Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

November 19, 1993

Another hunting season has passed, so it’s fairly safe to go out in the woods again.  The people wearing red have finally gone back home, and the D.N.R. are counting the piles of money they made selling licenses to kill deer that belong to the Anishinabe Ojibway.  The textbook name for this is “capitalism,” but it’s really socialism for the Western Europeans, using the resources of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.

All the guys wearing red, who are driving around with dead deer strapped to their cars or piled in the back of their pickup trucks, are a poor role model for young children.  It isn’t too long before another guy in a red suit will need deer to pull his sleigh, to bring the children presents.  It’s confusing: one month the people in red are killing deer, and the next month the man in red is driving with them, and he’s not a very good role model, either.  He doesn’t have a very big vocabulary.  All he seems to say is “ho, ho, ho!,” maybe because he never gets caught for drunk driving, or even for driving while impaired, after having a tankard too many of Holiday Cheer, or spiking his eggnog.

INDIAN SOVEREIGNTY: Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar wrote about “Tribal Sovereignty” and how it is being used to insulate casino owners from liability for sexual harassment and other civil rights violations against their employees.  Such maltreatment of employees is nothing new, but when it was organizations like the Red Lake Indian lumber mills and the Bureau of Indian Affairs discriminating, refusing to provide any compensation for employees who were injured on the job, and not contributing to any retirement plan (even social insecurity), nobody cared.  Now that officially White people are being affected by policies which have been in place for fifty years, all of a sudden it’s an issue.

Indians are, by their White patriline and their values, already assimilated members of the Euro-American society.  The Sovereignty which is being abused by the Indian Casinos is not Anishinabe Ojibway nor other Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.  The European immigrants, Indian law and Indian Sovereignty, have no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignties, which belong on this Continent.  The “Indian Sovereignty” under which the casinos, B.I.A. officials (who are also White people), and other so-called Indian employers have abused their employees for years is White Sovereignty, held specifically by the United States Secretary of the Interior, and his boss the U.S. President.  The Euro-American laws under which this “Indian Sovereignty” belonging to the U.S. Executive Branch is generated include United States v. Anglin & Stevenson (1944, CA10 Okla) 145 F2d, cert den 324 US 844, 89 L ED 1405, 65 S Ct 678, among others.  In this particular case, the legal interpretation is, in part, “Where the Secretary of the Interior held funds in his custody as guardian and trustee of the ... Indian, ... he had exclusive jurisdiction over them in his sovereign capacity and they were not within the reach of the judicial process unless by authorized consent ...  When the Secretary of the Interior, acting within the scope of his powers as guardian of the Indian wards, ...”  Indian Sovereignty is a sham.  It’s held by the Whites who created the Indian identity.

Euro-Americans Whites are supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  But, then the U.S. Government comes along with Indian Sovereignty, and violates their own Constitution by taking away every vestige of Constitutional Rights for the Whites they call “Indians,” under Indian Sovereignty.  “Indian Trusteeship” and “Indian Sovereignty” can’t exist in the same paradigm, even in Crooked English, unless Indian Sovereignty is understood for what it really is: apartheid dictatorship, without accountability, over the low-class White people who the U.S. Government has defined as “Indians.”  I’m glad that I’m not an Indian.  If employees have problems with their Indian employers, the buck stops with President Clinton, telephone (202) 456-1414.  He’s in charge of Indian Sovereignty.  The Executive Branch co-operated with the Legislative Branch, and the U.S. Congress created the I.R.A. Tribal Councils.  If you have a problem with the Tribal Councils, call Senator Wellstone at 1-800-642-6041.

By Act of U.S. Congress (August 27, 1954), codified as U.S. Statutes, Title 25, Section 677w, the United States Government provides for the Termination of Indians, even those defined by the U.S. as “full-blood” Indians.  This means that, after the United States Government terminates the Indian identity of those who they have defined as Indian, these former Indians cannot use either the Secretary of the Interior’s “Indian Sovereignty,” nor the Indian identity.  I suppose if the Indian Police caught a person trying to say they were an “Indian” after they’d been terminated, they’d throw them in jail (if they weren’t already there).  If they were persistent, incorrigible Indians, and they still wanted to play Indian, they could deport (relocate) them to India.  I would gladly nominate Barlow, Roger Jourdain, Butch Brun, and their councilmen, for the first boatload on the new Indian relocation program.

NAFTA:  Al Gore and Ross “The Boss” Perot had a serious debate about whose family had more money and less ethics.  In the part of it I saw, they didn’t even discuss Free Trade—the content of this policy discussion was controlled by politician Al Gore, who was questioning the ethics of Ross Perot’s family.  Why didn’t Ross Perot ask about the shenanigans that Al Gore’s dad, who was also a Senator, pulled?  If they were going to talk about families, and totally disregard Free Trade, why didn’t they talk about the families of all the people who were losing their jobs, the families of those unemployed both on this side of the border and on the other side.  Ross Perot showed a picture of a big corporation, surrounded by shanty-towns.  This photograph shows that Manifest Destiny is still alive and well, unchanged since the days when the Hang-Around-The-Fort Indians (who had White fathers) built their shanty-towns of “teepees” around U.S. Forts in order to be near their Great White Father.  Al Gore responded by saying that Free Trade was going to raise the standard of living of the people in these shanty-towns.  They’re going to move them up a notch on the socio-economic scale, Upward Bound, and guess what, they’re going to move them into a ghetto.

Anything that the Europeans call “Free,” you can be sure that the hidden costs are high.  Nothing is free, and in my experience, “Free” is a dirty four-letter word.

If NAFTA is going to improve the standard of living in Mexico, what is going to happen to the people on this side of the border, who have to go south for a job?  Are they going to throw the Gringos in a Mexican jail, because they don’t have a Green Card, and the WASPs who own the corporations aren’t paying social insecurity taxes in Mexico?  What word are they going to use for the Anglos sneaking south across the Rio Grande desperate for a low-paying job—are they Wetbacks, or are they going to be called Greenbacks?

MORE FREE TRADE:  The present argument about Hillary’s program of socialized medicine is who is going to pay for what.  Hillary wants Sin Taxes to pay for her program.  If taxing sin is going to pay for health care, why not focus on the real sinner: the corporations who have polluted the water, and destroyed the environment.  Tobacco is being scapegoated by the Clinton Fundamentalists and Al Gore’s right-wingers, for a litany of diseases caused by pollution.  The health program legislation should include an “exit fee” for corporations going South like rats leaving a sinking ship.

During the first few months of the Clinton presidency, Senator Dole had a press conference almost every day.  The Senator from Kansas is one of the best politicians that money can buy, and he was vehemently protesting everything that the Clinton administration proposed, but he’s been mum on NAFTA.  I suppose he’s on the Dole, lining his pockets with Pesos and Greenbacks, getting ready to be the first Senator from Mexico.

One of the hidden agendas in NAFTA has to do with the Spanish-speaking people in the United States, who are starting to outnumber the English-speaking people.  The W.A.S.P.s are hoping to buy about a generation’s worth of time with NAFTA, hoping that they can destroy the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.  They want to make these people speak Anglo-Saxon, and bring them under their control, and re-entrench the hierarchy with the Good Ol’ Boys on top—they want English First.  If everybody’s native language was English, rather than having a diversity of cultures, then centralized control would be much more rigid.  This is why you don’t hear the Protestant clergy speaking out in favor of multi-lingual communities.  What a shame they forget their own history so quickly.  Hitler did the same thing.

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