Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 9, 1993

Al Gore, the environmentalist Vice President, is so serious about the environment that when he takes a walk in the woods he’s thinking about the ecology and forgets to pay attention to where he’s going.  He does not have an Aboriginal Indigenous person’s connection to the land; the woods may be beautiful to him, but they are also alien.  He learned about the forests from his ancestors, immigrants from an Europe without forests or lakes—and so he gets lost in the woods, along with his S.S. bodyguards, who don’t know the way back to their European “civilization” either.

Recreational fishing is an imported European colonial leisure activity, like the English ritual slaughter of the predators of imported vermin (“Fox Hunting”).  It is increasingly defined in terms of the values of the British upper class.  People who fish for food are caught up in the mess created by the catch-and-release fishermen, stuck with a limit of one fish per day.  The U.S. Government wants to terminate the “Indians” and abrogate the Treaties, because there are no more resources.  The social welfare system for immigrant elite has finally plundered the whole continent, and even though “Indians” are the Europeans’ invented proxy for the Aboriginal Indigenous people, they serve as a reminder to guilty consciences of what was once here.  Hunting and fishing has always been an inherent part of the Anishinabe Ojibway culture, and is an entirely different thing than the Europeans’ idea of “hunting and fishing.”  Fish and game are a part of our permacultural ecosystem, and a traditional part of our food supply.  Hunting and fishing for subsistence are not in the European culture, and under immigrant European management, it’s all been destroyed.  The Europeans do not understand the harmony and the balance of Grandmother Earth, who gives us all life.  It’s time that you come to terms with reality.

In Europe, there is a forest they call the “Black Forest,” which is not a forest, it’s a tree farm.  It’s all been planted.  I’ve walked through the Black Forest, and I couldn’t see any resemblance to the intact Anishinabe Ojibway forests I knew as a child.  I remember the soft carpet of pine needles, the harmony.  The ecosystem here has been plundered, and the European immigrants are trying to fool people by saying they “have planted trees.”  Those planted trees are not the same as the natural ecosystem. They are out of balance, disharmonious, barren window-dressing.  When you walk though a tree farm, it’s like walking through a plowed field, going through rows of trees and ditches in between.  From an Aboriginal Indigenous point of view, it’s really ugly.  Nobody can get lost in a tree farm—all you have to do is follow the ditches.

When the fishermen complain about no fish, they should also complain about the trees being cut down.  Everything is connected.  The birds depend on the trees, the fish depend on the trees—and so do you.  You are cutting your own throat when you cut the trees down.  Professional Foresters can have all the Advanced Degrees they want, and they are still out of touch with the land and the life on it.  They don’t know what’s happening with the delicately inter-related ecosystem.  Respecting the harmony of Grandmother Earth is a part of the non-violent Anishinabe Ojibway religion and philosophy.   In the Europeans’ arrogance, he cut down everything, and tried to “manage” the living systems of this Continent with abstract thinking, lifeless linear mis-understanding and greed.  Their greed far outweighs their common sense.  The United States forest service’s inventory of Potemkin forests, which flourished “on paper” for twenty years before people figured out that there weren’t really any trees there, is a good example of abstract thinking and capitalist greed.  Greed is a dangerous mental illness which must be addressed in the proposed National Health Care system.

HEALTH CARE:  If Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to talk about health, she also needs to talk about the air, the water, the other living beings that are part of the web of life.  It’s all connected, and if you want to have healthy people, you have to have a healthy ecosystem.  A noxious brown cloud has been hanging over the cities of the United States for the last forty years.  When people in Los Angeles complained about the smog in the 1950’s (when the freeway system was in the planning stages and there was an intact mass transit system), the public was told that the smog “won’t hurt you, it’s no worse than two packs of cigarettes a day.”  They have warning labels on cigarettes now.  They need to put warning labels on the roads going into the cities, “Surgeon General’s Warning: Breathing this Air is Hazardous To Your Health, Causes Cancer, Respiratory Disease, and Other Problems.”

Smog is a symptom of the mental illness of runaway greed.  When the Europeans first applied the “Divine Mandate” of Manifest Destiny on this Continent, they stole the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations’ land and resources to subsidize the imported welfare system for the European upper class (which they called the Industrial Revolution).  At that time, our relatively intact ecosystem absorbed the worst of the consequences of their criminal greed.  The immigrants plundered our resources over several generations, and their descendants are still stealing from the Aboriginal Indigenous People, they are still here wrecking our Continent and their immigrant elite are still on welfare.  The Lily-White-Liberals are still beneficiaries of the grand Land Theft and the genocide.  I’ve got news for you immigrant Europeans.  You have finally arrived, and you’d better start dealing with reality.  Linear abstract thinking is pure hogwash, no matter how many of the “experts” of Western European Civilization certify it.  You can’t run from away from the truth forever.

If the Clinton Administration is planning on having any form of “socialized medicine,” I suggest that they evaluate and take a lesson from the U.S. socialized medicine that they already have, for example the Indian Health Service.  Better yet, go get a second opinion—maybe you should have several reservations about it.

MORE EUROPEAN EPIDEMICS:  According to the newspapers, the people who are concerned about violence are finally being heard.  Violence is really in epidemic stages.  Violence and the police are caught in a positive feedback loop—the more police they hire, the more violence there is.  Many of the people who are supposed to be “fighting crime” are getting rich off of somebody else’s suffering, and the violent crime rates keep going up.  When you see “crimefighters” without any other source of income driving B.M.W.’s and wearing Florscheim shoes, you know that society is way out of balance and out of harmony.  Hiring policemen, judges and lawyers, building more jails, doesn’t solve the problem of crime, although it’s an economic system that puts bread and butter on the tables of law enforcement officers and the legislature.  Crime is a part of the Western European economic system, and if the problems which generate crime were solved, then a lot of the elite would be without jobs.  Violence and crime exploit non-W.A.S.P.s who don’t speak fluent English, and provides barriers which protect the status and privileges of the elite.  The Europeans who call themselves “Americans” need to look at the social baggage their ancestors brought from Europe—the imported European language, values and religion.  That’s where the problem is embedded in the immigrant culture, and that’s the only place where it can be addressed effectively.

Violence and racism are necessary to maintain the social class system the way that it presently exists in the United States.  When grassroots movements seriously addressed racism, the establishment re-defined the issue on their terms, and centralized the “solutions.”  The same thing is happening now with the issues of violence and crime.  Violence is being re-defined in terms of unreal abstract thinking.  For example, children’s television cartoons are being excluded from the proposed “warning label” system proposed by the media.  Hitting and kicking people, maiming them and then laughing, is not funny—it’s an insidious brainwashing of the world’s children.  Violence and crime presently kill more people than AIDS, and take away more years of life expectancy than any other illness.  The unending waves of violence from the media, which makes big money with “cheap thrills,” is like a vaccine, desensitizing people to an appalling reality.  There need to be warning labels on the news and on children’s’ programs.  The self-righteous right-wing monopolizers of the First Amendment need to take a hard, honest look at themselves (if they can).

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