Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 17, 1993

The Western Europeans renamed this Continent, and called it “America.”  The Indians call it “Turtle Island.”  What it should really be called is “Fantasy Island.”

A DIME A DOZEN: The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indians and other Pembina Wanna-Be’s are having the old carrot-on-a-stick scheme of “payment” used on them, to keep them from figuring out that they are White people and bribe them not to leave the Rez and live as a part of mainstream White society that they really are.  The In-Group Indians keep their Ration Indians so ignorant that they don’t know they can get a hand-out just as easily off the reservation as they can by selling their self-respect for commodities and “payment” once a generation.

Guess what, the U.S. Government is buying Indians again.  The newspaper articles reporting the “Indian payment” are written like it’s costing the taxpayers a lot of money for settling some ancient debt incurred buying land from Indians 98 years ago.  But, the U.S. Government isn’t buying land, they’re buying Indians, and $60.53 per year, per head, is cheap even to buy a White Indo-European Indian.  The “treaty payment” doesn’t have anything to do with land.  Indians are defined as “landless” by the U.S. statutes and precedents that created Indians.  It says right in the U.S. documents that Indians are never to own land—an example of this policy is WELSA, under which the U.S. Government gave a few of the Great White Father’s pet White Indians a “fair price” for stolen land.

The key word in the whole Indian hocus-pocus is Trusteeship.  Whatever land the Indian ever might have owned under imported European law, is taken, without compensation, away from the Indians, and the title held by the U.S., “under Trust.”  What’s the point of making a treaty with subject people, transferring land that’s already held under White Trust, changing some aspect of abstract paper ownership from one group of people that never owned the land, to another group that the land never belonged to.  “Title” is an European concept, and has nothing to do with the inalienable Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ right to our own land.  “Title” is an abstract idea having nothing to do with reality, and European land title on this Continent is worthless.

The European immigrants brought their foreign rules with them, not understanding that their violent way of relating to Grandmother Earth has no place on this Continent.  According to their rules, from their European perspective, the U.S. already “owned” the land, and they owned the Indians: by discovery, conquest, by the Louisiana Purchase.  When France fenced the stolen property involved in “Louisiana Purchase,” their feudally subject people were a part of the package deal, although the Aboriginal Indigenous People were not.  The Anishinabe Ojibway were not lost, so we can’t be “discovered,” we are non-violent so we can’t be “conquered,” and we are not for sale, so we can’t be “purchased.”  There is no word for “war” or “peace” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and violence, including stealing land by killing the people it really belongs to, has no place nor legal validity on this Continent.  The Pembina Chippewa Indians covered by the “ten-cent treaty,” however, are Indo-European people with violent European values, and their hierarchial, patriarchal Chippewa language was edited from an immigrant Creole language by Bishop Baraga, and has all of the words and concepts required for the European perversions of War and Peace.

The ancestors of the Chippewa Indians who are presently involved in the payment from the mis-named “Ten Cent Treaty” were sold by France and bought by the United States, in 1803.  As subject people, how could these Chippewa Indians own land and be signing Treaties.  These Indians are living out a fantasy, and have become a cheap imitation and a caricature of Aboriginal Indigenous People.

The Catch-22 is that the U.S. was (and still is) using the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources to underwrite their dollar, so the low-class Indo-Europeans who sell themselves as Indians and are running around giving us a bad name posing as Aboriginal Indigenous People—were bought and paid for with our property.  Anishinabe Ojibway don’t believe in owning slaves and chattel, so you Indians can quit your charade any time, and start acting like human beings.  Everybody is put on this world for a purpose, and needs to be responsible for their actions.  The Indians are acting irresponsible, and the love-hate relationship they have with the Great White Father is an abusive relationship.  If you make the Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians,” it’s a human rights violation.

PROHIBITION:  Prohibition didn’t work during the Roaring Twenties, and after a decade of bootleggers and gangster’s gunfights, the United States passed a Constitutional Amendment to legalize alcohol again.

The reason that the U.S. Congress doesn’t want to deal with the drug problem with common sense—legalization—is that the huge amounts of money in the drug trade do not stay in the ghettos that are being demolished because of it.  Millions of dollars in drug money and luxury property like Corvettes, which is never accounted for and doesn’t show up on the books, is confiscated in the War on Drugs and funds a police state and some big slush funds.  I can see why Mexican President Bob “NAFTA” Dole and his sidekick Jim Ramstad want to maintain the status quo, and why they’re agitating to remove Dr. Jocelyn Elders.

The smug, self-righteous people who are calling for Dr. Elders’ resignation are saying that she should mind her own business, and not worry about crime.  But, she was legitimately addressing a health problem.  The violence generated by the drug trade is a serious health problem.  Sudden onset lead poisoning is in epidemic stages in the United States.  More people die violently in the U.S. every day, because of the illegal aspect of drugs, than die in the Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia.  Could it be that illegal drugs, and the violence that inevitably accompanies them, are being used for Ethnic Cleansing in the United States?  Is that why Dole is screaming to remove someone who takes a humanitarian, healing approach to the drug problem.

Dr. Elders did not say that she wanted to legalize drugs, she said that she wanted to discuss and have dialogue about all reasonable solutions to the terrible public health problems created by the illegal drug trade.  The Western Europeans have a long history of changing the subject, using inflammatory rhetoric as a diversionary tactic, and avoiding discussion and dialogue.  The guilt of the people who running Fantasy Island, calling for Dr. Elders’ resignation rather than talking about what’s happening, is obvious.

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