Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

August 21, 1992

The Political Editor of the Bemidji Pioneer wrote an article published Friday, August 7 about “discrimination.”  He quoted the Honorable City Councilor Ralph Zachman, who said that if there was going to be any support for Joe Sayers’ protest against Bemidji discrimination, he would “have to drag them out of the bars.”  Ralph Zachman was referring to the racist stereotype, invented by Euro-Americans, of the drunken, lazy, no-good Indian.  Both sides of the dispute about “discrimination” are promoting racism, by defining the issues in terms of the artificial Indian identity.  The people in the bars are White people, who want to project their drunkenness onto scapegoated Indians.  Some of the blonde, blue-eyed people in the bars are Métis and Wanna-be’s who turn into “Indians” when there’s Halfbreed Scrip, allotment, and payment; pretenders who have been drinking up Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources for more than a hundred years, and are still at it. There are almost no Aboriginal Indigenous People in the bars.  Sitting in bars is a part of the vicious stereotype, “drunken Indian.”  The whole “Indian” identity was invented by White people, in order to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.

Joe Sayers, and the other “Indian Activists” are spinning their wheels, because they are stuck in an identity that doesn’t exist.  The “Indians” are European subject people—and the White élite has a vested interest in keeping “Indians.”  For the Euro-American culture, loosing their mythological “Indians” would be worse than losing Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, and the Tooth Fairy all on the same day.  The shaky identity of the Euro-Americans depends on their fictitious Indians.  Without “Indians,” they would have to address the serious issues of genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.  That’s why the Bureau of Indian Affairs exists.  The B.I.A. lobbies for pork-barrel legislation every year.  It is filled with bureaucratic pigs swilling at the public trough, doing a con job, promoting a fake racist identity.  There is, and always has been, deep discrimination in Bemidji against anybody that’s not pure white, nor from Anglo-Saxon, Protestant England.  Racism and discrimination is in the English Language and in the Judeo-Christian religion, and has been used for many centuries to steal.  The Europeans destroyed their own resources, and cut down their own forests in Europe.  When they saw the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ forests, they went insane with greed.  “Indians” were invented by Europeans.  These White Indians were used by their White fathers to sign treaties, and “government-to-government agreements,” and to “agree” to the taking of land and resources which have never belonged to “Indians.” In our history and genealogy research (the Anishinabe Ojibway people who were here before the chippewa indians came) all data points towards human rights violation and genocide.  We the Anishinabe Ojibway people have a right to exist in our own land.

Joe Sayers and the Bemidji City Council need to start addressing the racist issues by starting with the racist identity that they are using.  The White man has already said that “Indians are a product of social and genetic engineering.”  There is a small in-group of “Indians,” who are White people, who are getting paid a good living wage to promote the racist fake “Indian” identity.  There were no Indians here.  If you start dealing with reality, then you can solve the problems—if the W.A.S.P. élite can tolerate any justice anywhere.  I am not an “Indian.”  My patrilineal Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors of the Bear Clan have lived here for many thousands of years, long before the ancestors of the “Indians” migrated westward across the Atlantic.  Look at the big sign on Highway 89, it celebrates an anniversary from 1889.  That’s when the Chippewa Indians sold eleven million acres that did not belong to them, and got “created” as a “Tribe” by the Europeans (the “Minnesota Chippewa Tribe”).  That’s when a number of White people got made into Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Indians.  I address the racism here head-on, by telling the truth.  There were no “Indians” here.  The “Indian” identity is a blind alley, the “Indian Red Road” is a dead-end, and the “Indian” identity is a fake and a con job.

Dealing with racism and discrimination in terms of “Indians” locks you into a Catch-22 system where there isn’t any way to address the real problems.  The very term “Indian” is a derogatory name for the Aboriginal Indigenous People here.  If you White people and Wanna-be’s don’t like your European identity and want to be “Indians,” go ahead and call yourselves any racist name you want to, but don’t try to identify yourselves as Aboriginal Indigenous People of this continent, because you are not.  There are places in the Federal Code which read “persons or Indians.”  If the “Indian Activists” dealt with the real problems in terms of their real identity—as Métis people—then they could actually make some progress.  As an “Indian,” they can’t get the Euro-Americans to be accountable in the crooked European courts.  Why can a White person drive 90 miles an hour across this concentration camp called a reservation, and the C.F.R. court (which was created by the Europeans as a part of their social engineering project) has no jurisdiction, and never will get jurisdiction.  The White man invented Indians and owns them.  The C.F.R. Courts also have no jurisdiction over Anishinabe Ojibway people with a patrilineal Clan and Dodem.  The C.F.R. Courts are trespassers on Sovereign, unceded land and applying alien European laws and a foreign European money system is a human rights violation.


At this year’s Beltrami County Fair, one of the places to visit was the Ojibway Village, which was put up by the Auginaush family of Redby.  It was nice to go there and look around, and see all of the outdoor cooking, and the arts and crafts that were there.  The atmosphere was harmonious, and friendly.  Another real attraction was the pioneer log house.  It reminded me of my Grandfather Ba-wah-we-nind’s log house, and it had good feelings and vibes.

The fair is a place where people enter their livestock, what they grow in their gardens, their canning and their sewing and arts and crafts.  One category that the fair planners missed, was clear-cutting of the forests.  There should have been a picture of the havoc created by the White Indian Wanna-Be, “Butch” Brun, who is cutting down the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests; he would have won a blue ribbon in scorched-earth occupation.  He is another example of a White Indian who owes his identity to Western European Civilization.  He doesn’t have any Aboriginal Indigenous heritage, and he doesn’t have any Aboriginal Indigenous values.  His White values show by what they are doing to the Anishinabe Ojibway  Peoples’ forests.  He is like the rest of the White “Indians,” frauds and fakes, people with a dishonest identity.  They have values which are so European that most of them don’t even know what they are doing.  If your patrilineal ancestry is White, you no longer have an Anishinabe Ojibway clan; you have lost your Ojibway identity.  In the Anishinabe Ojibway tradition, a child is supposed to go with their father’s people.

Nanabozho is a story-teller of the Anishinabe Ojibway people; he has been a part of our legends for thousands of years.  Wanna-boozho belongs to the Chippeway Indian Wanna-be’s; he is a cheap imitation who was created after 1889.  The Chippeway Métis Indians, along with their White fathers, have been here only a very short time.  They do not have a Dodem or a Clan and they do not have any roots here.


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