Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

 June 15, 1993

Greetings.  Boo-zhoo.  Parlez-vous Française, eh?  That’s Real Indian talk!

According to the news media, some more strange events have been happening in what the immigrant Europeans call “Indian Country.”  In the case involving the hunting and fishing rights retained in the Treaty of 1836 by the Mississippi Chippewas, some of the heirs of the Mississippi Chippewas, including Chief Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII and Dale Hanks, have been excluded by a decision of a low-ranking Federal Judge.  The United States Government is focussing their settlement efforts on the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians, and is defining all of the Mississippi Chippewas who were removed to White Earth or Red Lake, as well as any other Chippewa Indians that they want to, as being excluded (for not having maintained a “Federally Recognized” Band Organization).  Did China stop existing when the U.S. didn’t “recognize” them?

The United States Government is expediently defining and re-defining “Indians” to fit their diabolical scheme of stealing.  While the negotiations are in process, the eligible “Indians” are defined as the “Mille Lacs Band.”  They are using the word “Band” as the Catch-22 word.  The negotiations are being carried out with the three people who are, under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, defined as having “Indian Sovereignty” to represent the “Mille Lacs Band.”   None of these three people are Anishinabe Ojibway—if they were Aboriginal Indigenous People, the United States Government wouldn’t be dealing with them.  Dale Hanks and Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII are not presently “federally recognized,” and the way that the United States Government is defining “Indians” this week, they have no “Sovereignty.”  After the crooked Mille Lacs “Treaty Settlement” deal is finally cut and pushed through, however, then Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII and Dale Hanks will be brought back into the Mississippi Chippewa family again by the U.S., and will have had their hunting and fishing rights negated by “settlement” with the “recognized” Mississippi Chippewa, the Mille Lacs Band.  In other words, the United States Government is going to make these “Indians” into White people, again.  To compound the problem, they won’t have any land, any hunting, fishing, or gathering rights, and, in another generation, any “Federally Recognized Indian Blood Quantum” either.  Everything will be gone.  The long-term agenda is to abrogate the Treaties and terminate the Indians.  The allotment process was set up, and promoted to “Friends of the Indians” in the 1880’s, as designed to eliminate the “party of the second part” [“recognized Indians”], in the “Indian Treaties.”

Another case in point, of the United States Government categorizing people into whatever they need at that particular moment, is what’s happening with WELSA (the White Earth Land Settlement Act).  The United States is not only re-defining peoples’ “Indian blood quantum,” they are also giving people a different set of ancestors.  The Hinton Rolls defined a number of people as “full-bloods.”  Several years later, Ransom Judd Powell did extensive “investigations” into the genealogy of people who had gotten allotments at White Earth, and re-defined many of the people on the Hinton Fullblood Rolls as “mixed bloods,” including a number of people who were unilaterally re-defined with the mathematically unsound category of “Mixed Blood, 4/4 Indian Blood Quantum.”  The reason for this sleight-of-hand was that “Mixed Blood Indians” (who were really Whites who already had U.S. Citizenship) were defined as “competent,” U.S. Citizens [by reason of allotment], and able to sell land (which still belongs to the Anishinabe Ojibway).  “Full Blood Indians,” on the other hand, were defined as “incompetent,” but under “Indian Trusteeship” the U.S. could re-define them any way they wanted to, so that their allotment was salable, and, under “trusteeship,” could even sell their land “for” them, without having to consult with the people the U.S. claimed were the “individual owners.”

The people who have challenged the hocus-pocus being done at WELSA, as “Indians,” have been told, “too bad.”  The deck is stacked, and no matter what loopholes they find, any low-ranking bureaucrat can close the loopholes on an “Indian,” and re-define the White man’s slippery mythology of “Indian” again.  What the United States Government is telling them is, “we created, and we own the Indian identity.  As long as you buy into our crooked definition of ‘Indian,’ we can define you however we want, including giving you different ancestors.”  This scam rests on the United States Government’s ownership and definition of “Indians” and “Bands.”  The U.S. is using their created and fully controlled “Indian Bands” as the brokers.  Through the 1934 I.R.A. “Indian Bands,” individual “Indians” do not own any land, any rights, their own identity, or even their own ancestors.  The White man claims that he owns it all, with the “Indian Band” as a front.

I have always been Anishinabe Ojibway, of the Bear Dodem.  I have never been an “Indian.”  I admit that when I was younger, and didn’t understand Crooked English, I tried to be an “Indian,” but it’s impossible to live out all of the racist stereotypes and projections that the immigrant Europeans have built into their “Indian” identity.  That’s what the “Indian Boarding Schools” were all about—to take away our Aboriginal Indigenous identity and brainwash us into being “Indians,” so that the immigrant Europeans could justify their land theft and genocide.  Another facet of their evil strategy was to try to convince us that we were “ration Indians” on “Welfare.”  We haven’t been on “welfare,” not on our own land.  The immigrant Europeans have been stealing our resources to underwrite their dollar and pay for their own welfare.  The U.S. Government has been using our Anishinabe Ojibway resources to pay their appointed “Indian leaders” that they’re using as a front to steal from us.  The self-righteous, finger-pointing immigrant Europeans (including certain “Indian leaders”) need to ask themselves the question, “why am I on this Continent, instead of still in Europe.”  In case you haven’t noticed—you have been on “welfare” since you got here.

The United States Government has passed unilateral legislation to turn Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians” [and has yet another such garbage bill in the pipeline, the Indian Freedom of Religion Act, under which the Judeo-Christians are defining “Indians” and “Indian Religion”], but neither the U.S. nor the Judeo-Christians have any jurisdiction over the Anishinabe Ojibway, nor over our land and resources, nor over our ancient religion and philosophy the Midewiwin.  I turned in my “Indian Enrollment Card” to the U.S. Supreme Court (Justice Thurgood Marshall), with an explanation that I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and not “Indian.”  If I call myself an “Indian,” I am lying to myself and everybody else, and I refuse to get caught up in this vicious fake identity.

IN THE MOVIES:  On the propaganda circuit, there have been complaints about not having any “Indian Actors” in the movies to play “Indians.”  This amazes me, because throughout the Europeans’ theft of this Continent, the whole “Indian” thing has been has been played by a bunch of bad actors following an insanely violent and greedy script, portraying values which have absolutely nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.  The movie, the “Last of the Mohicans,” saturated with violence of Indians killing Indians.  Why weren’t you Indians out there, demonstrating against this movie glorifying fratricide?  The next time you demonstrate against “Indian Mascots” and “Indian Logos,” I suggest that you also demonstrate against the Bureau of Indian Affairs, for sustaining the whole fake “Indian identity.”  Then you would be contributing something that is positive to this Continent again, and doing your part to make this World a better place to live, instead of promoting stupid, mindless violence, and lies.  There were no “Indians” here, and there still are no “Indians” here.

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