Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

May 7, 1993
The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about sexual abuse on Red Lake Reservation on the front page of the “State/Metro” Section on Monday, April 26.  Staff writer Robert Franklin used his article about Red Lake High School students’ adaptation of the play “Touch” to create the impression that sexual abuse is rampant on Red Lake Reservation.  This may, or may not, be so—Red Lake Court statistics are held as “confidential information” by the United States Government, under their foreign European paper illusion of “Indian Sovereignty.”

What the Minneapolis Star Tribune has never clarified is that the “Chippewa Indians” and the Anishinabe Ojibway are two entirely different groups of people.  The identity of the Chippewa Indians is given to them by the United States, and is defined by the alien U.S. Government in terms of “blood quantum.”  Marrying one’s own blood relatives to maintain the next generation’s “blood quantum” reflects the French culture and traditions of the Métis who are now called Chippewa Indians.  In doing the genealogy of the French Métis who have taken on the foreign invented identity of “Chippewa Indian,” we find that these people were inter-marrying with their own blood relatives even before they came over here as uninvited guests.  The French Métis who call themselves “Red Lake Chippewa Indians” are much more closely inter-related than most of them realize.  The so-called “Chippewa cross-cousin marriage” recorded by anthropologists is a French Métis tradition.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been doing social and genetic engineering on these people for more than a century—and there is a very good reason why they say that their records are “confidential” or were “burned in a fire.”

The Aboriginal people who are indigenous to this land here, the Anishinabe Ojibway, prevented in-breeding with our Traditional system of patrilineal Dodems and Clans.  “Tribal Councils,” “Bands,” “Tribes,” “blood quantum,” “Chip-aways,” and “Indians” are not part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture—they are hocus-pocus invented by the invading Europeans in order to steal our land and hide their ongoing genocide.

STACKING THE DECK:  I wish that there was not any gambling, nor any “Indian Casinos” on my land.  But, I can’t help but comment on the fast-moving, fishy deals being cut in the Minnesota State Legislature this week.  On Monday, it was suggested that “Indian leaders make payments in lieu of taxes” on casino profits.  How many “payments” are they going to make?  Will they be forever, like taxes?  What’s the difference, and who’s defining the “Indian leaders” paying off the State of Minnesota?  I think that the RICO statute applies to Roger Moe and the rest of his gang, who are in essence racketeering and dealing from the bottom of the deck.
The con artists in the State Legislature are playing “Treaty Hunting and Fishing Rights” off against “Indian Gaming” in order to abrogate the crooked Treaties and terminate the Indians (without having the State of Minnesota’s very tenuous title to the land, mineral rights, etc., come into question).  I don’t know why the White “sportsmen,” like Bud Grant, are so worried about the fish, when hunting and fishing haven’t been in the foreign European culture for at least a millennia.  There are no primeval forests in Europe; the ecosystem is shattered and therefor there are no lakes.  The closest thing the Judeo-Christians had where they came from was the Dead Sea, and there were no forests remaining in the man-made desert around there, either.  (Lakes and forests go together—the Europeans didn’t understand it then, and they still don’t.)  I can’t imagine anybody in their right mind eating fish in Europe—you can’t drink the water there, and the European idea of the purpose of a river is as an open sewer.  All you have to do is look at the Mississippi River, which in the interest of accuracy needs to be re-named the Great Immigrant European Sewer; the Father of Waters should be known as the “Great White Father of Sewers.”

The Judeo-Christian Bible stresses re-naming everything in order to claim it—while they’re at it they should re-Christen the Great Lakes, “The Great Cesspools.”  Even though they say they used “Indian names” here, the invading Europeans re-named places everywhere they went, and most of the “Indian names” they used were actually European Creole words.  The European immigrants say they want “reconciliation,” to “forgive and forget and get on with our lives [until they do the same old thing again, which always happens].”  Before we have the first “conciliation,” we need geographical truth.  Because of the destruction of the real names of places here, Aboriginal Indigenous People need to get a Re-Naming Committee together.

For the record, fishing and hunting have always been an inherent part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture, and fishing and hunting are not in the European culture.  The Europeans found what they saw as incredible abundance of fish and game here, because the Aboriginal Indigenous people kept it that way, in harmony, as an integral part of our values and traditions.  I personally remember drinking clean pristine water from the lakes and waters of my land.  Now, you can’t see the trees and forests for the stumps.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist on our own land.  Our Aboriginal Indigenous permaculture is an inalienable part of our birthright.

PORK:  The “landowners” in Bemidji claim that their property taxes go to subsidize the AFDC and other “welfare” programs on the Reservations.  When the Good Christians do welfare-bashing, they are psychologically abusing children, just as they incinerated the Branch Davidian children, and tortured and brainwashed Indian and Aboriginal Indigenous children in the Boarding Schools.  Christian violence apparently never changes.  By targeting and condemning “welfare mothers,” the Christians are really putting a stigma on defenseless children, wallowing in self-righteousness, and reinforcing a structure designed to destroy families.  Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources have been subsidizing the European immigrants since they got here.  You have been living off the “fat of the land,” living high on the hog, and every one of the White Bemidji landowners has been subsidized by Aboriginal Indigenous resources, distributed through your foreign Government.  In one way and another, the economy of the Bemidji area resembles nothing so much as swilling at the Public Trough, while claiming to be “bringing home the bacon.”  When the unemployed and the homeless come asking for minimum subsistence, these well-fed Pork Eaters slam the door on them.  They say, “in a Pig’s Ass,” and make the people who are without crawl in order to get barely enough to eat.

President Lyndon Johnson was right—the American People are so sedated and glassy-eyed from pigging out on pork, they don’t even know what’s going on around them.  Americans’ greedy addiction to pork is why their huge budget deficit cannot be balanced.  The U.S. economy is neither “Bearish” nor “Bullish,” it’s “Piggish.”  The Japanese call you “lazy Americans.”  During his administration, Johnson ordered the whole country to have Swine Flu shots.  The Clinton Administration’s recent budget made a grievous omission when they neglected to include funding for booster shots for the swine who are slopping at the public trough.  That includes your “blood quantum Indians,” who are not Aboriginal People, and who are not Indigenous to this land.  If you have to pay people to be “Indian,” you’re being short-changed, and you’re not getting your buck’s worth.  “Indians” who are bought and paid for are not worth one red cent.  The B.I.A. Indian identity is a racist stereotype.

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