Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 30, 1993

On Sunday, the Bemidji Pioneer headlined their in-house editorial, “New Credibility for BIA with Deer appointment.”  They wrote, “the B.I.A. has long been mistrusted by Indians and tribal governments alike.”  That’s putting it mildly, and only refers to the European “Indians.”  The Bemidji Pioneer made no reference to the Aboriginal Indigenous People whose land and resources are being ripped off under the auspices of the Bureau of White Indian Affairs.

The anonymous editorial writer commented that a “breath of fresh air is needed in the B.I.A.”  It needs more than fresh air—it’s more like hot air.  “Indian” government is by definition apartheid, and the very people who are supposed to be representing their “constituents” are busy plundering, for example all of the I.R.A. “Tribal Chairmen,” who former B.I.A. Commissioner John Collier described as having a “white-plus psychology.”  The problem is not the moral integrity of the particular individual in office—the real problem is the nature of the institutions: “resource” Corporation lobbyists, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Councils” they control.  A “breath of fresh air” won’t do anything to improve the pigsty of special interests slopping at what they claim as a W.A.S.P.’s public trough, or an upper-income Welfare Trough.  Just exactly who is on “welfare” here?  There needs to be honest and sincere dialogue about “welfare reform.”

The analogy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the “fox guarding the chicken coop.”  Putting Ada Deer as Commissioner is like a turkey lobbying for, or against, Thanksgiving day—either way, your goose is cooked.  The more things change, the more they remain the same, and it’s business as usual.  It doesn’t matter who is appointed as Commissioner of Indian Affairs.  I’m old enough to remember the termination of the Menominees, and who was at the forefront of that termination.  I also remember the hoop-la that heralded several other fine people who were appointed as Commissioner, which, as former Indian Commissioner Lewis Bruce told me, is the ultimate job as cosmetically correct “token Indian.”

The Bemidji Pioneer quotes Ada Deer as saying that “90 percent of [Bureau] employees are Indians.”  If you add up the actual ancestry of all of the Bureau of Indian Affairs employees put together, you would get 99 percent European or African ancestry.  Maybe one percent of the ancestors of the Bureau’s “Indians” were at one time Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent—and probably none at all on the patriline.  Blood runs thicker than water.  As I gaze into my crystal ball, at the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and their Tribal Councils, I see nothing but crooks and rip-off artists, and business as usual.  Nothing will change.

I’ve been watching this a long time.  Peoples’ hopes are always raised by promises of a “New Dawn in American,” but the same old scams go on, and on, with only minor variations on the same old thieving theme.  If there is going to be real change, it has to come from socially aware grass roots.  Change will never come from the Euro-American élite at the top—the problems are designed to entrench the hierarchy as it has evolved over the centuries.  All you have to do is look at the ecosystem here to see concrete evidence of immigrant European values.  Quit blaming “Acts of God” for the consequences of your own greed.  That makes as much sense as blaming the Corps of Engineers for fact that the Mississippi River floodplain is under water, which has always been a natural state of affairs for a floodplain.  Sending the U.S. Army on a campaign against Mother Nature and Grandmother Earth is just plain dumm.

CROOKED TREATIES:  The Minnesota lawmakers are scapegoating their own blood brothers.  According to the a Sunday article in the Minneapolis StarTribune, the Minnesota legislators are “angry” at the Indians.  The rip-off “Treaty settlement” did not go as planned.  If you state lawmakers had done your homework, you would know that the U.S. Congress passed a law, on March 3, 1871, saying that there would be no more treaty-making with Indians.  If you want to make “treaties,” why don’t you go to Congress, and get them to repeal this statute which abrogates the “Indian Sovereignty” which never existed in the first place.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent are not under the jurisdiction of the Euro-Americans, because they are not “Indians.”  We still have our Sovereignty, whether the Europeans recognize it or not, and this is still our land and our birthright.  Aboriginal Indigenous natural rights supersede any imported European or Euro-American law.

The Red Lake Chippewa Indians began celebrating the “1889 Treaty” during Roger Jourdain’s I.R.A. administration.  Butch Brun continued celebrating this grand theft of more than three million (3,000,000) acres of Anishinabe Ojibway land with a Métis and Wanna-Be pow-wow.  The reason that these Indian Tribal Chairman are promoting this nefarious unilateral legislation mis-represented as a “Treaty” is because their French Métis ancestors were packed on top of the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway people under the crooked provisions of the 1889 Minnesota Chippewa Commission.   There is no “1889 Treaty.”

The provisions of the unethical Act of January 14, 1889, under imported European “democracy,” did not require the consent of the Anishinabe Ojibway at Red Lake for the U.S. Government to unilaterally claim alienation of our land.  The Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway also did not sign the 1863 Treaty or the 1864 Amendment.  We couldn’t sign it, we cannot sell it, and we cannot give it away.  It is sacrilegious, under the ancient Midewiwin religion, to sell Grandmother Earth, and it is sacrilegious for someone to steal it or wreck the ecosystem on our land.  It’s about time that the people who claim to be “United States Citizens” confront the reality that the Europeans’ alleged claim to the land on this Continent has very clouded title.

TAXES:  In Crooked English, “stumpage” is an euphemism for “taxes.”  The Indians who are cutting down the Anishinabe Ojibway forests are paying taxes called “stumpage.”  If these trees actually belonged to the “Indians” who are running big logging operations and destroying the ecosystem and the fishing grounds, they wouldn’t need to pay “stumpage.”  (They also wouldn’t be wrecking everything like there wasn’t any tomorrow.)  Under the crooked Trust, the United States Government is fraudulently claiming the trees, and they are claiming your “Indian” identity, and that’s why you Wanna-Be Indians pay “stumpage” taxes to the United States Government.

FOREST PRODUCTS: Paper.  To all you Civil Rights promoters who interpret “freedom of the press” as deciding what somebody else can and cannot read, especially the ones who stole free newspapers, you will notice that this newspaper is not free anymore.  It costs fifty cents.  What we need is a hotline, Turn In Paper Thieves, especially the ones who are self righteous self-proclaimed guardians of the First Amendment.  What the Press needs to do is apply the Fourth Amendment to get our papers back.

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