Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 9, 1993

The 1837 Broken Treaty is still in the news.  The State of Minnesota, which did not exist in 1837, wants to amend this Broken Blood-Quantum Treaty and call it an “agreement.”  They are trying to get their so-called “property owners” (who have never owned the land) involved.  The State of Minnesota is really hurting.  The snake-oil salesmen in the State Legislature are diverting attention away from the crucial issues of mineral rights, the inalienable Sovereignty of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and the State of Minnesota’s clouded title to stolen land.  The Good Ol’ Boys are molding public opinion about wild rice, writing legislation about gambling, and dealing with the problem that they created of polluted water by proposing limiting people to one large fish per year.  They are blaming “Indians” for the consequences of the environmental havoc they have wreaked [and, for once, they’re right—those mythological “Indians” are part of the problem.]  As one wag said about State Senator Charlie Berg, “one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, and he’s so busy, his ass tips over what his hands are doing.”  He’s trying to please everybody, especially his pocket-book and his prospects of re-election.

The way that the immigrant Europeans look at land “ownership” amazes me.  They say they “own land,” although if you press the issue, they’ll say “the bank owns the land.”  Their relationship to the land is broken apart into all kinds of abstract-thinking “rights,” and the way they see it, the State has “eminent domain,” This was never ceded by the Anishinabe Ojibway—according to some real estate legal precedents, the Europeans got their made-up title from the Judeo-Christian God.  “Landowners” pay “property taxes” (not “land taxes”) on “their land,” and if you want to find out whether you really own land or not, just don’t pay your taxes.  The immigrant Europeans also talk about “public land.”  If you don’t buy a license, you can’t go on that land, either.  So, under their imported European law, who really “owns the land?”  The Queen of England? [Some laws written after the U.S. “Revolution” still refer to “Crown Land.”]  She doesn’t own it, and neither do the Indians.  The land in what the European immigrants call “northern Minnesota” is Anishinabe Ojibway land.

ANONYMOUS:  If you become addicted to alcohol, there is Alcoholics Anonymous.  If you have an addiction to gambling, there is Gamblers Anonymous.  If you eat too much, there is OverEaters Anonymous.  What there needs to be, is Indians Anonymous.  If you have the uncontrollable urge to “go native,” you should be able to call the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Indian Tribal Councils, and get referred to the Indians Anonymous program in your neighborhood.  If you feel driven to go down the “Red Road,” and follow the United States Government’s regulations on their fake “Indian Religion,” there are plenty of Real Indian Medicine Men to go around and make a few Bucks—but you might be better off going to Indians Anonymous.  If you have a compulsion to wear buckskin, beads and feathers; if you’re obsessed with being “Adopted Into The Tribe,” there needs to be an Indians Anonymous.  Many of the immigrant Europeans want to go Native, and walk around in the forests.  If you can’t get to an Indians Anonymous meeting, and find yourself in the forest of stumps at Red Lake, just make sure you don’t step in the polluted water, because your moccasins will fall off.  If you see berries along the roadside, be careful!  Many of them have been sprayed with 2-4-D and other deadly chemicals.  The White D.N.R. posts a few signs in a few places (can Bears read English?), but the details of all the places that they’ve spread poison: “Mum’s the Word,” and it’s confidential.  They’re poisoning the entire food chain.

THE THREE STOOGES:  Peter Graves was the second immigrant European external-Government Federally Recognized Indian Chairman here.  Peter Graves was relatively accountable to the Anishinabe Ojibway community here (at least in things that were visible), and did not oversee massive clearcutting.  But, these other two stooges, these two Chippewa Indian House Niggers: Roger Jourdain and “Butch” Brun, have been Chairmen during massive destruction and clearcutting of the forests here.  They call themselves “Chippewa Indians,” with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry at all.  They owe their “Indian” identity to the White Man.  That Indian identity is a dishonest identity: a stereotype, a vicious label, inherently racist.  All of the White man’s Good Indians walk around with a plastic laminated card with a color picture of themselves on it, so that they have an identity.

