Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

January 1, 1993

It must be a sporting event to make Indian Treaties.  An in-depth interview by staff writer Ron Schara with Don Wedll about the Mille Lacs Treaty was published in the Sports section of last Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Don Wedll is the Indian commissioner of natural resources at Mille Lacs.  In this article, it is reported that the Mille Lacs Tribal Council held community meetings with their constituents about the resource negotiations with the State of Minnesota, or whatever they discussed.  However, in the last paragraph of the article, Wedll is quoted as saying “that [a] tribal person doesn’t have any more rights than what the tribal government authorizes them to have.”  This statement is in accord with the United States Congress’ position that political, civil, and human rights for Indians—and by their insinuation, for Aboriginal Indigenous People—are a “purely political process.”  What is the point of having community meetings, when the decisions have already been made by the Department of the Interior, under their unilaterally imposed, dictatorial and all-embracing “trust.”

Under the “trust” the United States Government claims the right to refuse to recognize “democratically elected” members of the Indian Reorganization Act Councils, as well as taking away the “Chieftainship” of allegedly hereditary “Indian Chiefs.”  The entire structure of the United States’ Government’s “Indians” is fictitious, and dealing with real problems through this fictitious “Indian” context makes the problems insoluble.  The United States Government’s “think tanks” of social engineers manage to keep most people from even seeing the real problems by creating factions, diversionary schemes and illusory issues, and crippling people by not teaching them any language with which they can communicate.   The “Indian studies” programs are a case in point: teaching students to effectively understand and use Crooked and Slippery English would help them more than the present practice of teaching them Bishop Baraga’s make-believe Creole language called “Chippewa.”  The effectiveness of Camp Justice at White Earth is similarly crippled because the “Indian community leaders” depend on the United States Government for their position and their very identity—whether they are on the side of “protest” or whether they are on the side of “establishment.”  They are not dealing with reality, and so they cannot possibly effect any real change.

The “treaties” also have no connection with reality—the one affecting Mille Lacs as well as the rest of the 400-odd ratified “Indian” treaties are boilerplate land theft, in which the United States owns both sides of the “treaty.”  These “Indian Treaties” have no connection with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resource rights, except that “treaties” are being used to try to steal them.  If the “treaties” were real, “Indians” could take the United States Government to World Court, instead of dickering around with the State of Minnesota.  Don Wedll is not an Anishinabe Ojibway: unless he is being grievously misquoted by Ron Schara, Wedll is discussing the issues only within the limited context of the Indo-Europeans’ centralized, hierarchial thinking.  If Wedll knew anything about the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin philosophy, he would know that the reason that the forests, lakes, and other natural resources here were kept in a beautiful, abundant, and pristine state, is because each individual (not the “tribe”—another English word referring to an European import) jointly holds their own Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, and that each individual person holds personal responsibility for keeping the environment the way it is supposed to be.  Now, under the slash-and-plunder management of the fictitious Tribe of Chippewa Indians, and their puppet-masters the U.S. Department of Interior, everything that the Anishinabe Ojibway hold sacred is being destroyed.

The “Indian Tribal Councils” are hierarchial governments, created by the Europeans.  Specifically, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council” of the Mille Lacs Band of Minnesota Chippewa Indians is a political hockey-puck created by the United States Congress by specific acts of United States Legislation in 1889 and 1934.  The ultimate authority of this “unique” “federally recognized” “Indian tribal government” is, under United States law and bureaucratic regulation, vested solely in the Secretary of the Interior, who is a political hack appointed by the U.S. President.

I got a telephone call from a reader who stated he was not an Indian.  He proceeded to give me a lecture on the evils of gambling, and what Indian Casinos were doing to the community, and  categorized me as an “Indian” presumably benefitting from the Casinos.  I told him right out that I was not an Indian, I am an Anishinabe Ojibway with a Clan and a Dodem, and I have nothing to do with the Casinos nor the people who receive any benefit from them.  The people who operate the Casinos are White people: Métis people with White biological fathers and European values, and the more-or-less full-blooded Whites who get a hefty chunk of the Casino profits for “management” and are using the White “Indians” as a front to maintain their gaming monopoly.  This reader apparently wanted to scapegoat me for the Casinos, and when I wouldn’t accept the blame he hung up on me.

If the European Courts weren’t so crooked, I would file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Aboriginal Indigenous People, about defamation of character by calling us “Indians,” hooking us up to “Indian Gaming” and crooked treaties that we never had anything to do with.  The United States Government has a vested interest in keeping the “Indian Treaties” in public view as “legitimate,” because their fraudulent title to the land they occupy, as well as avoiding responsibility for their genocide, depend on the “Indian Treaties,” on their social and genetic engineering, and maintaining the blurring of Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians.”

A lot of people get hurt by the “Indian” identity.  When I was growing up, the role models for being “Indian” were drunken, lazy, dirty “Indians.”  There was a lot of fighting and violence along with alcohol and stress—the Europeans brought their social problems here, and intentionally encouraged the breakdown of social order in their “Indian” communities so they could steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and destroy our traditional communities.  The consequences of this genocidal social engineering are still with us, and many of the community’s role models are still trapped in the violence of the “Indian” identity.  Going through old newspapers as a part of our research, I found a newspaper from 1952 in which the F.B.I. reported that “crime” was “one the rise,” and it wasn’t too long ago that Bemidji claimed it was the “crime capital” in order to get a new jail here.  I don’t know if crime went down after the jail was built, but you don’t hear the Chamber of Commerce promoting “Bemidji the Crime Capital” anymore.  This society has to be sick, to promote violence and crime in order to get more funding so they can hire more Crime-fighters, and buy more weapons.  Crime is still going up, and so I suppose even more police officers will get even more assault weapons.  What kind of society are you creating, where you don’t know who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy,” but they both have machine guns?  They told me I was a “savage” in school, and told me I had to be “civilized.”  Is this terrible violence the best that Western Civilization can do?

Over and over and over again, the European-language media reports on issues that concern Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ rights, land and resources as though the “Indians” are the same people as the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I pointed this out to a reporter recently, who said, “those Indians are dark, and they all look alike.”  That’s what he said.  I told him that a lot of these “Indians” were Métis people when they left Europe, because of the Moors, and that as a matter of verifiable fact, many of the “Indians” do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry at all—the United States Department of the Interior controls who can be Indian and who can not, because the Europeans created Indians.

MORE POLITICAL SHENANIGANS, and a re-cap of Lame Duck President Bush’s four years: “Read My Lips ... Pardon Me”  “No More Taxes ... Pardon Me”  “S & L Bailouts ... Pardon Me”  Did you know that Charles Keating and his son’s prison sentences total nearly 900 years?  The judge who sentenced the Keatings has discovered what Ponce de Leon lost his life looking for, the “fountain of youth.”  In the sado-masochistic society which the Europeans have created here, it figures that only people who would be allowed access to near-immortality would be incarcerated crooks and criminals.  Pardon me.

The politicians and the lobbyists who have been doing capitalist/communist economic engineering for the last two hundred years have given St. Avarice, the God of Greed, a bad name.

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