian, is a ward of the Government under P.O.W. trusteeship.  How can she “shake up the BIA” when, under trusteeship, the B.I.A. owns her.

Former B.I.A. Commissioner Ross Swimmer, who had some Cherokee ancestry, suggested terminating the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which implied that the Indians would no longer be under the jurisdiction of Chief Jim Crow and his Squaw A-par-theid.  The problems that Indians have are embedded in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment, so that Indians can take their rightful place as human beings in society, rather than being used as political hockey-pucks and scapegoats—or as a buffer and a smokescreen hiding Aboriginal Indigenous people.

U.S. President Clinton is criticizing China for that Nation’s human rights violations.  Instead of being piously self-righteous, he had better take a good hard look at his own back yard.  The Euro-Americans seem to have a very short memory—the United States needs to come to terms with its own genocidal history and its present relationship to the Aboriginal Indigenous people whose land they are on, before they start telling somebody else what to do.  The Minneapolis Police Department, and other urban police departments, continue to use people that they categorize as “Indians” as punching bags, brutalizing and abusing them.  One mild example of these human rights violations is putting Indians in the trunks of squad cars.  Where are the Indian leaders who are supposed to be standing up for the people?  Not one Indian leader stood up and protested to the City of Minneapolis, or the Federal Agencies which are funding the Minneapolis Police Department, and protested this and many other human rights violations.  The Indian Leaders are off worrying about the Washington Redskins, and other non-essential trivia.  They are puppets whose strings are tightly controlled by the White man, living in a Mickey-Mouse fantasy of pow-wow’s and turkey feathers.


In the Ojibwe News/Native American Press, there has been a concerted letter-writing campaign against the brotherly Indian Leadership of the “Broncos” who supposedly run A.I.M.  According to the paper, there is going to be a Tribunal in San Francisco, investigating charges against these two Indian leaders.  I don’t know why most of the other Indian leaders aren’t also being called before the Tribunal—many of the other Real Wanna-Be Indians are just as bad as the Bellecourts (including Roger Jourdain, “Butch” Brun, “Chip” Wadena, Earl Barlow and Ada Deer).  As the former Red Lake Tribal Chairman-for-Life used to say, “these crooks ought to be in jail!”  Rather than getting lost in the details of individuals, the Tribunal should be investigating what outside organizations are appointing and funding Indian Leadership.  If the Tribunal made some telephone calls to the people who are funding renegade Indian leaders, and requested that the funding be cut off, it would no longer be lucrative for these people to run around in the media promoting themselves as Great Indian Leaders.  One of the priorities of this Tribunal should be researching the genealogies of these Indian leaders.  Some of them are 100% European frauds, and every one of them goes back to Europe on the patriline, and if they have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry, it’s back in the 1600’s or 1700’s, on the female lines.  If a mosquito were to bite most of these Indian leaders, the Government would have to take away their plastic laminated Indian cards, and withdraw their Federally Recognized Indian status, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.


The Sovereign Chippewa Red Lake “Tribal Elections” will be held under the supervision of the United States Government, 1934 Indian Reorganization Act and Department of Interior regulations in May.  The rumor is that present Chippewa Indian Chairman “Butch” Brun looks too much like an White man (which he is), for the show-and-tell of parading Indians around Washington, and so, according to the rumor, he is going to be replaced in the upcoming election.  The likely candidate is a “Fullblood” Red Lake Chippewa Indian on the books, who has French ancestry on the patriline but is dark enough to look like a Real Indian, and has an “Indian” sounding surname out of Wisconsin.  He speaks fluent Chippewa, which is a hierarchical European Trade Creole language.  He has curly hair, and he definitely has a Mediterranean tan, just like Roger Jourdain—who is his first cousin once removed.  This “Indian election” is more French feudalism.

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