Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

February 5, 1993

Attorney General nominee Zoe Baird withdrew from the Cabinet confirmation process last week, because she did not have the support of the Good Ol’ Boy network.  Zoe Baird was a victim of the disparity between rhetoric and reality: the point of Capitalist Democracy, and its blood brother Communist Democracy, has always been to “make money.”  By paying her employees as little as she could get away with (just like “everybody else”), Zoe Baird was following the unwritten laws, “playing by the rules” of the Good Ol’ Boy élite.  “Cheap labor” is the Eleventh Commandment of St. Avarice.  Zoe was targeted, not because of her minor infractions, but because her Senatorial inquisitors felt insecure about what they themselves have done under Capitalist money-making values, and did not trust her to adhere to their code of “honor among thieves.”

Capitalism is always a parasitic relationship with other people: it has left its mother country and is in other peoples’ homeland, doing what this dogma of the élite does best: stealing, enslaving, and raising havoc with other peoples’ land.  The Colonial English term for this is “Making Money,” although what it is really doing is destroying ecological infrastructure which is not theirs, plundering the future.  The ethics of the other political appointees are even murkier than Zoe Baird’s—but the Senate confirmed them because they fit within the boundaries of “business as usual.”  The way that Capitalism (and Socialism and Communism) have always worked, is that if the Ol’ Boys can’t con other people out of their resources, they set themselves up as the “legitimate government” and pass laws, or else they use violence including going to war to steal them (and then they sign a “peace treaty,” which is more violent yet).  Capitalism is a foreign ideology on this land, one which has been developing during thousands of years of violence and theft and wars/peace under Indo-European dominion.

Nominee Zoe Baird was eased out of the picture using the excuse that her husband hired “undocumented workers,” referred to in the mass media as “illegal aliens” rather than “immigrants.”  According to the newspapers, her barrister husband hired servants, nannies and domestic workers at a licensed employment agency.  Where did this employment agency get these “illegal aliens,” and how did they get through the immigration barriers to Connecticut (which is quite a few border crossings from Peru)?  Since the European immigrants first got here, they have been using their alien European immigration laws on this continent to entrench their foreign European Capitalist class system.  The U.S. offices of Immigration and Border Patrol have been using various kinds of prohibition as “social engineering” for a long time.  The way that the immigration laws are presently enforced, there is a “Green Card” stigma attached to the people they call “aliens.”  (From the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective: all you other descendants of illegal aliens, including the Chippewas—where is your “Green Card?”)

Immigration laws promote the importation and exploitation of “illegal aliens” at wages which are much cheaper than the “minimum” slave-labor wage.  Prohibition sounds good, particularly when applied to drugs which are intentionally used by the élite to destroy individuals, family values and entire communities [and “make money” in the process].  What “prohibition” accomplishes is keeping illicit drug prices high, the profits in the hands of a few selected special interests, and wages exploitatively low.  This transplanted European Capitalist/Communist scheme of indirect slavery is one of the fundamentals of colonialism.  Alcohol on Indian Reservations, opium in China ... Indo-European history is filled with violent precedents.  What the Honorable Senators say they are “trying” to do, and what they know they are doing, are two entirely different things.

Part of the ruckus was that Zoe Baird did not initially pay “Social Security” for the people she was allegedly hiring illegally, although she later paid a lump-sum “settlement.”  The people that she made the “Social Security” payoff to, should have also been sitting in the box in the Senate Hearing chamber, because the Peruvian couple will never see a penny of the about $2,900.00 “Social Security” which was paid under their names, and the bureaucrat who took Zoe Baird’s check knew that.  The U.S. Treasury collecting money on illegal transactions becomes an “accessory after the fact,” just like Iraq-gate.  A former union leader was sent to prison, convicted of stealing from the Teamster’s Pension Fund.  What about the Social Insecurity Pension Fund?

From the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, the question of foreign Euro-Americans hiring Peruvians, and then being criticized for their employees being “illegal aliens,” does not address who this Peruvian couple was.  The chances are very good that the Peruvian couple that Zoe Baird hired have a lot of Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry from these Continents.  The irony is that descendants of illegal immigrants: Senators, were questioning another descendant of illegal immigrants: Zoe Baird, about “hiring aliens.”  Neither the Anishinabe Ojibway, nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous people, asked the immigrant Europeans, nor their fake “Indians” nor slaves, to come here.  We also did not ask you to bring your excess social garbage and your European criminal problems to these shores.

RED INK: Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the “budget deficit” this year as “a record $327 billion.”  In response to a phone call about this figure, one of the Star reporters said that this was the red ink accumulated under some fiscal definition of “this year,” and that the actual debt was “somewhere between four and five trillion dollars.”  Nobody can run a business, nor their own personal affairs, like that.  What kind of role model is the U.S. Government, when they can’t balance their checkbook?  If you or I wrote rubber checks, “give or take a trillion dollars,” (that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00) we’d be practically immortal in the Federal Pen.  Even presumably well-educated Euro-Americans are amazingly vague about how much their future is in hock for, and about where their taxes are going.  Under Democratic hierarchial thinking, people are numb to their own victimization, because the Great White Father is supposed to have promised, “I’ll take care of you, my children.”  Most people haven’t thought through what this kind of patronizing relationship does (the Great White Father has done nothing but steal from me, from all Anishinabe Ojibway).  Most Euro-Americans don’t seem to know what’s real, and apparently they’ve never learned how to think for themselves, because “Father Knows Best.”  Paternalism is their system.  Instead of wasting time grilling Zoe Baird about “illegal aliens,” and quibbling about how to put more Sin-taxes on Joe Sixpack so the Honorable Senators can fund their pet projects and pay off their political hacks—why isn’t somebody absolutely raising the roof about selling this country out from under the [immigrant] American people?

The numbers are so big that people apparently don’t think about them very clearly.  The “mortgage” [dollars debt per acre] on the stolen Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land which the U.S. claims as “public lands,” is, right now, more than its market value.  In plain English, when a person’s debts are more than their assets, this is called “bankrupt.”  I can laugh at it, because the land never belonged to the immigrant people who call themselves the United States anyway.  Neither the alien people who created the “deficit,” nor the alien people to whom the “deficit is owed” have any claim whatsoever on Anishinabe Ojibway, nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property.  The Russians are on their own land ... the Japanese are on their own land ... but you who call yourselves “Americans” and “Canadians” are not on your own land.  You have been duped.  When the really big bills start coming due, over just the next few years, you will find out that you, and your children, and your grandchildren ... are back to being indentured slaves of the Nation-State, and that you were never “free.”  The Circle goes around.

OLD WORN-OUT TAX INCENTIVES: The first thing that the politicians do when they get elected is ask for the public checkbook.  The “Good Ol’ Days,” when the main function of the U.S. Government was to distribute stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resource plums to selected Good Ol’ Boys, are gone.  There are no more frontiers to run to, no virgin territory to exploit anywhere in the world.  You are here, on this land, and you had better take a very careful look at where you are going.  The Good Ol’ American Boys are living in a make-believe world, and they have to come to terms with reality.  There is no more to steal.  Maybe you immigrants will start seeing what’s real; then you will understand your history and your culture, and your European identity.  Maybe you will become civilized, yet.

LINGUISTIC TRIVIA: Roget’s Thesaurus defines a synonym of the English hierarchial word, “Chief” as “cock of the walk.”  “Chief” is an imported European term which is not indigenous to this land, and it is not in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  (In Black-Robe Baraga’s Chippewa-Creole language, his 19th-century dictionary translates both “Chief” and “Government Agent” into the same Chippewa Indian word.)

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