Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 12, 1992

BROADCASTING NEWS:  There is a group of people at Red Lake who are in the process of starting an AM and FM radio station here.  This is a community project that doesn’t have anything to do with any government, including the Tribal Council, because government-run radio stations have inherent imbalance and conflict of interest.  In this “Age of Information,” there are many needs in this community that are not addressed by existing broadcast media, and a community owned and operated radio station at Red Lake is sixty years overdue.  The programming that the organizers of this radio station plan include starting the day with an Ojibway prayer at sunrise; Anishinabe Ojibway music, Country-and-Western music, and other music that fits the taste of this community.  In the evening they plan to have news and public affairs programming and also Traditional story-telling (for example Na-na-boo-zho stories and Zhe-bai (“ghost”) stories; community announcements, and other local programming.  There are local functions that need to be announced, and crises that arise, for example accidents on the Lake where a radio station could provide help before it’s too late.  The radio station will also provide school announcements, local weather (North of the Continental Divide), and so on.  They have been working on this project for quite awhile and have a clear idea of how to serve this community’s needs.  To you readers outside of this economically depressed reservation: they need broadcast equipment (transmitters, towers, studio equipment, etc.) and office equipment including a computer and typewriters.  Contact Francis “Boog” Downwind, Jr. at (218) 679-2368, or write him at P.O. Box 356, Redby, MN 56670.  They have a tax-exempt number and donations will be greatly appreciated as well as tax-deductible.

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