Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 23, 1993

“Being Indian is a very old tradition among the blacks in New Orleans. I have Indian blood, but you don’t have to,” according to Big Chief Ferdinand Bigard, quoted in an article by Shelley Holl in Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “Being Indian” is also an old tradition among a number of peoples in Northern Minnesota, including the French Métis, the French Mulattos, and others who may not have a drop of aboriginal Indigenous blood—this includes the former “Indian Tribal Chairman” Roger Jourdain.  Many of these “Indians” will tell you that being “Indian” is a matter of spiritual orientation,” or “adoption by the ‘tribe’” [but which “tribe,” and who owns and defines it?]; but in another linear-thinking category they reckon their U.S. Government “Indian blood quantum” down to fractional 64th’s and marry their own first cousins so their children can be “enrolled, federally recognized ‘Indians’.”   This kind of inbreeding was a part of the Wanna-be Indians’ traditional French-Arab culture in France four hundred years ago.  Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Dodems prevent this kind of incest.  If many of these  “Indians” looked as their actual ancestors, they’d be quadroons.

 I applaud Joe Sayers’ efforts to address racism in Bemidji.  However, by maintaining his public identity of “Indian,” he is defeating his own purpose, and ends up promoting the racist mythologies which cannot be separated from the artificial identity of “Indian.”  Although the racism that Joe Sayers is dealing with in Bemidji is real, Joe is relying on the White man for his identity.  The “Indian” identity is a projection, a stereotype which is by definition loaded with the racism of the immigrant Europeans.  When he, and other sincere “Indians” trash that stupid artificial identity, and become who they really are—then they won’t be handicapped and handcuffed by this imposed identity.  Right now, they’re being outmaneuvered by racist European philosophy that’s built into the invented European identity of Indian.  When these “Indians” take on their real identity, then the White man won’t be able to categorize them, manipulate them, and dismiss them as “tokens.”

If the people who are promoting this racist Indian stereotype get themselves out of this identity trap, and find out who they really are, then they own their identity, and can get back their personal Sovereignty, their culture, and their history.  One needs to seriously address the racism of the United States Government, which is using Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ money and resources to intentionally create a messed-up, factioned Indian community.  Under this classic Machiavellian tactic, a few, mostly White, “Indians” are subsidized in high-paying, status-laden jobs, while under this crooked scheme, most of the rest of the “Indians” are confined in welfare ghettos, and told they are supposed to be “Indian and free,” and “Indian and proud.”

By learning his language of crooked European English, I see the White man for who he really is.  His language clarifies the White man’s racist strategies.  What he has done is told the “Indians” that “Indian” is a wonderful and romantic identity, and has told the “Indians” to go get their “Indian traditions.”  The real Indian tradition is selling stolen Aboriginal Indigenous property, and signing crooked Treaties (like the 1837 one).  But, by promoting his Disneyland mythology of caricature Indians, by sending people down the “Red Road” which he defines, the White man diverts people away from studying his crooked language and culture, and distracts people from having the power of knowing who they really are and owning their real identity.

INDIAN RELIGION:  The mainstream Judeo-Christians are violating their own U.S. Constitution with their legislation establishing “Indian Religion” under U.S. jurisdiction.  The Senate Subcommittee recently met in Hawaii (the only state which does not have “tribes of Indians”—unless they are turning the indigenous Hawaiian people into “Indians”).  The mainstream Judeo-Christians also violated their own Constitution, and David Koresh’s Civil Rights, by killing him and his followers.  Whatever happened to “Freedom of Religion?”

I asked Senator Inouye’s office to send me a copy of their proposed legislation a month ago.  I haven’t heard from them yet, and probably never will.  There is no provision in the Treaties (which the “Indians,” not the Aboriginal Indigenous People, signed) giving the United States Government jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ burial sites.  The “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” is trying to change this, and give the U.S. jurisdiction over our peoples’ burial sites using their fictitious “Indians.”  I predict that one of the consequences of this present “religious freedom” act will the a “legal” market in stolen grave goods, which have already been dug up.  They’re covering up this violence (and the genocide which has been and continues to be done against Aboriginal Indigenous people) by having White “Indians,” like those  on the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, rebury Aboriginal Indigenous People after their possessions have been stolen.  The racist piece of legislation, the “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” is anarchy—where can an Aboriginal Indigenous Person take the U.S. and their White “Indians” flunkies and sue them?  Will the amended “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” be reciprocal, and give Aboriginal Indigenous People the “legal right” to go dig up the “Indian’s” graves, which are in the Christian cemeteries.  Will we be able to dig up famous White people like George Washington, sell their artifacts, and then go bury them someplace else in unmarked graves, so the next generation can claim they “never existed”?

The “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” establishes “Indian” religion under U.S. regulation, and creates White “Indian Medicine Men,” like Big Chief Bucky Head and Holy Man Sargent.  Grand Medicine Man Inouye already has his Department of Interior flunkies issue licenses to carry eagle feathers, as well as the feathers themselves.  Do the Government Indian Medicine Men have an “endorsement” on their laminated plastic “Indian Card”?  One of the most vicious—and most hidden—strategies of the imperial Indo-Europeans (for at least the last three thousand years) has been using an “established” religion, rather than honest spirituality, to control and subjugate their people.  David Koresh was simply following the same pattern as the “world religions,” all of which are dishonest manipulations of human beings, and all of which have committed child abuse (how about the “Indian boarding schools”) as well as genocide.  If these “world religions” were legitimate, you wouldn’t see any missionaries, particularly those who “shoot to convert” along with their secular brothers who “shoot to feed.”  You don’t see any Aboriginal Indigenous missionaries, we don’t need to sell people on our spirituality.  I haven’t seen any of the real Midewiwin spiritual elders out trying to “convert” people—although there are some fraudulent “Indian Medicine Men” who make big bucks playing the “Indian religion” scam.

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