Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 1, 1993

Indians have always accused the Whites of racism, using racism as a bludgeon of guilt to keep Whites from looking at who the Indians really are.  These accusations of racism keep people separated and polarized, rather than talking to each other and solving the problems.  Indians’ complaints of racism are also used as an excuse to justify their failures caused by living out the Indian stereotype.  What the Indians are complaining about is not racism, although there is discrimination.

The Indians should look in the mirror before they say a word about racism.  It’s always been the Indians and the Whites, who have been racist towards the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Racism is there so that the average person will not see the social and genetic engineering that is being done to American society.  Racism prevents dialogue, discussions, and having people from all backgrounds get together to make this a better world.  Racism works to the advantage of the policy-makers at the top of the social hierarchy—that’s why it’s there.  Simply going by the identity of Chippewa Indian is racist.  To call the Anishinabe Ojibway, “Chippewa Indians,” is racist and apartheid.

An example of the White and Indians’ racism is the environmental destruction of the Anishinabe Ojibway homeland, by the Indians.  If this was Indian land, the Indians wouldn’t be destroying it.

There is not one issue that the Indians can get together on, in solidarity.  Their identity is one manufactured by outsiders, and it’s pretty hard to live out a stereotype and a projection.  The only issue that there isn’t any division in the Indian community about, is destruction of the environment—they’ve gotten together on stealing and destroying the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  The Indian identity perpetuates and promotes racism.  The time has come for the people who call themselves “Indians” to be honest about who they are.

BOARDING SCHOOLS: On Sunday, August 29, 1993, the Bemidji Pioneer ran a quarter-page ad promoting Wahpeton Indian School, which according to the ad is “Honoring Old Traditions.”  Which old traditions?  The racism, and the violent abuse which characterized the Indian Boarding Schools for three generations—are these the old traditions that Wahpeton wants to honor?

When I was in boarding school, it was U.S. Government policy to beat young children for speaking our own language. I couldn’t mention my grandfather’s name without getting whipped with a strap.  Now, the ad says that the Wahpeton Indian school wants to teach “Whole language” and “Native language,” as well as “Singing.”  At Wahpeton, they’re not teaching the Anishinabe Ojibway language; they are going to teach the pidgin language of Chip-away Creole, which is a bastard language made up from stolen words.  Rather than being an egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous language, Chippewa is an hierarchical Indo-European language.  Why waste valuable educational time teaching nonsense?  Why not teach these children English, so that they have a language to defend themselves from United States Government crooks?

The curriculum at Wahpeton includes Home Economics, Arts and Crafts, and Industrial Arts.  It is not advertised as including History, Chemistry and Science.  If the children attending Wahpeton are the élite of the Indians’ future generations, then it looks like the future of these children is termination and abrogation of the crooked Treaties.  It looks like Wahpeton Indian School is still trying to hide the genocide (in which this school played a part), and the grand theft of the land.

The ad says that Wahpeton Indian School will be “Teaching Indian Values,” including “Honesty.”  The very name Indian is dishonest, an identity which perpetuates the lie that European people with European values, called “Indians,” are the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this land.  Indians don’t have Aboriginal Indigenous values.  To see what Indian Values really are, all you have to do is step out your front door and look at the terrible destruction of the ecosystem done by Indians.  All you have to do is look at the “Indian Communities,” which are filled with crime, alcohol, and violence.  Indian values are reflected in the corruption and racism in Indian Organizations such as Tribal Government, the Indian Health Board, etc.  These conditions reflect Indian values, and, my friend, Indian values are no different than European values.  Indian values are not the values of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.

TREATIES: At the Treaties, there were some honest White men, who said, “these Treaties will come back to haunt us.”  These men knew that the Indian Treaties made by the United States Government were fraudulent and fake, and that the Indians who signed the Treaties were not the Aboriginal Indigenous People who own the land.  If the people in this country want to call it, “The Land of the Free,” then they have to come to terms with the genocide and grand land theft that was committed here.  Americans can no longer hide behind their brokers, the Indians.

RETROACTIVE TAXES:  Your President is talking about balancing the budget with retroactive taxes.  Under the Clinton tax plan, taxes will go back retroactively to January.  I wonder if the legal basis for retroactivity also applies to the presidential elections?  Does the legal philosophy that Clinton is using mean that he can be recalled—retroactively?  I don’t see why the leaders who raided the U.S. Treasury shouldn’t be the ones who are paying for the deficit.  Reagan’s cronies in the Savings and Loan industry, Bob Dole’s friends—these are the people who should pay retroactive restitution to the U.S. Treasury, with interest.

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