Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 11, 1992

The State of Minnesota, Department of Education is, once again, putting Chippewa Indians in the position of alienating Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land rights.  This is yet another re-run of an old story.

At the Old Crossing in 1863, a verbal promise was made to provide a good education in the “3 R’s” for those who wanted it.  However, no provisions for schools were made when the “Treaty” was revised in accordance with the insidious treaty boilerplate of the time in Washington, D.C.  This could be because Governor Alexander Ramsey had issued an executive order abolishing the teaching of reading, writing, and arithmetic to “Indians” eleven years earlier.  Governor Ramsey advocated “manual training,” by which he meant learning how to use a pick-axe and a shovel—also known as “tools of ignorance.”  Times haven’t changed.

In the grand land theft known as the 1889 Nelson Act, the excuse that the United States used for stealing nearly three million acres of Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake—and not paying anything for this land—was “civilization” and “education.”  They promised the Chippewas of Minnesota an education.  After the Anishinabe Ojibway land was stolen, they said to the Chippewa Indians, “now, you’re educated.”

By 1890, again on the pretext of “education,” both the Roman Catholics and the Protestant Episcopals each had 160 acres fee patent “title” granted them by the United States Government at Red Lake.  By this time, and over the next fifty years with increasing intensity, the United States Government was using “education” as a cover for outright genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway people at Red Lake and other places.

I spent nine years as a political prisoner at the Boarding School at Red Lake.  What I experienced was social engineering, brainwashing, torture, and genocide.  As an Anishinabe Ojibway with a Clan and a Dodem, another thing that I learned (although it certainly wasn’t part of the curriculum) was that it is my land and resources which still back up the United States dollar.  The only thing that the Europeans had was a printing press to print their money with.  Their paper dollars continue to be used as a tool of social engineering, to break up Traditional Peoples’ family values and as a lever to steal the rest of our resources and destroy our communities.

The State of Minnesota “Independent School Districts” which have been established on Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land are illegal.  Morrison vs. the State of Minnesota is a court decision, made under alien Euro-American law which has no jurisdiction at Red Lake, establishing an “Independent School District” at Red Lake.  At that time, one of the pretexts for this illegal incursion onto Sovereign land was that those living on the Redby “Townsite” would have lower taxes.  None of the land which was taken illegally from the Anishinabe Ojibway has been paid for.  With compound interest, the amount owed to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation alone, is more than the present United States Deficit.

The Good Citizens of Beltrami County are encouraged to complain about the “tax burden” of Red Lake Reservation.  Particularly around election time, their abusive diversionary tactics include bashing “welfare mothers.”  Not only does the land on which you complain about paying taxes have clouded title, but the economy of this entire area is based on Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources.  Who did you say was on “welfare”?  It always amuses me when some racist immigrant European says, “when we got here, there was nothing here.”  If there was “nothing” here, why didn’t you turn around and go back home?  The Anishinabe Ojibway People didn’t ask you to come here.  Ever since the European immigrants got here, they have been doing nothing but taking.  It’s time that you started putting something back.  We can’t change history, and we all have to live here in harmony.  The immigrant people need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions, as well as for their generations yet to come.  Instead of blindly following the politician who makes the biggest promises, and pretending you don’t notice when that fat cat starts stuffing his pockets and his pocketbook, it’s time you took responsibility for your actions.  The resources have been plundered to the bedrock.  There is no more, and you are going to have to change your lifestyle.

POLITICAL NEWS:  I just returned from the Twin Cities, where I was an involuntary participant in the consequences of the Clean Air Act.  Have you ever been in a Skid Row tavern and smelled the rancid smell of stale alcohol?  That’s what the Twin Cities smell like.  Not enough people were buying Gasohol until Clean Air Act legislation improved sales (Fascist style, in this World Leader of “Free Market Economies”).  I still have a hangover from breathing second-hand Gasohol—it’s like the morning after a big bender.  Carrie Nation, where are you!  And, then, did you know they had the nerve to close the Detox Center?  Nobody likes second-hand smoke, but I wonder how many people are going to get “Wet Brains” and Cirrhoses as a result of breathing under the Clean Air Act?  They’ll have to set up aid stations, where people can stop and buy a breath of pure air bottled in the countryside.

ROYAL NEWS:  The Queen of England has been having a tough year.  The Irish have finally been getting revenge: Murphy’s Law is hitting the Queen on all sides (in four dimensions).  When Windsor Castle burned, she called it an “annus horribilus.”  But, what she is asking the Taxpayers to replace has been plundered over the centuries from all over the world.  The Third Reich, half-brothers to the English and another Western European Democratic Nation State, also financed its patronage of the Arts with other peoples’ blood and property.

George Herbert Walker Bush wants more than a footnote in the history books.  After the “World Leaders” of Western European Civilization engineered the conditions under which the Somalis (and many other people) are starved into submission, the Lame Duck is once again building the only kind of consensus he knows: for violence—this time, “shoot to feed.”  He’s going to leave President Elect Bill Clinton some terrible quagmires and quandaries.  Before this Lame Duck makes his final exit, he will have launched some vicious “Sour Grapes Policies” and “Sore Losers Legislation.”  Peace on Earth to Everybody.

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