Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

November 27, 1992

Tanja, a three-ton hippopotamus imprisoned in the Amsterdam zoo, has sat on and killed ten of her babies, according to the November 14 Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The zoo officials’ reaction to Tanja’s infanticide does not deal with the real problem.  Why doesn’t the Amsterdam zoo return Tanja and her mate to their natural habitat (pardon their “crime”), where she would be in the environment she is meant to be in, and where she would want her children to live, rather than killing them.

Western European “Civilization,” including the Christianity which has been used to justify everything from slavery to Holocausts, is based on violence, control, dishonesty about history as well as present reality.  Prisons, in all of their many forms, are an inherent part of this.

The suicide rates for both Anishinabe Ojibway and Métis children are a symptom of broader human rights violations by the Honky élite of the European occupation force.  These children are reacting in a terrible way to the conditions of the concentration camps called “Reservations” which the same people who create zoos for four-leggeds have created for human beings.  It doesn’t have to be like this.  The present-day American Citizens do not need to remain in complicity with Western “Civilization” stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property and destroying our human and ecological infrastructure.  Tanja the imprisoned hippopotamus knows more about human rights violations than all of the “World Leaders” apparently do.

A hate letter arrived in the mail, from an anonymous person who is trying to blame me for what the immigrant Europeans have done here.  This is not my language, and yet you are blaming me (in your immigrant English) for the racist hate laws that your own people have passed here, in order to steal.  Scapegoating and Willie Horton tricks are an indispensable part of European and Euro-American culture, values, and politics.  Go read your own statute books—every one of these immigrant foreign laws are hate laws, thievery and anarchy, and every American Citizen carries part of the responsibility that these hate laws remain “On the Books.”  My people didn’t know English when most of these foreign laws and policies were written.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People did not have anything to do with passing United States hate laws and inventing fake tribes and bands of “Chippewa Indians” to apply these laws to.  Hate laws are an old European tradition.  Adolf Hitler was a product of Western European “Civilization,” just like the “Americans.”  Have Nazi Germany’s hate and holocaust laws ever been formally repealed?  United States hate and holocaust laws remain in the current United States statute books, in court precedents, and in Common Law.  The U.S. hate laws include so-called “Indian Law,” which is nothing other than European British Common Law and Roman Statute Law applied to their own European subject people who have been given the identity of “Indians.”  None of these European laws apply to Aboriginal Indigenous People on this Continent.  Foreign, European Judeo-Christian Sovereignty has no jurisdiction on this Continent, whether it’s called “American,” or whether it’s called “Indian.”  When immigrant Europeans claim that this is a “Judeo-Christian Nation,” it is an open admission of genocide.

English is not my mother tongue, it is a foreign language.  I had to learn your foreign European language of English to tell you what was and is presently being done.  Now that I have taught myself how to write in English I am trying to do something about the way things are.  My ancestors tried to tell you, in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and you wouldn’t listen.  The Métis interpreters couldn’t interpret what we were saying, because they didn’t speak the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and most of them didn’t speak English very well, either (they spoke a French Creole language they call “Chippewa”).  Because the Métis have European values, they didn’t understand the Anishinabe Ojibway People at that time, and they still don’t understand (they think like their White patrilineal ancestors).  That’s why I’m telling you in English.  I’m telling you how you look from an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, what your culture, your religion and your values look like from the outside.  What the Europeans do in Europe is their own business.  The immigrant Europeans—who forced themselves on Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples—ran away from the violence, chaos and devastation that they had created in Europe, and brought their problems with them here.  The social violence, dictatorships, religious oppression, addictions and ecological mayhem which now confront us all here are a part of the European culture which you Europeans brought with you.  Don’t blame me for your problems.  Find another scapegoat who can’t defend themself with English—or better yet, take responsibility for yourself and start dealing honestly and honorably with the mess that you immigrant peoples have made.

Your laws were all passed in Crooked and Slippery English, to benefit the immigrant Europeans—they were and are stealing from us.  All I did was learn to understand and write in English, and tell you what you, as an American citizen, are condoning and still reaping the benefits of.  If the Anishinabe Ojibway People didn’t speak English, you could still get away with having “Indians” here—but we understand English, and are telling you that your “Indians” are a fake and a fraud, an European mythology peopled by Europeans.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have a right to exist as a Sovereign People in our land, without any interference from European “Indians” nor any other immigrant European subject people.  The “hate” that you write about is a projection from yourself, a person who is too scared to have debate and dialogue, nor even sign your name.  I don’t hate White people.  Now that there are millions of immigrant people here, we must have dialogue about how to make this world a better place.  Your leaders have had five hundred years to do this, and haven’t.  Every person has to be responsible and accountable for their actions (instead of hiding behind “democracy,” “free-market economies,” bureaucracies and unsigned letters), and the people that you allow to act as your leaders have been criminally irresponsible.

In the August issue of Field and Stream, there was an article about “White Indians,” which was full of stereotyped lies about Aboriginal Indigenous People, but it was accurate about many thousands of the millions of European immigrants who tried to “go native,” (including the French and Métis people who were turned into “Indians” by the Englishmen as a result of the wars between England and France).  With all of the Europeans trying to be “Indians” (because they don’t know that “Indians” are not Aboriginal Indigenous People—Crooked English again), it seems ironic that the Europeans created Boarding Schools to kidnap Anishinabe Ojibway children and try to change us into Europeans, brutalizing us for speaking our own language.  If the European culture is in such a crooked shambles that you people don’t want it, why are you trying to force us into it?  The Europeans here ran away from their own homeland, and are trying to give themselves another identity of “Americans” or “American Indians,” but no matter what Crooked English words they use, they still come out foreign Europeans.  If you don’t like your own culture, why should I?

WORLD HUNGER:  The United States Government is sending their hired mercenaries, who they call Marines, into the country of Somalia to shoot the externally-supported leaders who are hoarding the food, when they should have been planting their own gardens to help feed their people.  But, so-called “Leaders” all over the world have been using access to food to subjugate the people.  The U.S. Marines are a diversionary tactic, and by their “Shoot To Feed” policy cannot solve the problems that the Europeans have created in Somalia.  After the present Civil War is settled, there will be a revolution, and the senseless and unnecessary violence will go on and on as long as the European élite keeps adding fuel to the fire, creating factions and playing one side against another for their own benefit.  Such Machiavellian tactics are diabolical thinking, outdated, archaic and obsolete.  All people need to live in harmony, rather than the Europeans’ violent “Peace.”

FARM STATION NEWS:  For most of the summer the flowing well has been broken.  We would like to thank Roman Sigana for taking the time to fix the flowing well for the people at Red Lake.  He spent money from his own pocket, and this is not “tribal money,” nor welfare, either.  Thanks again, Roman, from all of us who enjoy the water from this well.

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