Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 24, 1993

One hundred and twenty two years after the United States Congress unilaterally decided that Indian Tribes no longer existed and abolished the Treaty-making process, the U.S. and the State of Minnesota are still living in a nostalgic dream of the mythological frontier—the good old days of Cowboys and Indians, Cavalry and Covered Wagons.  The Fed’s Indians and the State of Minnesota are going at it, battling over who has the right to hunt and fish wildlife that was massacred at about the same time as the Last Treaty was signed.  Most of the fish and game are extinct, and the Indians never existed as a race of Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Rather than foolishly wasting taxpayers’ money on legal fees and shyster lawyers, the Wanna-Be Indians need to make a backroom deal with the State of Minnesota to bring in the Movie Moguls, and make Heap Big Bucks from Hollywood’s celluloid version of their amazing delusions.

Under Public Law 280, the State has jurisdiction over Indian fish and game, and can put their Indians in state prisons for violations of State hunting and fishing regulations.  Now, some of the many Big Chiefs in Washington D.C. want to take their Indians back under Trusteeship, which means that Indian violators of Federal fish and game regulations will go to Federal Prison.  The Federal and State Indian Givers are flipping an extinct coin, the Buffalo Nickel, and giving their Indians the terms, “heads I win, tails you lose.”

The Indians may not realize the full implications of the Sacred Trusteeship that they tout in the media.  They might as well be homeless and under house arrest—under Trusteeship the Indians do not own any land and they do not own their alleged Sovereignty, either.  The Secretary of the Interior pimps for multi-national resource corporations on all so-called “public land”: land claimed by the Bureau of Land Management, the National Forest Service, and Indian Reservations.  The Wanna-Be Indians are acting in complicity with the U.S., as a scapegoat for exploitive resource and land management on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property, which the U.S. Government is using “Indians” to claim.  The concept of “Indian Sovereignty,” so casually tossed about in the media, is a legal fiction created by the Euro-American immigrants, which insulates the office of the Secretary of the Interior from public scrutiny, but has absolutely nothing to do with the inalienable Sovereignty, Natural Rights, and hunting and fishing rights of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.

As Mr. Austin Abbott bluntly told the Fourth session of the 1890 Lake Mohonk Conference, “These treaties are made with tribes.  You have already signed the death warrant of the tribal relation in disestablishing the reservation system: and, when the reservation has gone, the tribe has gone.  The party of the second part no longer exists.”  1934 I.R.A. reservation land, with the Title owned by the United States Government, means that the Indians don’t own anything.  The way that the I.R.A. Constitutions were written, the Indians’ don’t even own the corrupt legal fictions the Department of the Interior calls Indian Tribal Governments.

MORE STEALING:  In the Saturday, December 18th Minneapolis Star Tribune, the headline on page one read, “TRIBAL CASINOS WASTED MILLIONS, AUDITORS SAY  They overspent on management, machines.” Where is Earl Barlow, who was paid in advance with Casino vouchers to be the fall guy and scapegoat when allegations of mismanagement and inept B.I.A. supervision inevitably hit the media.  John Collier, of the Indian Reorganization Act, is quoted as saying that these Indians have a “White-plus psychology,” just like the rest of the White politicians, but more so.

MORE STEALING:  Mary Head was accused of embezzling from the Gilfillan Center in Bemidji, and Shirley McNeal was convicted of embezzling and got a slap on the wrist, sentenced to two years probation and a restitution of $4,500.

MORE STEALING:  Zoe Baird relinquished her nomination to the U.S. Cabinet because she was caught not paying social security taxes for illegal aliens who worked in her house.  High-ranking C.I.A. man and Secretary of Defense nominee Bobby Ray Inman has grudgingly and belatedly paid back social security taxes for his immigrant household servants.

REINVENTING GOVERNMENT: Al Gore was going to fix (or un-fix) government, but the United States Government has ratified NAFTA with the support of Mexican President-for-Life Bob Dole.  So, if you don’t have enough money to finish your Christmas shopping, you’ll have to notify Santa Claus, who has moved from the North Pole to Mexico along with most other employers benefitting from the NAFTA deal.  He doesn’t sing “Ho! Ho! Ho!” as he flies a sleigh drawn by reindeer.  Since there isn’t any snow south of the border, he isn’t singing.  Santa just says, “¡Sí, Señor!” as he makes his rounds in a two-wheel cart drawn by burros.  Hey, kids, if you’re waiting up for Santa Claus this year, watch for him coming from the direction of the South Pole, and if you see him, you can ask Santa Claus to help the unemployed to find jobs, and help the homeless find homes.

PAGANISM: The Christians are busy with their annual celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ.  According to the American Airlines Flight Magazine, “a number of holdovers from Paganism have been woven into the Christmas Celebration.  Among them:

Gift-Giving: While Christmas gift-giving is often linked to the gifts of the Magi, the Romans, Egyptians, and others gave gifts to mark their year’s end, winter solstice, and the New Year’s festivals.

Christmas Carols: Early Christmas carols in the vernacular (as opposed to sacred music in Latin) grew out of often ribald pagan songs.  Followers of St. Assisi (born 1182, died 1226) adapted the songs to religious subjects.

Christmas Greenery: Evergreens symbolize the ever-renewing Christian faith at Christmas, but many ancient cultures gave greenery as presents and used it as decoration at their year-end festivals.”

Indian religion, which is really Christianity, is being re-legislated by the United States Congress to gain jurisdiction over—and possession of—Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ artifacts.  Indian religion is a cult which was intended to replace Aboriginal Indigenous religions, and it has nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway Midé.  My religion, the Midé is still underground, still being persecuted by the invading practitioners of Christianity and the Indian Religion.  But, from this Anishinabe Ojibway of the Midé, and from my family the Dodem of Ma-kwa, who have been stereotyped and labelled as Pagans, we wish you Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and a Merry X-Mas.

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