Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 10, 1993

According to the news, the United States Government is colluding with the State of Minnesota to restructure, re-entrench and re-organize the apartheid structure of Indian Tribal Courts, after operating these kangaroo courts without any legal basis other than unilateral bureaucratic degree for more than a hundred years.  These Western European foreign governments are currently re-defining their Constitution, violating their own White citizens’ civil rights, and destroying the lives of the children they use as bait.  If they want to justify the racist apartheid structure, a separate (and unequal) federally-established court with jurisdiction only over U.S. citizens with fractional non-White ancestry (these people are called “Wanna-Be’s”), why don’t they get a Constitutional amendment legalizing discrimination by degrees of Aryan “racial purity,” which is what Indian blood quantum is really about.  I suppose that the reason that they aren’t worried about violating the Bill of Rights with their Indian Courts, is because the U.S. Constitution has racism written into it, and was intended from the first draft, to create a government which favored the merchant W.A.S.P.s who wrote it.  The kind of violent hierarchial thinking embodied by the U.S. Constitution has no place on this Continent.

The agenda hidden in the crooked English of the recent Minnesota Court of Appeals decision, C1-93-1352, in Re the Matter of the Custody of K.K.S., and the present litigation over the adoption of children categorized as “Indians” by Eugene and Carol Campbell, is trying to abrogate Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty and Natural Rights, and create ethnic conflict like that in Bosnia, between the Indians and the Whites.  Did the judges who ruled on these cases realize that the “Tribal Code” defines “Indians” as non-persons, and makes no provisions for the civil rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution for other U.S. Citizens?   The worn-out trick is using “trust Indians” as the means of accomplishing their dirty deeds.  Both the Indians and the Whites have yet to answer for the violations of the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, with regard to the Anishinabe Ojibway children—over whom neither the United States, the States, nor the Indians have any jurisdiction.  I and my family, personally, have been physically and psychologically injured by the genocide and human rights violations committed by the foreign Western European Governments and the Europeans who are posing as Chippewa Indians.   None of the Europeans’ violence belongs on this Continent, and I have a moral obligation to speak out against the on-going genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway of the Bear Dodem.  What the Europeans do to each other in Europe it their own business, but here, they are on my land.  Saying that the “Indian sovereignty” delegated by European-law U.S. statute to the U.S. Department of the Interior is somehow connected with the ancient Anishinabe Nation is a lie.  Abusing anybody’s children with these legal fictions is a personal insult.  The kinds of conditions which require that children be removed from their families were brought here by the Europeans—now they want to write laws which only entrench the underlying problems, and then blame me for the U.S. Government violating their citizens’ rights.  “Indians” have been getting blamed for the White man’s atrocities since the days of the Boston Tea Party and the Cavalry, with the insinuation that the Aboriginal Indigenous People are “guilty,” when we continue to have nothing to do with it.

CROOKED ENGLISH TERMINOLOGY:  Last week at Reno, the National Congress of American Indians resolved to ask The Buck Stops Here, a.k.a. the Honorable Attorney General Janet Reno, “to investigate possible violations of federal law in cases where public money is spent to support [organizations] that use offensive names and mascots.”  The target was the Washington Redskins, who play in a stadium built on supposedly “federal land” and rented by a big-money sports corporation for a dollar a year.  Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who is patrilineally Scottish, calls the name Redskins offensive, and is quoted as saying, “A slur is determined by those who are being called the name, not those calling it.”  Senator Campbell apparently does not object to being called an “Indian,” because he is not an Aboriginal Indigenous Person.  A lot of the publicly visible Indians get good money for becoming living caricatures of this racist stereotype.  The very word Indian, which is being funded by the U.S. Congress, is a derogatory name, historically much more damaging than “redskin.”  The word Indian is an English word, derived from Indo-European roots, and is worse than a racist slur against the Anishinabe Ojibway—it is also a human rights violation.  While shouting to the world, particularly China, about human rights violations and implying that the worst that they have to worry about is fictional mascots of mass entertainment, at the same time the Federal Government funds a large bureaucracy of institutions based on the racist delusions of “tainted blood” and the artificial concept of “Indians,” including the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The National Congress of American Indians was supposed to have been organized to protect peoples’ rights and resources.  I suppose that the N.C.A.I. and similar “Indian organizations” are diverting public attention away from the serious issues of land, water rights, environmental degradation, and genocide, because the “Indian leaders” know that they are not the Aboriginal Indigenous People who own the land, water, and resources, and who are the most deeply affected by the genocide.  These “Indian leaders” do not want to deal with their own assumed identity, nor endanger their well-paying status as token Indians.

WHITE AND INDIAN LA-LA LAND: A lot of Wanna-Be’s apparently don’t mind being called “Indians,” because even this racist insult is better than being categorized by their blood brothers as “low-class White trash with tainted blood,” which is how the World Leaders in the allegedly egalitarian democracy of the U.S.A. consider the Metis people who were among the first Europeans on this continent, and without whom the more recent European immigrants would not have been able to steal this land.  The White man and the Wanna-be Indians keep saying that this is “Indian Country” and “Indian land,” when they know perfectly well that the Indians never owned any land.  The White man is the biggest Indian Giver around—some of the acreage in the U.S. has been “given” to the Indians and then taken away four or five times—a local example is some of Becker County.  The Indians never owned any land, and the land that they claim now as “Indian Land,” or “Tribal Land” is really Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land, illegitimately claimed by the White legal fiction of “Indians,” with the illegal title held by the United States Government, under “Trust.”  “United States Government” is the owner of record in the land plat books—not the Indians—and neither one of them own the land.  No matter how many times the Indians “sell” the land to the Whites, and no matter how many times the Whites “settle” with the Indians, the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ inalienable title to the land has not been abrogated by this Western European hocus-pocus and their abstract thinking.

THE END OF THE TRAIL: Dr. Kevorkian has been arrested again for helping terminally ill people commit euthanasia.  All that Dr. Kevorkian is doing is being honest and explicit about an old Western European medical practice.  Instead of focussing on people who only have a few weeks of pain-filled life left, why not take a good hard look at the quacks who peddle legal, and illegal, means of suicide to healthy young people, including alcohol, crack cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs.  There is a much higher rate of suicide among non-White young people, who, under Western European capitalism, are confronted with racism, discrimination, a contaminated environment, and what looks like a very grim future.  This needs to change.

WANNA-BE’S AND OTHER INDIANS:  If your land is held in trust by the White man, you’re an Indian.

If you buy land, and then give it to the “tribe” to be held in trust, you’re a dumb Indian.

If you buy reservation license plates from the Tribal Council, and they keep the title to your car, you’re a trusting Indian.

If you use the Chippewa word “boo-zhoo,” you’re a Metis Indian.

If you call yourself a Red Laker, and you helped bring in the 1934 I.R.A. “trust” for Chippewa Indians, you’re an outsider-Indian.

If your two-story house is owned by the bank and the Red Lake Housing Corporation on a checkerboard trust allotment, you’re a trust Indian in deep doo-doo.

If you’re travelling down the Red Road, and all you see are Real Estate and “land for sale” signs, you’re a real Indian.

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