Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 24, 1993

The Red Lake unsanitary landfill was mentioned recently in the Minneapolis StarTribune.  The article quoted Red Lake’s professional indian environmentalist, who cited the Federal Code about dumping garbage, and complained that these laws are not enforced.  These external laws were written by Whites for the Reservation, and he complained about “environmental racism”—that there are no funds allocated by the U.S. Government to maintain an adequate dumpsite.

There is no such race of people as “indians,” and so for indians, racism is not the issue.  There is discrimination against indians, and to the Aboriginal Indigenous People whose land this is, there is racism.  This has always been a “dumping ground.”  The Europeans dumped their people, their crooked legal system, their illegal trusteeship, and their foreign governments onto Anishinabe Ojibway land over which they have no legitimate jurisdiction.  They have been dumping their cultural waste for more than a century.  According to the Meriam Report, which laid the groundwork for the indian Reorganization Act, page 110, “Often ... an extremely low grade white, a misfit in the economic and social life of the white civilization, forms a union with a low grade Indian.  These low grade whites turn Indian in a way that is quite shocking, and they may be found existing in shacks that are below rather than above those of the purely Indian dwellings in the neighborhood.  Children of these unions have frequently the handicap of both bad heredity and bad environment.”  The authors of the Meriam report followed the U.S. policy of confusing the issue by claiming that “indians” are Aboriginal Indigenous People, and they do not explain that indians and Whites are the same people.

EDUCATION:  There has been much study and research done on the problems of “indian education,” beginning in the last century when “education” was crooked English for destruction of Aboriginal Indigenous culture.  Janet Lee Sullivan did a masters’ thesis studying the educational system at Red Lake in 1972, but she did not define what she was studying and she chose to ignore the differences between the indians and the Anishinabe Ojibway.

The early educational programs were called “assimilation,” and tried to make Aboriginal Indigenous people into Whites, which cannot be done.  The only way to change Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Whites” is by genetic engineering: using White men to create mixed-blood people with no Dodems and White values.  I’m not talking about “racial purity”—the child of an Anishinabe Ojibway man, no matter who the mother is, still has an Anishinabe Ojibway Dodem, which the woman has taken on by marriage.  This is like the European women taking the surname of their husbands.  The U.S. Government’s use of patrilineal genetic engineering is why there are so many different surnames among the blood quantum indians.  Blood quantum is irrelevant, and has nothing to do with whether or not a person is an Aboriginal Indigenous person.

Now, “indian education” programs are trying to go the other direction, and turn White indians into a cheap imitation of Aboriginal Indigenous people.  It’s hilarious, how foolish these indian children have been conned into acting, living out a vicious stereotype and projection.  For your information, you indians are helping the White man commit genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Clyde Bellecourt, Roger Jourdain, Butch Brun, Earl Barlow, Ada Deer—particularly if you’re getting paid to maintain an indian identity, you are legally liable for complicity in genocide.

Part of the paradox of Judeo-Christian culture, for the last two thousand years, has been knowing what’s real and what isn’t.  No matter how they try to redefine reality, they can only change their illusions; they cannot change what is.  Brainwashing children in school does not work in the long term, and trying to turn White indians into caricatures of Aboriginal Indigenous People is child abuse.  It’s about time indians quit trying to get something for nothing, living out the stereotypes and waiting for “payment;” and took responsibility for what’s being done to their children.  It’s time to break the cycle of your illusions of being a “real indian”—instead of stealing from the Anishinabe Ojibway people, trying to get something for nothing, why not find out who you really are, quit your bullshitting, and work toward making this a better world for all of us.  There are no indians here, and there never were.  The indians might fool themselves, and their White brothers, walking around in feathers and acting stupid, but the Aboriginal Indigenous People see you for exactly who you are.

I, and all of the other Anishinabe Ojibway children of my generation, were physically beaten in school for speaking our native language.  Now, “indian education” includes teaching the bad actors who are White indians how to speak the invented chip-away language.  It can’t be done, because there isn’t any such language as chippewa.  Why cripple these children teaching them nonsense and hocus-pocus?  Why waste all this money teaching children to be something that doesn’t exist, instead of teaching them the English language, which is their value system?  In a decent educational setting, these children will learn English like ducks taking to water, because they have White values and an European heritage.  Or, do the indian education programs have a hidden agenda, because the U.S. Government will not own up to its violent history here, and is busy trying to create another generation of indians to hide the genocide and the grand land theft.  The indian education curricula are developed by Whites with larceny in their hearts.  (If they were honest, they would be willing to engage in dialogue, debate, discussion, or even a rap session—but the people in charge won’t return telephone calls.)  What goes around, comes around.

RUMORS AND GRAPEVINE NEWS:  The law firm of Edwards, Edwards, and Bodin have withdrawn their representation of the Red Lake band of chippewa indians.  To me, this sounds like rats leaving a sinking ship.  The story goes that there were a priest, a rabbi, and a B.i.A. lawyer in a lifeboat, after their ship sank.  There was land in sight, but they couldn’t get there, because there were sharks circling the boat.  The priest said, “I’ll try to get to land, because Christ walked on water.”  When he stuck his foot in the water, the sharks came swarming at him, so he immediately jumped back into the boat.  The rabbi spoke up, and said, “I’ll try it, because Moses parted the Red Sea.”  He put his foot into the water, and the sharks all came rushing at him, so he quickly got back into the boat.  Then, the B.i.A. lawyer said, “We’ve been at this land business a long time.  Let me go.”  He got into the water, and the sharks formed two lines at attention.  The B.i.A. lawyer swam safely to shore and got help.  After they were rescued, the Rabbi and the Priest asked the B.i.A. lawyer, “how’d you do it?”  He replied, “professional courtesy.”

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