Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

March 12, 1993

Mark Neuzil, of the Associated Press, put a story on the wires which ran Sunday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  He wrote, “according to legal precedent, the treaties can be overridden by acts of Congress.  The president even has the power to declare entire tribes extinct.”  In plain layman’s terms, this is abrogating the Treaty and terminating the Indians.

When the Anglo-Europeans created “Indians,” they were insane with greed, using their own European English language as a weapon against the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  At that time, we did not understand English.  Now, we have studied the oppressor, and his language tells us a lot about him and how he looks at the world.  It is significant that the A.P. disseminated the information that the president “has the power to declare entire tribes extinct,” but the published article did not add the complimentary pieces of information that these “Indian tribes” are an European concept, and the “tribes” over which the U.S. President has jurisdiction are “tribes” invented by the U.S. Congress and other Europeans.  “Tribe” is an European concept, and has nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous Nations.  I’m sure glad I’m Anishinabe Ojibway.  I am not an “Indian,” and trying to trying to put the “Indian” label on me, or any other Aboriginal Indigenous Person, is racism.  The racist U.S. has no jurisdiction to declare me “extinct,” although they have murdered most of my Anishinabe Ojibway relatives trying to send my people into extinction.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist.  The United States openly admitted genocide when they created “Indians” and the “Indian religion.”  The World Community ought to take a very cautious second look at any European Nation-State which talks of declaring entire groups of human beings “extinct.”  The very word “Indian” is racism, and the United States is still committing genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People, hiding their Final Solution behind the “Indians” they have manufactured and are promoting very heavily.

In the same Sunday paper, Mille Lacs Chippewa D.N.R. Commissioner Don Wedll was quoted as saying that the way to resolve the “Treaty” issue was to ship all the Europeans back to Europe.  The irony of it is that he is not Anishinabe Ojibway, either, and the Mille Lacs “Indians” who voted to abrogate the Treaties and terminate themselves are European Métis who might as well go back to Europe along with their White fathers, if anybody’s getting sent back to where they came from.  I see part of the issue as being that we are all here now—we can’t turn back the clock.  In order to live here harmoniously, people need to be honest about the reality of history, and about their own identities.  The “Indian” identity is a dishonest, artificial identity created by the Europeans with malicious and thieving intent.

INDIAN RELIGION:  Indian religion is in the news again, being legislated by Whites, which it should be—because the people caught in the Indian identity are defined by the Whites.  They become Wanna-Be’s.  But, Indian religion has nothing to do with the Midewiwin or other Aboriginal Indigenous religion here, which is much older than either Christianity or Indian Religion.

The United States Government has a vested interest in confusing the Aboriginal Indigenous People with the “Indians” and Métis, both to hide the genocide and to assure their hold on the land they have stolen.  As Indian Commissioner Thomas Jefferson Morgan wrote in 1892, to suggest that mixed-bloods with a White father were not Indians  “would unsettle and endanger the titles to much of the lands that have been relinquished by Indian Tribes and patented to citizens of the United States.”  Morgan also observed that if patrilineally White people were not “Indians,” then there was a serious question as to whether the Aboriginal Indigenous People might not have an equitable claim against the U.S. Government for the misappropriation of their annuities and their land, among other claims.  Former Vice President Charles Curtis, who was an “Indian” without Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry himself, supported Commissioner Morgan’s position, and realized that “Congress could make or unmake an Indian regardless of genealogy, ethnological data, treaty commitments, or tribal preference.  So could an employee of the Indian Office, acting under his interpretation of federal law or the directive of an administrative superior.”

After a hundred years, you’d think they would know better.  But, the Senate Select Committee on Indian and Insular Affairs, of the United States Congress, is at it again.  They have been having hearings on “Indian religion.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People retain our own Sovereignty, and do not need the permission of the United States nor any other dependent Nation-State to practice our own religion in our own land—and it’s not “Indian religion,” either.  Senator Inouye’s “Indian Religion” legislation is yet another hokey and fake ploy to use “Indians” for the Unites States to gain jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People.

The Senate Select Committee is also using their “Indian Religion” to try to claim jurisdiction over the Black Hills, as well as the burial sites of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, which they are erroneously claiming are “Indian Sacred Sites” and “Indian burial mounds.”  The mounds in which my Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors are buried, especially those at the “outlet” of Red Lake, were plundered and robbed sixty years ago.  The European (Métis Indian and White) grave-robbers are trying to cover their ass by re-writing the “Indian Freedom of Religion Act.”  Has Senator Inouye read the “establishment” clause in the Constitution?

ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT:  A Christianized Métis Indian had taken two dollars from a merchant.  He was afterwards converted and was taught that it was sinful to steal.  So, he went to the merchant and gave him the two dollars.  The merchant praised him for his honesty, but still the Indian showed no disposition to go.  Not knowing what he wanted, the merchant asked him if he wished to buy anything.  He replied, “I want a receipt.”  “Why do you want a receipt?  Have I not credited it in my book?” asked the merchant, “and is that not sufficient?”  “Well,” said the Indian, “St. Peter has the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and when I go up there he will ask me if I was a good man, and I will answer, ‘Yes, St. Peter,’ and he will ask, ‘But have you not sinned?’ and I will say, ‘Yes, St. Peter, but the Blackrobe has forgiven me.’  St. Peter will ask, ‘Did you return those two dollars you stole from the merchant,’ and I will say, ‘Yes, St. Peter.’ When St. Peter asks, ‘Where is your receipt’—I don’t want to have to chase all over Hell to find you.”

The moral of this story is, always get a receipt in writing.

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