Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

January 22, 1993

The controversy surrounding Leonard Peltier and the F.B.I. is front-page news again—along with Robert Redford’s Hollywood “documentary,” which presents a perspective on an incident at Oglala, South Dakota after the Wounded Knee takeover in 1973.  According to the Sunday, January 17 Minneapolis Star Tribune, F.B.I. agent Nicholas O’Hara calls the Hollywood movies Thunderheart and Incident at Oglala “one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, an outrageous portrayal of how we [the F.B.I.] do business.”  But, he isn’t complaining about Hollywood’s Gangbusters series, nor all of the Elliott Ness movies which glamorized the F.B.I., and which were just as far away from reality as the movies he’s complaining about now.

Hollywood has always promoted the “Indian.”  The entertainment moguls have a problem with reality—their goal is making money, no matter what kinds of lies and fairy-tales they tell, rather than the truth.  The very word “Indian” is an European term.  It is not an Aboriginal Indigenous word, and the people to whom the word “Indian” refers are not indigenous to this continent.  That’s reality.  Whether it’s Robert Redford making a movie about a French Métis, or the Lone Ranger’s favorite “sidekick”—or Robert Stack living out a fantasy—Hollywood has never been noted for accurate historical documentation.  The main connection that Hollywood has with reality is when Hang-Around-The-Fort Indians and Wanna-Be Indians look to Hollywood for their mythological identity, and live out the projections and the racist stereotypes that the White man invented to promote the self-serving identity that the Euro-Americans depend on to defend their “Big Lie.”  If there are “Indians” like the ones in the Hollywood movies, it’s because these “Indians” learned how to wear their headbands and feathers in the movie theaters.

“Indians” (Hollywood and otherwise) are unreal, a fake identity that both feeds on and generates racism.  Far worse than peopling the mythological Indian identity with Wanna-be’s, Hollywood images of “Indians” are violent and warlike, or (recently) so such incredibly “noble savages” that to try to live out either dichotomy of the Indian stereotype will shatter the self-esteem of anyone who tries.  That’s why there are so many “Indians” in jail.   These stereotypes are all false projections of Western European $ivilization, and have nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous People.  We are not “Indians.”  But, a lot of real human beings get hurt by real violence because of “Indian” and other violent Indo-European mythologies.  Western European $ivilization is based on violence—otherwise they wouldn’t be here.  Where are the mainstream media reports of people objecting to the mindless, gratuitous and sado-masochistic violence which pours out of Hollywood?

Hollywood Indians are not the only people having trouble telling apart fact and fiction.  Ronald Reagan, the celluloid cowboy, played the role of Great American Hero.  He filled the leadership vacuum of the political right wing, and for his acting in Washington, D.C. he got knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

NEWS FROM THE CRUSADES: Kuwaiti Sweet Crude is lubricating the hidden agenda of George “Black Gold” Bush.  There’s a new epidemic of the mental disease of greed, and the symptoms include the fear of running out of stealable oil, Klepto-petro-gone-a-phobia.  But, the pattern is at least as old as the European occupation of this Continent.  “Infrastructure” is the hot word, but apparently most people aren’t thinking about the way in which the colonial “post roads” were replaced by the railroads, etc. ...  The glory days of the railroads were underwritten by the wholesale plunder of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Fortunes were made and lost on speculation—and insider trading of coveted railroad “rights.”  The real (not “theoretical”) nature of capitalism [and its blood brother, Communism] is that only the “in-group” of the Good Ol’ Boy W.A.S.P.s is in a position to take advantage of the real prizes.  When the people whose “station in life” is lower on the hierarchy start to get too “uppity,” then the Capitalist Financial Engineers create a “recession” or a “depression”—and, not incidentally, change the details in the rules of the game.  They use economic restraints and financial handcuffs, along with the social engineering they call “money,” in order to hang onto their position at the top of the hierarchy they invented.

