Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

January 21, 1993
[uncompleted and unpublished]

When the Jourdainian council here at Red Lake talked about Aboriginal Rights as a Sovereign Nation—along with Butch Brun—the question which always comes up is “why do these people claim that they are a sovereign nation, or quasi sovereign nation, and at the same time the United States calls them ‘wards of the government’ under ‘trusteeship’?”  Either the Indians are lying, or the U.S. Government is lying, or they are both lying.

Treaty-making is generally considered to be done under International Law, between Sovereign Nations or Sovereign People.  However, the United States Government enacted their policies regarding what they claim is “Treaty Law” regarding Indians in a sneaky way.  As though they wanted to hide their shame, and sweep their misdeeds under the rug, Congress attached an obscure rider to an “Indian Appropriations Bill” on March 3, 1871, ending the United States Government’s treaty-making with “Indians.”

The “Treaties” which the European Nation-States signed with people who they claimed were “indigenous” on this continent were never Treaties signed between Sovereign people nor Sovereign Nations.  The European Nation-States, including the United States, have steadfastly refused to recognize Aboriginal Indigenous Nations existence here, let alone our inherent and inalienable title to our own land and resources.  This particular strategy of refusing to recognize the reality of non-European Nations owning their own land has been a cornerstone of colonialism for as long as the Europeans have been marauding around the world, “discovering” other peoples’ land.

The original intent of the so-called “Indian Treaties,” under European concepts of law, was the transfer of European “Title” (to land and resources which the Europeans did not own) from European to European.  The “Indian treaties” were signed with the “Hang-Around-The-Fort-Indians.”  (These “Indians” were hanging around the forts, looking for their White biological fathers.  The Europeans held their Sovereignty.)

In the mid-1960’s, during the Civil Rights Movement, the “Indians” who identified with mainstream White goals and values were called by their own half-breed brothers, “Sell-Outs.”  Now, the children and grandchildren of these Indians are calling themselves “Sovereign Nations,” and are gearing up to sign some more papers, although this time they’re saying they’re “accords” or “agreements.”

For more than a century, the United States has been calling the “Indians” the “Vanishing American.”  (In the last century, the policy-makers of the Lake Mohonk Conference were gloating and orating about the soon-to-be non-existence of the “party of the first part,” meaning the “Indians,” and thereby the release of the United States Government from Treaty obligations.)  The “Indians” are kept on a tightrope, and both they and the American public are being told that they are on the verge of either “termination” or “extinction.”

On one hand, the “Indians” are kept in the identity of being “Indians,” because under the social engineering of the Indian identity, they are led to believe that being a “real Indian” means hating white people—although their own biological fathers are White. 

On the other hand, the “Indians” are strung along with that old carrot-on-the-stick of “payment, you’re gonna be rich some day.”  The U.S. is going to abrogate the treaties, because they are crooked.  As soon as it’s politically feasible, they are also going to do what they have been promising to do for the last hundred years: terminate the “Indian.”  The “Indians” have been threatened with a “stroke of the pen” for many decades, but technology is catching up with them—it will be with a bottle of “White Out.”

ATTORNEY GENERAL:  It’s been reported from the Senate Confirmation hearings for that Zoe Baird hired an “illegal alien” couple from Peru as household servants.  It should have been written that European immigrant Zoe Baird hired an couple with Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry from Peru.  The media has taken the whole issue off in a different direction.  But, get serious here: what point is there is paying Social Security to people who are expected to leave the United States?  They can’t file a claim here.  Zoe Baird may have been ripping them off—but now that’s she’s paid their Social Security Taxes, it’s just money from her to the Government, and these people will never see it.  When the immigration officials get ahold of her, she will have to pay some more money ... that’s business as usual in Washington.  Illegal aliens have been over here since 1492, ripping off, anyway.


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