Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 22, 1993

Indian identity is in the news.  On Sunday, October 17, Jodi Gregory of the Bemidji Pioneer reported that Dr. Gerald Hill of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, said that Indians do not want to become physicians because they are “afraid to lose their identity as an Indian.”  I telephoned Dr. Hill to confirm that he really made this amazing and unique statement, but he did not return my call.  I wanted to ask him, how can he take an abstract identity like “Indian” and make it real?

Dr. Hill is quoted in the same newspaper article as saying that “33 percent of Indian people die before they reach age 45.”  I wanted to ask him how these statistics were calculated.  Were these figures weighted for blood quantum—in computing them, was only the “Indian blood” taken into consideration, or was the whole person counted?  Do sixteen people of 1/16 blood quantum have to die before the statisticians count one dead Indian, and are they also counted as fifteen dead White people?  If they’re going to invent blood quantum Indians, they might as well be statistically accurate about them.  Since Dr. Hill is quoting these numbers, he should know how his data were cooked.

The numbers that Dr. Hill is quoting reflect the European immigrants’ philosophy that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” and according to Dr. Hill’s figures, the European settlers continue to create conditions that kill Indians.  But, their genocidal agenda is running into a quandary with blood-quantum Indians.  Most of the Indians have 1/16 Indian blood, so in order have one “good dead Indian,” statistically speaking, they also have to kill fifteen White people who have been turned into Indians.

Dr. Gerald Hill was in Bemidji to attend the 9th Annual Minnesota Indian Education Banquet, at which awards were given to Outstanding Indians.  It must that the people who parade around in the Media as Indians know that they have a fake identity, and this is why they do not invite Aboriginal Indigenous People.  If you were trying to steal somebody’s land, identity, and resources, would you invite them, or recognize them with awards?

POLITICS:  Now it’s known that Butch Brun has taken off his White hat, and thrown his Indian turkey-feathers into the ring—he is going to run for Tribal Chairman again.  Butch has been preparing for a long time.  As a candidate, he’ll have to make stump speeches—and we all know that there are plenty of stumps around the Rez.  Butch and his cousins have made sure of that.  I have heard rumors that the reason Brun’s running is that he hasn’t yet fulfilled the election promises he made four years ago, and that he needs four more years to straighten out the mess he’s made during his first term.

When I asked Chairman Brun about running for Chairman again, he said, “Why should you care?  You’re not a tribal member anymore, you don’t vote.”  I told him, “my interest is because you White guys are on my land.”  Brun, if you want to play Indian, go some other place, and take your I.R.A. Tribal Government and your inter-related clique of French Feudal Indians, with you.

Rumor also has it that Butch is running again because he and his cousin Chunky are trying to evade paying taxes on the timber that they have stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway.  While Brun is Tribal Chairman, the legal fees on their tax cases are being paid by the Feds out of so-called “Tribal Money.”  The United States Government subsidizes their ecologically destructive timber operations, so why is Brun & Co. biting the hand that feeds them by tax-dodging?  How greedy can you get?  The Bruns also have not paid full stumpage on the miles of forest and wildlife habitat that they’ve destroyed.  I know that if I were given a subsidized business to go to Europe and clearcut Chairman Brun’s Teutonic Aboriginal lands, in the tree farm they call the “Black Forest,” I’d gladly grease the wheels and pay my taxes, and everybody would be happy except the indigenous German people, who would be understandably upset about having their trees cut down yet again.

The foreigners who call themselves Indians are plundering Anishinabe Ojibway forests at Red Lake, abetted by sweetheart contracts and backroom deals.  If Earl Barlow was winning big money gambling at B.I.A.-supervised Indian casinos, what about the influence peddling and kickbacks from the forest products corporations?

MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT 38:  The United States Congress is responsible for Indians, since they created Indians by legislation and implication, and use U.S. statutes to define this counterfeit identity to meet the needs of the moment. The U.S. Congress also invented and controls the 1934 I.R.A. Governments for their Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.  The U.S. Government put their White and mulatto Indians on land which does not belong to them, and that’s an act of violence.  On a smaller scale, it’s the same as going into somebody’s house, breaking and entering, and then having the burglars set up housekeeping and holding the real owners prisoner.

The United States also passed unilateral laws mandating compulsory education.  The policy-makers who saw compulsory education as a more publicly acceptable form of genocide than a war of annihilation, had two separate agendas for what they called “Indian education”: totally destroying Aboriginal Indigenous language and culture; and simultaneously turning Europeans and Indo-Europeans into “Indians.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People who survived a century of genocide are learning crooked English, and understanding the White man’s strategy.  When Aboriginal Indigenous people take on the Indian identity, they give up everything: their land, their children, their natural resources, their Sovereignty, their religion, even the air they breathe.  According to Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, there are Aboriginal Indigenous People from South Dakota, who are taking back their real identity, who don’t want to pushed into the Wanna-Be identity of “Sioux Indian” anymore.  I applaud and admire you for your courage.  It’s about time.

 But, the Red Lake Schools are promoting racism and segregation; they are still caught up in the 19th-century cowboy-and-Indian frontier daze of making people into Indians.  They say that they have “Indian Education,” which doesn’t fit any of the children who are forced to attend these European-curriculum schools, because there are no such people as “Indians.”  The compulsory school education system is being used to brainwash Indo-European children into the non-existent identity of Indians.  That is child abuse, teaching children to hate themselves by encouraging them to hate White people and hate Black people, which is who they really are.  Instead of trying to mold children into something that doesn’t exist, why not teach them the skills that they will need to succeed in this world: physics, political science, chemistry, calculus, and reading and writing fluent English.  The way it is now, Indians educated on the Reservation don’t know enough math to figure out the implications of their own mythological Indian blood quantum.

There needs to be a public Congressional investigation into what the United States has been doing with their invented Indians since the first Continental Congress.  Some of the White people who have been turned into Indians have legitimate grounds for lawsuits for damages incurred by forcing them into a fake identity.  The monetary value of these damages far exceeds the carrot-on-a-stick dollars involved in potential per-capital payments and illusory “land settlements,” for example WELSA.  The U.S. has consistently violated their own Federal Civil Rights legislation in the way that they have treated their invented Indians.  That’s why the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Civil Rights Act, which makes civil rights for “Indians” as mythological as the Indians themselves.  How many Indians have won big-money court settlements for civil rights violations under the I.C.R.A.?

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Storm -tossed waves on lower Red Lake, near Wub-e-ke-niew and Clara's house

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