Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 25, 1992

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian Allotment Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1888, allows taxation of Indian Fee Patent lands—another “get rich quick” scheme by the bankers and other people who are in charge of the European foreign currency, the dollar bill.  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, also passed by the United States Congress, was presented to the White Earth “Indians” with the representation that acceptance of this Social Engineering Scheme would protect “Indian Allotments” from alienation.  According to what the U.S. Supreme Court just decided, the United States Government lied, again.

The laws that the Euro-Americans have passed here have been anarchy from the very beginning.  What they call “Laws” in Crooked English, is really blatant theft of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Even the “Indian Treaties” are not valid, because they were not signed with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples who owned the land, and who for that matter could not sell it, because the land is an inalienable part of our religion and our identity.  The 1863 “Old Crossing” Treaty was not signed by the Anishinabe Ojibway People at Red Lake—the U.S. signed this “Treaty” with European subject people, mostly French Métis, and now they want to tax them.  The “Chiefs” who signed this 1863 Treaty all had European patrilines, if they signed at all.  The other agreements that the United States tried to make to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land are also null and void.   The Euro-Americans were signing “treaties” with themselves.   All of the other laws that the U.S. tries to apply to “Indians” are also European laws applied to European subject people.  “Indian” laws do not apply to Aboriginal Indigenous People, who have never ceded our Sovereignty nor our land.  Neither the Euro-American U.S. Congress nor the Euro-American U.S. Supreme Court has jurisdiction—and the “Indian Commerce Clause” of the U.S. Constitution is apartheid which applies only to “Indians,” who are European subject people anyway.

Anishinabe Ojibway land is held, jointly through the Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems, through the Midewiwin.  The Midewiwin was here long before the Fundamentalist Christians say their world was “created,” on April 1, 4004 B.C.  No matter how loudly they invoke their genocidal religion, and holler “Under God,” Christianity does not belong here and has no jurisdiction here.   European and Euro-Indian people who do not have Anishinabe Ojibway patrilineal Clans and Dodems cannot be a part of the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin.  White people say, “why can’t I go into the Midewiwin, and see what’s going on in there?”  They can’t go in there, just as these same White people can’t go into the Christian churches and look at the account books.  The Bishop or the Deacon will tell them that it’s none of their business.

The General Allotment Act is being cited for “Indians” by the United States Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to make decisions for Anishinabe Ojibway people.  This General Allotment Act was passed with genocidal intent: the specific purpose, thoroughly discussed at the Lake Mohonk Conferences, was to destroy the people who signed the “Treaties.”  The United States kept such crooked books in the “Indian Department” that even the policy-makers, from generation to generation, did not know what had gone before them.  The “Treaties” were not signed with Aboriginal Indigenous People, and are therefor null and void—but the next generation of Euro-American thieves had been deceived by their own fathers and grandfathers, and thought that they were really in a bind with these malicious “Treaties”—which they are, but not for the reasons that they thought.

Greed in the United States has not changed.  The “next generation” inherited the crooked Treaties at that time, just as the “next generation” is going to inherit the Deficit now.  Corporate America is the one who looted the Treasury, and they are the ones who should pay it back.  Instead, the élite is blaming us, trying to collect more taxes.  When I ask “where do my taxes go,” they tell me, “it goes for roads.”  The White can keep his roads—as far as I am concerned, I don’t want any more roads on my land.  There are too many roads here already.

The land that is to be taxed by an alien European government does not belong to the “Indians,”  and it does not belong to the Europeans, Euro-Americans, nor U.S. Government, either.  If the United States Government wants to talk “taxes,” they should be talking about the Eminent Domain of the Aboriginal Indigenous people here, which has never been abrogated and cannot be abrogated.  This Continent belongs to the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and maybe we should be talking about “back taxes” which the European immigrants have never even considered paying.  The land and the forests here are an inalienable part of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples religion and identity.  “Indian” is a weasel Catch-22 word, with stereotypes and stigmas attached to it.  How can you make a stereotype into a “Citizen”?  In 1924, the United States made “Indians” into “Citizens,” with all of the stereotypes, stigmas and racist labels attached.  I sure don’t want any part of that crooked scheme.  Maybe when we didn’t understand Crooked English, the W.A.S.P.s could get away with it, but it’s a new ball game, now.

European law claims that “Original Land Title” depends on being “Civilized.”  But, they’re making up their own rules to steal.  The European immigrants have been incredibly violent since they got here, and if that’s “civilization,” I don’t want any part of it.   Their violence is both direct, and also by threats.  The Europeans’ “Indians” are told, “with one stroke of the pen, you no longer exist,” and whenever “Indians” get out of line, the U.S. threatens termination and abrogating the Treaties.  If “Indians” are cancelled by a stroke of the pen, will they take on their European patrilineal identity, again?  Will “Indians” become the French citizen Voyageurs who disappeared after the “French-and-Indian” Wars?  Ask the Englishmen who wrote Crooked “American History.”  The way that many “Indians” have been treated, if they were the real owners of this land, “Indians” would have an unbeatable case in World Court.  Why can’t “Indians” file genocide, human rights violation and other charges?  The “Indians” have an Indo-European patriline, and therefor they are European subject people.  The “Indians” are products of colonial genetic and social engineering—and as long as they remain stuck in the identity of “Indian,” there isn’t anything they can do about their station in life.


When the “Bill of Rights” was written, it was written ethnocentrically by the so-called “upper class” W.A.S.P.s.  There is also a “Bill of Lefts.”  The “Bill of Rights” was a diabolical scheme, leaving out women, minorities, and other people.  The “Bill of Lefts” addresses what was left out of the “Bill of Rights,” including the homeless, the unemployed, and other impoverished people stuck at the bottom of the Europeans’ imported hierarchy.  The Good Ol’ Boys who wrote the Bill of Rights left out all women, even their own wives, daughters, mistresses and illegitimate offspring.  The time has come to ratify the “Bill of Lefts,” by Constitutional Amendment.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune, in the Sunday Arts and Entertainment section, printed a movie review entitled “Last of the Mohicans reflects attention to historical correctness.”  They cast “Indian activist” Russell Means as the Last Mohican.  Were they talking about the “Means to an End,” or the “Final Solution,” or is it the “Final Curtain”?  The reviewer says that “Means had no acting credits.”  I don’t know what he means—Means has a lot of acting experience.  He has been posing as an “Indian leader” all of these years.  He has been pretending to be an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  Russell Means must be a pretty good actor, he fooled Joel Engel of the New York Times, who wrote the review.


I am solely responsible for this column, which does not necessarily reflect the views of the Native American Press, the Ojibway News, nor the publisher.  I take responsibility for what I write.  If you have any comments or complaints, my telephone number is (218) 679-2382

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