Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

January 31, 1994
[incomplete & unpublished]

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has turned over a new page, and edited their stylebook.  In their sports section, they’ve gone from bashing stereotypical Indians, to being politically correct and promoting good-guy Indians.  They are doing some ethnic cleansing, deleting some potentially offensive terms from their sportswriting, like “Redskins.”  It’s no longer sporting to make fun of Indians, at least as ... [uncompleted] ...

 But, this doesn’t mean that in the other sections of the paper, they aren’t still using Indians a political football.  Now, Clyde Bellecourt and his crew of Wanna-Be’s don’t have to demonstrate against the Washington Redskins, and the Washington team doesn’t have to change their name, either.  They can keep on doing the Tomahawk Chop, too, because the sports apologized.  If they’re worried about ethnic slurs and racist mascots, why don’t they look at their own home team?  If they’re worried about calling their “Redskins,” why don’t they call the Vikings “White-skins.”  Maybe because most of the Vikings are African-American players with black skins.

Knight-Ridder News Service ran a story on the wires from San Jose, printed in Sunday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press.  The Asian Indians and the American Indians are having a conflict about who’s the real Indian.  Probably it’s the Indian fakirs from India and the Indian fakers from America.  They’re worried about who is the real Indian.

There is a problem here.  How do you get government officials to accept change, in renaming these Indians, with all of these Indian treaties.


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