Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 3, 1993

The Cree Nation, and the Quebecois, who also call themselves a Nation, are presently at an impasse over the flooding of much of the Cree Nation in order to construct a giant hydro-electric dam.  Negotiations have come to a standstill, and the Cree are presently threatening violence if the Quebecois invade to flood their land.  What the Cree need to do is take an inventory of what each acre of the land proposed to be flooded holds: the deer, the moose, the fish in the lakes, the birds, the plants, and the value of these in the Traditional Cree economic system and in the ecology.

The hydroelectric project proposes genocide: the flooding of this land will destroy the Cree Nation’s infrastructure, including their families.  The Quebecois are following the old European practice of assigning White values to this land—saying that “there is nothing there,” because they do not understand the land and they do not understand the value of it.

The third party, the British Canadian Government, is presently sitting on the sidelines, adhering to the old British colonial practices of divide and rule.  By their actions and inactions, they are promoting violence, with the plan of stepping in to take over after the Quebecois and the Cree have exhausted themselves fighting each other.

What the Cree Nation and the Quebecois Nation need to do, is sit down and talk about the economics of the situation from both sides, rather than getting suckered into violence.  Without the land, the dam is worth nothing.  The Cree Nation would do well to talk to the White man on his own terms: to say that they want 60% of the hydroelectric plant’s net income, 60% ownership, and a majority of the seats on the board of directors.  This way, the issue can be settled non-violently, the Cree will survive as a nation, and the British Canadians can be kept out of the whole issue.

ONGOING GRAFT:  Roger “Bucky” Head, who was the executive director of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Commission, resigned one day after allegations that his wife, Mary Head, had taken $200,000 from the Gilfillan Center in Bemidji.  So, what else is new in Indian Country?  If the accusation of embezzlement is true, Mrs. Head is only a piker in terms of Indian stealing.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has set up the administration of Indian programs according to the classical European pattern of corrupt colonial government.  The B.I.A. needs corruption among its underlings and henchmen in order to maintain their control of the system.  (Who knows, maybe Mary Head didn’t take any cash, she only took vouchers.)  If they are going to prosecute Mary Head, they had better start indictment proceedings against all of the Indians, all across the country.  Anybody who claims an “Indian” identity is, by definition, at least in collusion with the theft of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.  The White man brags about this, saying “without the Indians, we wouldn’t have this land.”  None of the land on this Continent has ever been Indian land.  The Indian is a fantasy and an illusion created by the White man.

FIREARMS CONTROL: The buck stops here! a.k.a. the honorable Attorney General Janet Reno, hasn’t been publicly visible during the debate over the Brady Bill.  Maybe this is because you could pass a hundred Brady Bills, and you still wouldn’t be dealing with the root causes of violence in this country.  Could it be that she stood behind her deputies’ foolish ideas before, and she’s had enough of taking the heat for somebody else’s abstract macho fantasies.  What you immigrant Western Europeans who call yourselves Americans need to do, is look at the root causes of your violent culture.  Who stole a continent at gunpoint, and committed genocide to try to hide the evidence?   To find the causes of this violence, all you Western Europeans have to do is look in the mirror (this includes you Indo-Europeans who are posing as Indians).

In slippery crooked English, the word “democracy” is an euphemism for “human rights violations.”  Capitalism translates into stealing Aboriginal Indigenous (and other third-world) peoples’ property,  and distributing it to the privileged Western Europeans.  Hey, isn’t that how socialism works, re-distributing the wealth of plundered resources?  The Western Europeans say that they “hate socialism,” so why don’t they go home and live on their own homeland?  Why are they here?  Could it be that because of their violent culture and their many wars, they have already destroyed their own ecosystems and used up all of their own resources?  Hierarchial English misconstrues the world in the abstract, so that human rights for non-whites do not exist from an European perspective.  “Gun control” is a diversionary tactic, which will not heal the violence embedded in Western European language and culture.  “Gun Control” also will not change the vested interests of the economic system created by crime.  For the criminal, crime does not pay.  But, for professionals in “law enforcement” and the “criminal justice system,” crime does pay: with lucrative salaries, status and other perks, and the sadistic joy of having violent authority over people they hate.  By not dealing with their own values, they maintain banana republics in every big urban police department.  Violent crime rates also mask the Bosnia in U.S. cities.  Janet Reno needs to talk about the slow war of genocide against African Americans, present-day us-against-them class warfare, and Rodney King police protection.  “The Buck Stops Here” could make everybody in this country a policeman, and because of their Western European values, the crime rate would still keep going up.

LOSS OF IDENTITY: According to the Associated Press, a white man had a child, known as K.K.S., with a Metis Indian woman, who is also patrilineally White.  Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian Tribal Courts have no jurisdiction over non-Indians, the Minnesota Court of Appeals is violating the U.S. Constitution by “declining jurisdiction” in the custody case of K.K.S.  The three White Appellate Court Judges: Mary Ann Short, Edward Parker, and Harriet Lansing, expediently sacrificed the rights of their own White people.  “Indian Sovereignty” was created by the United States, under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.  The White father of K.K.S. is also supposed to have rights under the U.S. Constitution, which are being denied by muddying up the issue under so-called Indian Sovereignty, which is non-existent and was not intended to take rights away from Whites.  The real issue is that the State of Minnesota does not have valid title to this land, and they are promoting “Indians” to perpetuate the illusion that the way the State stole Anishinabe Ojibway land under various Indian land scams is valid.

INDIAN GIVER:  The White man gives with one hand, and then he takes back with the other.  There never has been any such thing as “Indian land.”  How many Indian still have the land from the Land Scrip issued under the Indian Treaties?  How many Indians, under the Dawes Act, still have their allotment?  The U.S. Indian policy was designed to steal the land from the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and then blame the Indians for “losing the land.”  Under the “land settlements” and the 1934 I.R.A., the United States may say that they gave some land “back” to the Tribes they created, but the U.S. put this land under “trust,” and this fake land title is retained by the United States.  If that’s not stealing and being an “Indian Giver,” I don’t know what is.

WANNA-BE’S: There was a per-capita payment issued to Red Lakers last week: a turkey.  If you got one, you’re a stuffed Indian.

If you’re a ward of the B.I.A. and you’re wearing dark glasses, and the Bureau’s stealing you blind, you’re a bankrupt Indian.

If you still like signing Treaties to sell land that doesn’t belong to you, you’re an Indian.

If you’re a patrilineal descendant of an Indian Chief, you’re a Royal Indian.

If you like living out the stereotypes, so you throw your beer cans and your empty cartons along the roadside, you’re a real Indian.

If you think hangover soup is your national food, you’re an Indian.

If you don’t have a Clan or a Dodem, and you don’t have enough guts to take your real identity, you’re an Indian and a Wanna-Be.

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