Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

February 26, 1993

The details of the ground rules for “Indian Gambling” need to be made clear and public.  George Washington supposedly said, “I cannot tell a lie,” but what was the truth?  On Washington’s birthday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an editorial about compulsive gambling, in which it was written that “Indian tribes ... sovereignty puts them beyond the reach of the law...”  The Sovereignty that the editorial writer refers to is a phony Sovereignty, which under U.S. Statute belongs to the U.S. Cabinet Officer, Secretary of the Interior.  This phantom “Indian Sovereignty” was invented to hide the Euro-Americans’ genocide and theft of the land.  It is one of the many lies that arise directly from the hierarchial Judeo-Christian values which the Europeans brought with them.  What good is this illusory Sovereignty, under which Indians do not have jurisdiction over “non-Indians,” White people, natural resources, territory, or much of anything else, including their Chippewa identity?

When the State of Minnesota signed agreements with the fake Indian Tribes, using these White Indians as a smokescreen for gambling operations, the “Indian Tribes” waivered something, although it probably wasn’t Sovereignty, because the Indians never had any “sovereignty.”  “To Waiver” means “relinquishment of some legal privilege, as of a jury trial, or immunity from judicial process.”  Behind those Indians’ publicly bemoaned broken treaties and empty promises, the Indians are European subject peoples.  (The Aboriginal Indigenous People are not, and never have been, subject peoples.)  How can the Indians be “Sovereign” when, because of their Indo-European biological fathers, the Indians were born European subject people with an European patriline?  The Indians did not have any Sovereignty even before the State of Minnesota required them to “waiver” it in order to open casinos.

The State of Minnesota is one of the states with stringent, effective “Dram-Shop” laws.  The precedent of liability has already been established—and compulsive gambling isn’t much different from compulsive drinking.  It ruins families and destroys lives.  The “Indian Casinos” are wide open for lawsuits involving millions of dollars in punitive damages and “pain and suffering” resulting from compulsive gambling.

I don’t know if the writer of the unsigned editorial in the Star Tribune is purposefully dissembling, or if he or she didn’t bother to research the background facts about “Indian Tribes” and the Indian Casinos.  In my lifetime, I have seen any number of schemes using “Indians” to steal from the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  My educated guess is that “Indian Gaming” is one more Euro-American scam.  For the record: both the Minnesota Chippewas (created by act of U.S. Congress on January 14, 1889) and the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council” of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians are on Anishinabe Ojibway land illegally.  They have no valid claim to our Sovereignty, our resources, our rights, nor our land.  The “Indians” do not have Aboriginal Sovereignty.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have nothing to do with the “Indian” casinos, which were created without the consent of the few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I have not received one foreign Euro-American penny from the casinos, and whatever liability the Indian Casinos incur is their problem, and is not “covered” by Anishinabe Ojibway property.

DEFINING INDIAN LEADERSHIP:  Because the White man created the Indians, he has a right to appoint his Indian Chiefs, as well as to do anything else that defines his Indians.  (If you’ve been an “Indian” and don’t like the control that the White man exercises over his mythological invention of “Indians,” go get your real identity—don’t let somebody else define who you are.)  On the Reservations, this includes creating the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Councils” and then recognizing them “subject to the review of the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized agent [and other White organizations].”  On the Reservations, the purpose of “Indian leadership” is mostly to alienate resources, sign “land deals” and other “government to government” [translation from Crooked English: “European to European”] agreements, and exercise nepotism by appointing their relatives to five or six “Indian Preference” jobs apiece.  Because the land which the U.S. Government calls “Indian Reservations” is part of the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land which has never been legally “ceded,” what reservation Indian leaders really are is symbols of non-existent “democracy” in fake “Indian Nations,” propped up by illegal Euro-American occupation forces.  (Read the boilerplate Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal” Constitutions”—and the United States Government regulations which rigidly define them, if you don’t believe me.  Also, read the committee hearing reports of both the U.S. Senate and House, regarding the good ol’ boys’ backroom politics relating to the passage of the crooked Social Engineering Law which is the 1934 I.R.A.)

Due to relocation, many of the “Indians” live in what is called the “Red Ghetto.”  The leadership there is picked and paid by some do-gooder liberal Christian Churches.  Because of the Indians’ artificial identity and thus their White European values (which former Indian Commissioner John Collier called “White plus psychology”) and their greed, it becomes a pocket book issue.  Others question the “Indian leadership.”  The real issue is—are these “Indian leaders” being followed, or are they being chased?

JOURDAIN-PERPICH ELDERLY CARE FACILITY:  Monday, I visited Mr. George Tanner, who resides at the Jourdain-Perpich nursing home at Red Lake.  Other community members have raised serious questions about the quality of the care at this facility in the past.  Mr. Tanner has fallen twice, and may have broken his leg.  He would like to have his leg X-rayed.  So far, his requests for an X-ray have been denied, although as far as I know the X-ray machine in the adjacent hospital works.  Also, he would greatly appreciate hearing from friends or relatives around Mille Lacs.  All of the elders in the nursing home enjoy visitors.

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