I wonder what ever happened to Roger’s Petition to oust Butch  Brun?  Or, was it just a ploy to get his Golden Parachute of $150,000.000?  Are Butch Brun and Roger Jourdain in together on the same scheme?  The present fake Chip-away White Chairman hasn’t changed Roger’s policy of ecological annihilation: destroying the timber, the wildlife, and the water.  The fishermen say “there’s no fish out there.”  The entire ecology of this watershed is one interconnected entity, and destroying the forests destroys the lake and the fish.  These immigrant European “Indians,” alleged by the White man to be the “first Conservationists,” apparently don’t understand that, and I doubt they ever will.  They’ll wreck anything to make a few Bucks.

VERY OLD CROOKED TREATY NEWS: September 1892, J.B. Bottineau, attorney for Peter Cochelle (a.k.a. “Little Shell”), recommended that the United States Government turn the following people from Indians back into French people again:  Michael Allard, Francois Allery, Pierre Allery, Napoleon Bercier, Norbert Bercier, Moses Bercier, Joseph Bercier, Mary Bercier, William Bercier, J.B. Bercier, Hyacinth Bercier, Antoine Bouvier, Angelic Brieve, Joseph Boneau, Joseph Brazo, Casmere Bouvier, Madelaine Bouvier, Angelique Boneau, Abraham Boyer, Eliza Boyer, Sussette Bry..., Frizine Cyre, Ambroise Chattraud, Chas. Demontigney Sr., Chas. Demintigney Jr. [sic], Joseph Diome, Patrice Demontigney, Margaret Dauphinais, Daniel Daugnon, Urbane Delorme, J. Baptiste Davis Sr., J. Baptiste Davis Jr., Laran Dauchain, Joseph Delorme 2nd, Christom Ducharb, Andre Dejarlais, Hermance Demontigney, Madelaine Ducept, Philomene Dion, Antoine Enno Sr., Antoine Enno Jr., Francois Fournier, George Frederick, Joseph Fleury, Andre Fleury, Wm. Fayant, Alexis Gonneville, Antoine Gonneville, Stanislaus Gosselin, Alexis Zast, J.B. Gonad Sr., Joseph Demarais, Francois Gonad, Gaspard Gonad Sr., Alexandre Gonad, Gaspard Gonad Jr., J.B. Lafontaine, Louis Lafontaine, Leon Lafrenier, Francois Lefort, Antoine Laraque, Pierre Lambert, James Laroque, Catherine Lissotte, Olivier Laroque, J.B. Langan, Jeremie Ledoux, Margaret Langan, Alexander Laraque, Gilleum Langan, Michael Langan, Edward Langan, Francois Langan Sr., Francois Langan Jr., Augustin Lefort, Charles Laviollette, Jacob Laviollette, Albert Laviollette, Pierre Lizotte, Joseph Langan, Pierre Lavallie, Madelaine Lafontaine, Charlotte Lafontaine, Napoleon Landry, Francois McCloud, Moses McCloud, Margaret Malaterre, Alexandre Morin Sr., William Morin, Roger Morin, Theophile Martin, Frezine Martin, Leonard McKay, Patrice Morrisault, Starr McGillis, Francois Morin, Pierre Morin, Charles Peltier, Pierre Paul Jr., Pierre Paul Sr., Solomon Paul, Norbert Poitras, J.B. Peltier, Corbette Pacnaud, Francois Laviolette, Jerome Premeau, and Francois Packnaude.

Peter Cochelle’s Councilmen included Francis Poitras, W. Davis, Louis Lenoire, J. Baptiste Davis, Karyence Delorme, Charles Bottineau, Frs. Demarais, Tcheekee-tarn Parisien, Bad Baptiste Valey, Alex Jeannott, Jos. Demarais, Corbett Grant, Antoine Heneauld, and J. Batees Gorien.

The United States Government and England owned, and still own, the definition of “Indian.”  When they needed more “Indians” to steal, many of these French people were turned back into Indians again.  As long as the Aboriginal Indigenous people who own this land didn’t speak the Crooked European English language, and didn’t have access to the U.S. documents, they could get away with having “Indians.”  These Wanna-Be’s are Europeans, and none of them have any right to alienate Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist.

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