Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 30, 1993

Gassing and burning the Branch Davidians was the top story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Friday, April 23.  On the same front page was an article about the Holocaust Museum commemorating the gassing and burning of Jewish and other ethnic people in Germany fifty years ago.  President Clinton went along with blaming the victims of the fire in Waco; in his televised appearances he didn’t bat an eye about the way the F.B.I. went about killing the children of a religious group.  When Hitler committed genocide against religious and ethnic groups, he was a democratically elected product of Western European Civilization, just like the people here who are sedated by the Spin Doctors into complacency.  Adolf Hitler was not unique; both he and the Euro-Americans are a part of Western European Civilization.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people here (not the “Indians”) were scapegoated for being the owners of the vast wealth of these two Continents, and the Euro-American version of history blames us for the genocide of our own people.  Hitler also blamed the victims.  Whether the Waco Jesus was a “monster” or not has nothing to do with the deaths of innocent (although perhaps misguided) men, women and children.  The F.B.I. blamed the Branch Davidians for the G-Men psyching themselves up, and created a rationale (“see what you made me do”) for escalating a situation until many people died unnecessarily.  The Feds should have had neutral negotiators—and the children would still be alive.  There needs to be a monument in Waco commemorating fratricide: White people killing White people.

One of countless many massacres of Aboriginal Indigenous People committed by the Europeans occurred in the winter of 1890-91 at Wounded Knee.  The United States Government justified the genocide of unarmed men, women, and children by calling it a “battle,” and awarded 23 Medals of Honor to the soldiers who did the killing—to mold public opinion that this was honorable behavior.  In the psychotically warped linear thinking of Western European Judeo-Christians, maybe genocide is “honorable.”  The U.S. Government blamed the Lakota people for getting killed, claiming that they were members of a cult which the B.I.A. labelled the “Messiah Craze.”  There are already millions of Good Christian churches in this country, and they don’t seem to be solving the problems of killing and other violence.  What the moral leaders need to do is stop building new churches, and start turning some of the churches they have into monuments and holocaust museums—all around the world—to commemorate the billions of victims of Western European violence.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent need to begin the process of building monuments and museums, in Germany and Japan, honoring and commemorating the more than 1,000,000,000 Aboriginal Indigenous People who were annihilated in genocide committed by Western European Civilization.

Crooked English and euphemisms play an important part in the unjustifiable and uncalled-for killing and violent behavior by the leadership of Western European Civilization.  These people are going to have to face reality—it can’t go on.  “Ethnic Cleansing” is outright genocide, hidden by an innocuous-seeming word.  “Ethnic Cleansing” sounds like you’re using a patented detergent to scrub the color out of people, so that you can make them White, rather than killing them, burning their bodies, wiping them clean out of existence and destroying every trace that they ever lived without a speck remaining, so that all is sparkling white.  I want to know if the international Jewish Community is going to build a memorial to the people who have been slaughtered in the former Yugoslavia?  No matter whether it’s eighty people or eight million people, it’s genocide.  All people from around the world must stand up and stop this genocide, this fratricide, and all of the other violence that’s going on in the world, caused by Western European Civilization’s “war and peace” and other violent values.  From what I have seen in the media, the Holocaust monument in Washington, D.C. is impressive.  But, do you think that Jewish people are the only people against whom genocide has been committed?  (What about the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent?)  In the Anishinabe Ojibway religion and philosophy, the Circle comes around—and all people have a moral obligation to make this a better world for everybody.

The Anishinabe Ojibway have always been a non-violent people.  Until we were forced to learn English, we had no words for “war,” “peace,” “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide,” “discipline,” “punishment,” nor “prison.”  We also had no swear words, and no ethnic slurs—we didn’t need them.  The languages of Western European Civilization have an obscenely rich vocabulary of violence, “discipline” and other masked ugliness.

FISHY NEGOTIATIONS:  It’s amazing to listen to the crooked and slippery English on the television news.  According to guest politicians who spout off on T.V. panels, the people who  are “at the table” at the “treaty settlement” negotiations include the “landowners,” the “sportsmen,” and the “Mille Lacs Band,” but the descendants of the Sandy Lake Chippewa Indians have not been invited, although they are the people who will be affected the most.  The Sandy Lake Chippewa Indians need to file a class action lawsuit against the people who claim to be (by their Crooked English) the only relevant “landowners” and the self-serving politicians, as well as against the Mille Lacs Band and against Uncle Sam who runs the mythological Indian Reorganization Act “Bands.”  This 1993 “Treaty Table” reminds me of Plymouth Rock, but this time the “Indians” aren’t invited.  While the rascals divide up the goodies, the “Indians” are on the outside looking in.  Most of these “settlement negotiators” don’t seem to know anything about reality or the truth—from the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective they look like pathological liars.  Who do they think owns the land in what they call the “State of Minnesota”?  Western European Sovereignty has never had any legal jurisdiction in the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and never will.

We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist on our own land.  No immigrant Europeans have any right to come in here and make crooked Treaties.  The Anishinabe Ojibway never invaded your land in Europe, but the Europeans are sure over here dividing up our land.  Apparently European Civilization does not include manners or a conscience—it’s uncouth and piggish to come steal somebody else’s land and resources.  Although “Thou Shalt Not Steal” is of the Christians’ “Ten Commandments,” this bit of religious dogma has had no meaning during the immigrant Europeans’ five hundred and one years of anarchy and lawlessness on this Continent.  Unless the Good Christians start facing the truth instead of their abstract “reality,” their “Ten Commandments” won’t have any meaning for the next five hundred years either, and by that time this place will be a barren rock like Europe.

TRUNK HIGHWAYS:  According to the news, a nurse reported that the Minneapolis Police are now transporting Indians in the trunk of their squad car, rather than bothering to call an ambulance.  President Clinton’s deficit reduction austerity programs must really be hitting the City of Minneapolis hard.  Whenever a patrol car goes by now, I’m going to look and see if there are any moccasins or feathers sticking out of the trunk, and if there’s groaning and moaning coming from the trunk of the police cars, they’ve probably given the Indians some Rodney King “police protection.”  I know that the Code of Federal Regulations defines an “Indian” as a “non-person,” but any way you look at it, in Reservation English a “baton” is an euphemism for just a plain old club.  Maybe one of the Trunk Indians still had a bottle on him, and Minneapolis’ Finest didn’t want to violate the “open bottle” law.  You can carry an open bottle in the trunk, but putting these poor guys who were just trying to live out the White man’s stereotype of “drunken Indian” in the trunk wasn’t necessary.  Maybe one of the Officers had a speech impediment, and thought “trunk” and “drunk” were the same word.  There’s a new stereotype, label and slogan for the Red Ghetto’s mythological Indians now: “Nobody loves a Trunk Indian.”

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