Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

May 21, 1993

The front page of last Sunday’s Metro/State section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune blared the stereotype of the “Drunken Indian” across all six columns.  One wonders what public opinion is being molded for now.  Is the media setting the stage to exonerate the Minneapolis Police and the Minnesota State Legislature in their treatment of Trunk Indians?

“Ethnic Cleansing” is an euphemism for genocide.  By any name, this despicable crime against humanity is just as ugly, and just as unjustifiable.  If you want to see genocide being committed, you don’t have to go to Bosnia, or Serbia, or Ethiopia.  Take your cameras and your camcorders, and you can document the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent in its final stages, right before your eyes in Elliott Park.

The Aboriginal Indigenous People who are being killed by chemical warfare in Elliott Park have been maneuvered into a position where they will be blamed for their own deaths by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Government.  These Aboriginal Indigenous People (not the “Indians”) were forced out of their homes by the B.I.A. program of “relocation,” and are prevented from returning by a combination of economic programs, political I.R.A. puppet governments, the U.S.-supported vested interests of the “White Indians,” and alienation of the resources which are being used to pay for their own destruction.  These people are suffering from psychological damage resulting from torture in boarding schools and abuse in foster homes, as well as by the foreign I.R.A. “tribal governments” and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which maintains a parasitic relationship living off the resources of the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Instead of getting off their backs and letting these people help themselves and each other up, the Great White Father is kicking then while they’re down.  The Circle comes around.  Have your vicious fun—your days as a “world power” are numbered, too.

The Good Citizens around Elliott Park, who are free of sin, are complaining about the indignities they witness in their neighborhood.  These immigrants don’t complain about the suffering and the genocide right under their nose, they complain about “curses” and property damage.  Genocide is never pretty, whether by blame-the-victim chemical warfare, or by gas ovens.  Death by Bad Medicine—the Europeans’ sacred drug of alcohol—is a slow and dehumanizing death.  The theft of this Continent, and the genocide of almost all of the people that this land belongs to hasn’t cost the Great White Father a dime—every bit of this genocide has been funded by stolen land and resources.

In the early 1960’s a position paper was written by the a federation of Indian programs in Minneapolis.  They identified all of the problems: the educational system, the unemployment, the housing, the alcoholism—these were all identified thirty years ago by “Indian organizations.”  The White Indians all got good jobs—and the problems of thirty years ago are still here.  You can go out there and document the same conditions, or worse.  If the Indians made real progress in solving the problems of the Aboriginal Indigenous people they try to claim as “their relations,” they would be out of a job.  You don’t see the Bureau of Indian Affairs, nor any of the mainstream “Indian Organizations” addressing any of the problems effectively.  Their role as “Indians” is as a broker and a smokescreen to hide the genocide which is now being done in a “politically correct” way: socially engineering lethal traps, and then blaming the victims.

What needs to be done is to have the White Indians quit sponging off of the misery of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The White man’s “Indians” are in complicity with the United States Government in committing and hiding the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  It’s been like that for more than a century, and it’s about time that the hypocrites in Washington like Paul Wellstone and Daniel Inouye publicly came to terms with the truth, instead of putzing around with self-serving legislation like the “Indian Freedom of Religious Act.”

“Indians” are not, and have never been, the same people as the Anishinabe Ojibway, Lakota, and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  A “real Indian” great-grandmother (“princess” or not) does not make you an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  If you have a White father or White paternal grandfather, you are who your White father is.  You have been genetically engineered as planned by Judeo-Christian principles, and are just as much a part of the European community as a full-blooded European.  You no longer have an Aboriginal Indigenous birthright.  You are gone as an Aboriginal Indigenous Person of this Continent.  Dressing up in feathers and speaking “for Indians” puts you in the position of openly admitting and condoning genocide.  There are no “Indians” here.  Get your real identity, and stand on your own feet, rather than parasitically continuing to enable the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  This genocide must stop.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People have a right to exist in our own land.

TREATY INDIANS:  There is another group of “Indians,” who are signing agreements about the “treaties,” fronting for White management in the Casinos, and complaining about “Indian Mascots.”  These are a different (hybrid) breed of “Indians” than the so-called “Indians” in Elliott Park, and the Trunk Indians.  As long as a person goes under the “Indian” identity, they are caught in the United States Government’s White-Man-Burden Trusteeship.  “Trusteeship” means that the United States Government takes your property, deprives you of any right to sue (or sign legal documents like “treaty agreements”), and defines you as an incompetent ward.  I don’t understand how these incompetent wards can go around signing Treaty Agreements, or allege to represent the Aboriginal Indigenous People, whose resources are being “negotiated” in crooked courts.  The White man imported his legal system, defines the terms, and has it stacked in his favor.  Why ask the guy who stole something in the first place, to decide if what he did is fair, or not?  That’s dumb.  There is no court of redress for the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this world.

SIN TAXES:  The Republicans never intended to balance the U.S. budget.  When Ronald Reagan promised to “balance the budget,” the budget he was talking about was the bank accounts of his low friends in high places.  George Bush even gave away the Savings and Loans, and some of the banks.  When the Europeans first got here, they stole from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Now that they’ve plundered almost everything we had, they’ve turned to stealing from each other, and from their future generations.  Now that the U.S. Government is in debt and deep doo-doo, they’re looking for taxes to pay off their deficit that they’ve stolen from the future.  Since they’re such crooks themselves, the first thing they do is become indignantly self-righteous, start pointing the finger at other “sinners,” and propose to balance the budget by taxing “sin.”  They want to tax Joe Sixpack and Joe Camel, not themselves.  These two-faced sanctimonious grafters are waffling and wallowing and pigging out in pork gridlock.

The deficit could be paid off in a year, and the budget running a surplus, if they would tax lies.  A dollar per lie would do it.  Taxing just the lies in Washington D.C. would come very close to balancing the budget.  The lie taxes could be administered on the “honor system” [Ahem!].  Sin Taxes are about pointing the finger, using guilt to keep the beer-drinking sinners from objecting to shouldering a heavy tax load to pay for the sins of the upper class, who stole from the Treasury and are making big bucks off of the interest on the Deficit.  Instead of taxing beer, there’d be more tax revenue from taxing lies.  The bartender could collect the taxes, as Joe Sixpack and his buddies sit in the bar drinking beer and telling lies.

After doing the genealogy and the history here at Red Lake, it’s obvious that if the “lie tax” were made retroactive, the U.S. Budget Deficit could be paid off in a month on just the lies told to the Anishinabe Ojibway at Red Lake—and you’d have enough left over to run your pork programs for another hundred years.

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