The Anishinabe Ojibway timber that the railroads used to run their locomotives should not have been plundered—but if you take care of them again, for a thousand years or so, forests can re-grow.  Once a barrel of oil is burned, it’s gone forever.  It cannot be replaced.  Although the Euro-American occupation of this continent—and everywhere else these locusts have invaded—has never been environmentally responsible nor sustainable, there was not so long ago a very efficient public mass-transit system in the United States.  It was purposefully gutted by special interests, including certain corporations which have been greedily devouring everything they could reach in the public trough for nearly a century.  The gas-guzzlers held a near-monopoly on the publicly funded New Infrastructure.  Gas stations were known as “Service Stations” and gave away premiums for filling your tank.  Then, the OPEC Outbreak brought an epidemic of No-Petro-Phobia.  Now, a person has to pay a fine for not wearing a seat belt, people pump their own gas—and the Good Ol’ Boys are talking about a “Brand New” infrastructure of—guess what—public rail transportation.  Most of the Euro-American elders who remember the last time this all went around are sitting in warehouses called “Old Folks Homes,” dancing the Thorazine Shuffle.

There will come a time when there is no more oil available.  Instead of burning it up, why aren’t the “World Leaders” using what remains of the petroleum wisely, to build a better and more harmonious world for future generations?  The “New World Order” that Ex-President Bush talked about is just as crooked as the Third Reich, or any other Old World Order.  Under European thinking, and European “International Law,” “Peace” is more violent than war.  Look at what has happened to the Anishinabe Ojibway lands and people after the white “Indians” signed a Treaty of “perpetual peace and friendship.”  Under what the Europeans call “peaceful conditions,” tree-clippers, chain-saws, toxic chemicals, bull-dozers and skidders are decimating our environment, perhaps even beyond regeneration.  If they quit destroying them now and leave them alone, we will be lucky if our forests can be healed in five hundred years.  But, Indo-European “peace” and their “war” are the same thing: European violence.  There is no word for either “war” nor “peace” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  Violence was neither in our culture, nor in our language, and we also did not need the violence of “Anglo-Saxon” swear words.

Under the right-wing leadership of the Reagan-Bush administrations, the Pentagon has changed its name to the Petro-gone.  The oil baron who used to run the Secret Police has started Bush-fires all over the world, as a oily smoke-screen for his major objective in the Middle East.  The Islamic Nations and the Christians have been fighting for more than a millennia.  In 1918, the British occupation forces were kicked out of Kuwait, and the Arabs have also broken away from direct British colonial occupation in the rest of their homeland.  (Although their Imperial boundaries shift like the sands of the man-made deserts created by Indo-European “civilization,” the underlying structure remains the same.)

George Bush, who is an Englishman with so-called “royal blood,” feels obliged to avenge the insult to his crown cousins.  He’s spending more money stealing oil, than it would cost to buy it.  His last days in office have been dictated by what he’s deluding himself is “principle.”  He’s also hoping that the mess that’s he’s leaving will keep the new administration so busy that they won’t have time to think about the Iran Contra-Gate Affair, nor about the war crimes committed during Operation Desert Storm. Even Adolf Hitler did not strafe nor bomb the retreating British troops he had routed out of France and had “bottled up” at Dunkirk.  In this new era of instantaneous communication and satellite news networks, where was the world-wide broadcast news coverage of retreating and surrendering Iraqi troops being killed in cold blood?  How about the photographs of all the U.S. military equipment that George Bush sold, and then turned around and blew up?  Military censorship of the media was to hide not only the criminal brutality of the U.S. command, but also the U.S.-made tanks and other U.S. armament and equipment which Commander Bush sold to the Iraqi Army so he could go to war and steal oil.  If greedily creating the agony of untold thousands of shattered families of widows and orphans is “heroism” or “patriotism,” then so-called Western Civilization needs to seriously rethink its priorities.

Saddam Hussein and George Bush are both right-wing fundamentalists coming out of the very same Indo-European mad-dog hierarchial theocratic tradition.  Islam and Judeo-Christianity share identical violent roots: Allah and Jehovah are very closely related: both disharmonious patriarchs who are easily manipulated into war.  But, before you start calling people names, go take a hard look in the mirror, George.  My advice to George Bush is to seek political asylum in Great Britain.  Although the U.S. Supreme Court has arrogantly decided that they can kidnap “suspects” from anywhere in the world, England is the exception.  The Queen of England still holds the Sovereignty of the protestant Euro-Americans, through their religion—and they exercise minute control over their subject peoples’ lives through the imported European monetary and military system, just like the exported English monetary system is used in the other U.S.A., the Union of South Africa, and in the rest of the world.

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