Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 23, 1992

Senator Paul Wellstone
United States Senator
2550 University Avenue W., #100 N
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114
attn.: Dwayne Williams

Dear Senator Wellstone and Dwayne Williams,

I am enclosing the “privacy release form” which we finally received.  We have been having an ongoing problem with delivery of our mail since 1985.

I am a Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway person, living on my Aboriginal Indigenous land at Red Lake.  I am not an “Indian,” and I am not a “Native American.”  “Indian” and “Native American” are racist slurs referring to non-existent races of people.  As we have written you previously, the majority of the people identified as “Indians” are neither Anishinabe Ojibway nor Aboriginal Indigenous People—more than 95 percent of the people who are “Federally Recognized Indians” on the “Indian Enrollments” at Red Lake, for example, are people of European or Indo-European ancestry—not Anishinabe Ojibway ancestry.

The United States/English governments created “Indians” in order to steal this Continent.  Specifically at Red Lake, the people with whom the United States/England has dealt throughout their inter-relationship with the Anishinabe Ojibway People at Red Lake, have not been the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Here, the majority of the “Indians” are people of French or French-Moorish patrilineal ancestry.  They do not have a patrilineal Clan nor Dodem of the Anishinabe Ojibway people—our Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty and identity are through our religion, the Midewiwin, through our patrilineal Clans and Dodems.  For example, the people who signed the “Treaty” in 1863, upon which the United States is resting its “title” to much of the Red River Valley, was signed by people of predominantly French-Moorish ancestry, not by the Anishinabe Ojibway People who owned the land.  The “Red Lake Tribal Council,” with whom the United States, the State of Minnesota, and other agencies of the U.S./English is also an organization comprised of French Métis—a puppet government created by the United States Congress, governing a “Tribe” created by the United States Congress.  The presence of what your own Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs called a “federal instrumentality ... an arm of the Federal sovereign”1 is a human rights violation, as well as a violation of International Law.

We can document the devastating genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway People here, under the United States/English colonial incursions onto our land.  After Adolf Hitler’s legacy of genocide became public knowledge, the United States/England’s policies—which continue to be the annihilation of all Aboriginal Indigenous Nations on this Continent [the same Senate Report quoted earlier anticipated that this would be accomplished within “fifty years”]—shifted and became more subtle.  The “Indians” which the U.S./England created serve several functions in the post-Third Reich policies: their numbers mask the fact that only a very few Anishinabe Ojibway People survive, and their inclusion in statistics masks the evidence of ongoing genocide.  The “Indians” are used as brokers and middlemen between the Aboriginal Indigenous People and the U.S./England: it is U.S.-controlled “1934 Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Councils” and other “Indian” agencies which sell, lease, and sign away Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ land, resources, and rights.  It is “Indians” who administer the programs which are still actively promoting genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway people.  Because these “Indians” operate under a paper “sovereignty” delegated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, the U.S. Government is probably hoping that they can avoid accountability for their actions.

The Anishinabe Ojibway People at Red Lake still have some of our Aboriginal Indigenous land—we are the last ones in the United States who were not “allotted.”  We intend to keep our land, and we intend to preserve a future for our future generations.  We are a non-violent people, and this is our land.  We have a right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land.

I have spent much of my adult life working to create a better world for the next generations of Anishinabe Ojibway people.  For many years, I tried to work with “Indians,” which was impossible because “Indians” do not own their own identity, they do not own their Sovereignty, and they operate out of the White values of their European or Indo-European patrilines.  As “Indians,” they are stuck in an identity controlled by Western European “Civilization”—an identity which is a stereotype and a stigma and racist.

In 1984, I tried to get a post office box at Red Lake.  The “Indians” who worked there said that there weren’t any post office boxes.  [There is not any rural mail delivery to most of the Reservation, although the population density along the potential mail routes is greater than many other rural areas which do have mail delivery.]  What they meant was, “we don’t have a post office box for you,” because this is Anishinabe Ojibway land, and I am one of the few surviving Anishinabe Ojibway people at Red Lake.  The Post Office’s refusal to rent me a post office box was a not-so-subtle way of saying that the “Indians” who control the political process under the aegis of the United States Government at Red Lake, did not want me establishing legal residency on my own land.  [I also could not get U.S.-funded housing, an Indian Health Service well, nor even a “fire number.”]  Fine, the United States can keep their “Indian programs.”

In 1985, I rented Post Office Box number 484 at Bemidji, 56601.  Post Office Box rental at Bemidji is not inexpensive.  I pay more than thirty dollars per year to pick up my mail at Bemidji, while most people living in the United States get mail delivered to their mailbox at home.  This would be alright with me, except that the Bemidji Post Office regularly does not put some of my mail into my post office box, although it is addressed to me, with my post office box number, and with the correct town and Zip code.   Some pieces of mail get “forwarded” to Red Lake, where either the B.I.A. opens my mail and reads it, or it is given out to other people, “Indians,” living at Red Lake, who open it, read it, and maybe they give it to me several months later and maybe they don’t.  Last month, a piece of mail correctly addressed to myself, was sent to Red Lake.  I happened to be expecting this particular piece of mail, and asked repeatedly and with increasing emphasis at the Bemidji Post Office, finally talking to the person in charge.  The Postmistress told me that it had been forwarded to Red Lake, which had then returned it to the sender, “addressee unknown.”

We have been dealing in a “stopgap,” nonconfrontive way with the problem by asking people to send us important mail “certified, return receipt requested.”  Today I got a piece of certified mail which had been torn open by some party in the Post Office, damaging the contents.  I am enclosing a photostatic copy of the envelope and bag in which I received it.  Enough is enough!

I assume that the Bureau of Indian Affairs and/or other Neo-Fascist organizations within the United States Government are using the justification of “trusteeship” or some equally racist, apartheid illegal fiction to interfere with my private affairs.  I am not an “Indian”!  I am a Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway person, and no government arising out of Western European Civilization has any jurisdiction whatsoever over my private affairs, my Sovereign person, nor my Sovereign land.  I am not violating any laws, either my own Traditional Anishinabe Ojibway laws, nor the laws of the United States/England, which is illegally claiming eminent domain over the territory of my Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.

I am requesting that your office ensure that the responsible parties (and irresponsible parties):

a) give all of my mail which the U.S.A., or any of its agencies including their 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Red Lake Tribal Council” has taken previously, to me.

b) deliver all of my mail in the future, to my Post Office Box 484 at Bemidji, Minnesota, 56601, and cease and desist mutilating, mis-routing, delaying, opening, and otherwise interfering with my mail.

c) provide me with a detailed record of your actions in this case, including copies of all relevant files which any of your Government’s agencies have.

Thank you for taking action in this matter.

aka Francis Blake, Jr.

1American Indian Policy Review Commission, Final Report, submitted to Congress, May 17, 1977, volume one, pages 258-9

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