Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 2, 1992

King Henry the Eighth of England reclaimed his Sovereignty away from the Pope when Henry founded the Anglican Protestant Church, which continues to hold the Sovereignty of the Euro-American W.A.S.P.s.  Henry went to war with France, of the Holy Roman Empire, and with Spain, which is also part of the Catholic Empire—and defeated them both.  These European wars were fought, on both sides of the Atlantic, over which European Sovereign would get the rights to rape, plunder, and steal on both of these Continents.

Compulsory education in the “public schools” has a covert curriculum which is more important than reading, writing, and arithmetic.  I spent nine years as a political prisoner in the Boarding Schools, subject to all of the propaganda and brainwashing techniques of the Europeans.  They were trying to change my identity from a Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway person with a Clan and a Dodem, to turn me into one of their Chippewa Indians, who do not have a Clan or Dodem because of their Indo-European patriline.  The history that is taught in American schools is crooked history, written by the Englishmen, who conquered the Frenchmen.  What the English call the “French and Indian Wars” were fought between European people: between the French and the English.  After the English conquered the French and their halfbreed Frenchmen, they put them into P.O.W. camps which are called “Reservations,” and turned the Frenchmen into “Indians.”

When the Frenchmen leave the Reservation, at the Reservation line, they say “take off your feathers.”  When they return, at the boundary marker, they say “put on your feathers again.”  These Frenchmen are subject people of the Englishmen, because France lost the wars.

Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, there was a conference in Minneapolis called “Issues in America and [Apartheid] Indian Policy,” held by the Hamline University School of Law, sponsored by the St. Paul Companies and St. Paul American Indians in Unity.  One of the speakers at this conference said that there were “deplorable conditions” on the Indian Reservations, yet.  According to the speaker, these deplorable living conditions include things like no running water and no sewage systems.  In International Law, the Rules of War lay out very specific guidelines for treatment of Prisoners of War and Occupied Peoples.  The W.A.S.P. programs on the Indian Reservations comply with—and no more—the mandated provisions in the European Rules of War, although the “social engineering,” “genetic engineering” and other diabolical schemes are apparently jackpot bonuses.  The Rules of War don’t require running water.

The Anishinabe Ojibway People did not go to war with the Englishmen, we did not go to war with the Frenchmen, we did not go to war with the Halfbreed Indians, and we also did not go to war with the Sioux like some of these Indians who call themselves “historians” are lying about.  These “Chippewa and Sioux” wars were fought between Europeans, French “Chippewas” and French “Sioux” and English Iroquois, mostly over the fur trade (and also over colonial expansion).  The enterprising Englishmen bought the stolen goods and booty at bargain prices.

The Anishinabe Ojibway People cannot go to war.  We lived in harmony—war is against our religion and there is not even a word in our language for “War” or “Peace.”  We kept our forests intact, we kept our water pure and pristine.  Everything was how it was supposed to be, not like Europe which was all torn up from the endless wars in which more than 90 physical diseases were generated.  These diseases, and I don’t know how many categories of mental illnesses (including greed, violence and going to War), were brought over here, and some of them used as tools of genocide.  Now that we have these French Indians and English Indians here, with their European war culture, everything is plundered and destroyed.  If these European people are not fighting with each other, they’re going to war against the environment.  They have endless conferences about “social problems,” which don’t change the problems.  They need to look at their war culture, and also their leaders and their whole idea of “leadership.”  The Europeans here need to find out who they are.  The whole European culture is a con job—they wouldn’t be here stealing from us if it wasn’t.

Sunday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune printed an article about Civil Rights and the “Tribal Courts” again.  These “Tribal Courts” are really military courts: the W.A.S.P.s are using some slippery English, but what they are really administering are P.O.W. Tribunals coming out of the French-and-Indian wars that the Englishmen won.  The reason that the W.A.S.P.s treat the French Indians so ambiguously, is that they are trying to drag the Anishinabe Ojibway people into their crooked system.  Neither the French Indians nor the Englishmen (including the U.S.A.) have any jurisdiction here over the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  We are not Indians, we are a different people altogether.  This is not the Europeans’ land, and it is not the Indians’ land.  This has never been their land, and it never will be.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have a right to exist on our own land, without these European people here interfering with our lives, stealing from us, telling lies about ourselves and our history, and destroying our environment.


When George Bush ran against Michael Dukakis in the last election, Bush was looking for a scapegoat.  Dukakis had a prison furlough program going, and Bush won the election by playing on peoples’ fears.   George Bush used dirty scare tactics, trying to imply that Dukakis would let every criminal and crook out of prison—like they did in Europe at one time.  The European prisons were emptied into this Continent (and some of George Bush’s ancestors probably include people on the European Kings’ transatlantic Furlough).  This time, Bush is trying another angle on the same scam, looking for weak spots.  This election, he’s lawyer-bashing.  The guy who four years ago had lost his name for a Massachusetts prison number all of a sudden got a new title: Willie Horton, Esquire, Barrister and Litigator.  I’ll sure be glad when this election is over, and we can go back to four more years of apathy, before politicians, in their once-every-four-years patriotism (or is it patronism) try to save the country again, and everybody else tries to save their pocketbooks (if there’s anything left by then).

I am solely responsible for this article; the opinions are mine. 

If you have any complaints, my telephone number is (218) 679-2382. (My phone number is in the new phone book, although they mis-spelled the name the Europeans forced on me in the name of “Civilization.”  They must be trying to change my identity yet again, by giving me another European name.)  I would be glad to hear from you.


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