Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

March 19, 1993

The Associated Press ran an article last week in which “tribal leaders hailed a new dawn in Indian history” after a meeting with Bruce Babbitt.  According to this article, Secretary of the Interior Babbitt “recognized the federal government’s [crooked and patronizing] trust responsibility for Indians.”  The U.S. doesn’t really have any “trust responsibility” for “Indians”—Trusteeship is a crooked way of using “Indians” to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The United States Government claims title to the Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake, for example, under “Trusteeship” for their invention of Chippewa Indians.  The unilateral U.S. Supreme Court case which the U.S. uses to justify “trusteeship” dealt with “Indians” who were already genetically engineered into being European subject people.

The U.S.A. got away with “trusteeship” when we didn’t understand English, but now they got caught.  The “Indians” that they are using are history.  The genocide was so massive that most of the “Federally Recognized Indians” are plain old White folks, Western European people with an historical accident of “blood quantum” which has nothing to do with their ancestry.  An obvious example is the blonde, blue-eyed “one-quarter Indians” (with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all) who are the first to get jobs under the “Indian Preference Act,” because they are Europeans comfortable with Western European culture.  When we point out the truth to the Euro-American policy makers, they stick their head in the sand and go into denial.  They are desperate for “our Indians,” both because their fraudulent claim to this land rests on their Indians, and to hide their genocide, which they haven’t admitted here yet.  They don’t want to listen, and under Linear Thinking, they jump from compartment to compartment in their brain.  How many categories of Abstract Thinking do they go through, in order to run away from the truth?  The leaders and philosophers of Western European $ivilization say they don’t know whether anything is real, or not.  Under abstract thinking, nothing is real, because it’s all in their head.  They have to get out of their head, and put their feet on the ground, and start dealing with the truth.  The environmental degradation which threatens every living being on this planet is not abstract—it is very real.  Maybe they’re so caught up in their Christian cults that they’re happy with Armageddon, but I’m not.

RELIGION: The Christian Indian religion is the subject of pedantic discourse in the U.S. Senate.  The Judeo-Christian Congress which created the “Indians” are at it again.  They are trying to use “Indian Religion” as a means of unilaterally regulating the Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous People, trying to abrogate our inherent and unceded Sovereignty, and as yet another strategy to steal land.  Why don’t they go regulate their own religions—and address the deadly violence that’s written right into their Bible?  The competing Jesus Christs of Waco, Texas (ATF and “Branch Davidians”) studied violence in their Holy “Good Book.”  Look for yourself—start with Genesis, which advocates genocide.

HISTORY: In 1939, Red Lake B.I.A. Superintendent Raymond H. Bitney’s Annual Report included his “unbiased” version of history at Red Lake.  He wrote that in the 1700’s the Chippewa and the Sioux were fighting here; Bitney used misleading and distorted “historical” sources to imply that this is not Aboriginal Anishinabe Ojibway land.  This is a lie which has been perpetuated by White historians since the 1850’s—in part to justify their stealing of Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake.

The “Chippewa” and the “Sioux” were European subject people: Métis who were created by the White man and made into “Indians.”  They were fighting over the fur trade.  There were no “Indians” here until the White man made them up.  There is no word for “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  “Wars” are a part of Western European culture, and are used to steal.  War is not and has never have been a part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture.  We do not even have a word for “war” in our language.  The “Sioux” and the “Chippewa” came from the East, with their White fathers.  These Métis and White people caught in the “Indian” identity and the “Indian wars” were not Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Bitney would have been more accurate if he had written, “the Wanna-be’s and Métis came from the East.  They brought their violent European culture with them, and engaged in bloody battles with each other, over who could steal the most.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway have always been here, and we have never gone to war.

The “Informants” used by ethnohistorians, anthropologists, and other “students of Indians” have been either White or Métis Indians.  My advice to anthropologists: if you want to study “Indians,” all you have to do is go look in the mirror, and write out your projections, stereotypes, labels, and vicious self-serving lies.  That’s what you’ve been doing—but because “Indian” is a racist stereotype created by the White man, it’s true that you’ve been writing about “Indians.”  The Chippewa language, a Creole pidgin hodge-podge invented by the Europeans, has the same linear thinking as other European languages.  It’s a fraud and a fake.

CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS:  Rodney King is on trial again, although he is the one who brought suit for violation of his rights.  As a product of Western European Civilization’s ghettos which the White man built on this Continent, Rodney King’s peoples’ rights have been violated ever since his ancestors were brought in chains from Africa.  When the Los Angeles Police arrested Rodney King, they violated both his civil rights and his human rights.  Using Crooked and Slippery English, and very sharply polished industrial psychology, the perpetrators are trying to exonerate themselves from the beating, which is real.  They are trying to say, “it didn’t happen.”  It did happen to Rodney King, this kind of violence has been going on ever since the immigrant Europeans have been here, and still goes on.

Rodney King has no court of redress.  The very court that he is going to is violating his rights, again.  It is a Western European Court of Roman and English law, designed to uphold the White hierarchy and immigrant European class system.  After a beating which almost killed Mr. King, the lawyer for the defendant asked him if he was lying.  The same people who are asking him if he’s lying, don’t know anything about the truth, and they are humiliating and lying to Rodney King.  His rights are being violated by their Crooked English.  Rodney King doesn’t speak Crooked White-man English.  The “jury of his peers” who are judging him (and all African-Americans) rather than his assailant, are all White, and they don’t know right from wrong, either.  The judge is White.  Rodney King is suing for White money that he’s not supposed to have, and after this Court finds him guilty, he’ll go back to a White jail.  Rodney King doesn’t need any White money.  What he needs is for the laws to be changed.  Rodney King and the rest of his People need to address the social problems which created the conditions for his beating in the first place.  The imported European money system is a part of the problem.

Los Angeles is gearing up for riots, and pouring more money into bad housing, ineffective education, corrupt police, riot gear, heavy artillery for the police, and other social problems.  Violence is not going to solve the problem, it is only going to make it worse—and if the African-Americans in Los Angeles get manipulated into another riot, they’ve been conned.  Western European Civilization’s “Law and Order” has been nothing but anarchy and violence ever since the immigrants ran away from the violence in Europe, and it has to stop.  We are all here on this earth, and we have to make this a better place to live.  We need to address the social problems which the White man created, and maintains through his laws.  Instead of the violent and rigid European “rule of law,” we need to create a harmonious world for everybody, not just the élite heirs of European $ivilization.  Every person is on this Earth for a purpose, and has something valuable to contribute.

Blaming the victim is an old European strategy.  In the police reports, they call Rodney King a “perpetrator,” but the real perpetrator is Western European law.  The perpetrators are trying to exonerate themselves from the violent beating of Mr. King, claiming that “it’s not real,” that it didn’t really happen, and in spite of the videotape evidence claiming that Rodney King is lying.  Now, who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?  Confusing, isn’t it?  Using crooked and slippery English, and language that Rodney King can’t communicate in, they’ll get away with it.  Rodney King speaks “street language,” but he neither speaks nor reads Crooked White English.  The Europeans are here to steal.  Although the White man says, “you’ve got to have law and order,” it’s White law, on his terms.  In order to understand what the European immigrants are really about, all you have to do is go look at the ecosystem here at Red Lake.  It looks like a war zone: the trees are clear-cut, the water is polluted, and the wildlife has all but disappeared.  If this is “$ivilization,” the Euro-Americans are in damn sorry shape, and also in deep, deep doo-doo.

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