Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 25, 1992

Have you ever noticed the town of Redlake?  This is the only town to speak of, that’s a local telephone call for more than six thousand people.  Casual visitors to Redlake are discouraged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs: “this is a Closed Reservation,” people are told, “strangers keep out!”  There is no public transportation onto or off of the Reservation (except for Bingo, and that’s run by the immigrants).  Anyone wanting to do business here must first approach the Tribal Council to get a license to trade (a product of capitalism, free enterprise, and economic discrimination).

When you go off the Reservation on any highway, you see an altogether different set-up.  Compare the immigrants’ settlements with what purport to be towns on the Reservation.  Look at any one of the little towns with a population of around two hundred, look again at Redlake with an in-town population of nearly two thousand—and then tell me again about economic discrimination, and an occupation of government employees.  Tell me this isn’t an “company town” run by the U.S. Government, and tell me it isn’t still a P.O.W. camp.  The social engineering is graven in the architecture.  The economic infrastructure is “occupation—we’re going to steal it all from you,” and every other “service” on the Reservation is what’s mandated under European so-called “International” conventions of War-and-Peace, which is all violence.  European “peace” is even more violent than their war—look at how these foreigners have devastated our forests and polluted of our water under a “peace treaty” with their Indians.

Wherever those immigrant Europeans have occupied other peoples’ land, the number one item on their agenda has been stealing (and what they can’t steal they wreck and destroy).  The social engineering necessary to maintain their theft is accomplished through eugenics.  In order to obliterate every trace of reality here, the marauding Europeans created a fictitious group of people and called them “Indians.”  [The real meaning of “Indian” is hinted at by the use of the words “Indian country” referring to the “humanitarian war” in Somalia.  “Indian” is an European word which means that the Europeans don’t belong there, they’re getting violent, and they’re stealing again—in Somalia it’s oil.]   Rather than recognize the people who were here and who have been here for millennia, rather than acknowledging that this land and these resources do and always have belonged to real people, a few of whom still survive, the Europeans created a fictitious people and they called them a “tribe,” and use their European languages to put all kinds of attributes on them.  These adjectives and these names are foreign to the Aboriginal Indigenous People here: “tribes,” “peace-pipes,” “tomahawk chop,” “warriors” ... these are all English words describing foreign European projections.

The Europeans, in order to steal the land and hide the genocide, say that the Aboriginal Indigenous People never existed.  The Europeans created the “Indians,” and their co-called Indians’ existence is on shaky ground, because Indians can be “terminated” and are repeatedly told so.  In 1967, the Indian Omnibus Bill was an open message that “you Indians only exist through the Europeans’ creation and with the Europeans’ permission.”  Roger Jourdain and a number of other “Indian leaders” were pleading with immigrant Europeans’ government, “please don’t terminate us, because then we’ll have to find honest work!”  The biological fathers of these “Indians” are all Europeans.  This White paternity is one of the main ways that the Europeans have defined “subject people” since they began their colonial expansion.  They keep them under rigid control by continually threatening them with “termination,” and by using racism as the other side of these brutally defined artificial identities.

The only people who benefit from the racist “Indian” identity (and other racist labelling) are the good ol’ English so-called élite.  Even presumably “positive” stereotypes hurt the people who get caught in them.  We need to come to terms with the racism and start dealing with reality.  There were no “Indians” here, and getting caught up in this European mythology doesn’t help anybody.  Everybody does have a real identity—and something positive to contribute to this Earth.

NEWS FROM THE OCCUPATION FORCE: In the past week, President-Elect Bill Clinton held a two-day economic conference in Little Rock.  Good vibes came out of this conference.  It reminded me of F.D.R.’s “fireside chats,” the same old deal that turned into the New Deal.  There were no right-wing fundamentalists from the Republican Party in the Clinton Circle, who would have brought the “moral issues” down Pat, or Duked it out over “ethnic cleansing” and Final Solutions.

One of the participants in this economic summit was a health-care provider from Hawaii.  She said that she felt discriminated against because many of the other participants were bashing the health care system, using it as a scapegoat for part of the Deficit.  They’re approaching “health care” backwards, as usual.  What they’re doing to the environment and to the food supply is what’s making people sick.  The contaminated food is also one of the fundamental reasons for the violence and the crime, and the more than ten percent of the population that’s “institutionalized.”

Another participant in the Economic Conference spoke of how much it cost to keep prisoners incarcerated.  He said that it would be less expensive to send the Prisoners to Harvard, than to keep them in prison.  Can you imagine all of these inmates going to Harvard and getting a law degree—and after they graduate, going to Washington as high-powered, high-status lawyers ... and then these poor innocent lawyers, with the ink barely dry on their law diplomas, being corrupted by the old-line politicians and lobbyists who have been running the inner circle on the fringes of the Law for decades.  (They stay out of prison by having the law re-written one step ahead of their shenanigans.)  Maybe these newly-graduated Harvard Lawyers could reduce the Deficit by breaking it into a serial form, like “Rocky” or the SuperBowl: put a cap on Deficit I, and then go into Deficit II, and so forth.  This kind of psychological “reduction” of the deficit, using slippery English, isn’t any different than some of the creative accounting that is already being used in Washington.

Although this two-day economic conference had good feelings and was good P.R., in Western European customs and ethics, and the traditions of Western Capitalism and economic discrimination, these people still need to have somebody to bash and scapegoat in order to make their programs work.  Indians are still having the Willies from when President Bush threatened to terminate them last summer, but now Willie Horton has finally decided to move on.  He has had enough of his codependent abusive relationship with the Republican Fundamentalist Camp.  Over the past two elections, Willie Horton has been projected into whatever role was convenient.  His image was used without his approval.  In 1993, look for the new headlines: “Willie Horton summoned to Washington by Executive Order.”  Maybe he will form a task force on ethnic bashing, scapegoating, and foreign capitalist economic discrimination.

I thank the people who have taken the time to write or call about this column.  If you haven’t already heard from me, you should be getting your reply soon.

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