Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

November 22, 1992
[incomplete & unpublished]

When the Red Lake Chippewa enumerators for the United States Census came over, they were looking for Chippewa Indians to count.  The United States Commerce Department is counting a mythological people, who they call “Tribes” and “Bands” of “Indians” (that the White man created and named with European terms).  “Indians” are a projection and a stereotype of the White man, created to hide the genocide and to justify the grand theft of this Continent.  There are no “Indians” here, and there were never any “Indians” here, Chippewa nor any other kind.  No wonder the Census numbers don’t add up—one moment the “Federally Recognized Enrollees” are White, but when they can get something for “free,” then they’re “Indians.”

Abortion is another symptom of the social pathology created by nomadic European fundamentalists.  No one wants to bring children into a world where the future looks bleak and brutal.  Instead of hollering about abortion, why not question the leadership which is creating these conditions.  The leaders have all looked out for their own fat pocketbooks and their own privileges, and keep people in line by using weasel words like “Science,” “Sedition,” “Patriotism,” and “Land of the Free” (which means “free to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples Resources”).  There hasn’t been any accountability since the élite sent the farmers home during the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and weaseled away from what they left out of the Constitution by amending it with a sneaky “Bill of Rights” written for themselves only.  (The dichotomy of the Bill of Rights is hidden because they didn’t publish the “Bill of Lefts.”)  The leaders of so-called Western Civilization are out of touch with reality.

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