Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 31, 1992

The “Indian New Deal” (the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act) was a part of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Big Deal.”  According to Taylor’s book about the Indian Reorganization Act, the I.R.A. was “an experiment in social engineering, a ‘laboratory in ethnic affairs,’ to use Collier’s words.  ... It proposed to manipulate Indian behavior in ways which their white ‘guardians’ thought best for them.”

Assimilation is the ultimate goal of the Indian Reorganization Act.  The I.R.A. reorganized, and retrenched, but it did not change the underlying United States policy of a Final Solution.  Another elected leader out of Western European Civilization, Adolf Hitler, is the one who led the United States into their present policy of preserving “Indians.”  But, which way is the present policy of assimilation going?  They have always taken those dark Indo-European people, and also some lower-class Europeans, and made them into “Indians.”  Now, they are saying that “these people are Aboriginal Indigenous People,” when these engineered “Indians” do not have any Aboriginal blood at all.  (Blood Quantum is about “Indian blood,” not about Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry.  You either have an Anishinabe Ojibway Clan and Dodem, or you don’t.  United States Government Blood Quantum is irrelevant.)  Is the European culture that bad, that Europeans are willing to be turned into all of the racist stereotypes of “Indians?”  The genealogical research that we have done shows that these  European subject people called “Indians” are not Indigenous People of these continents.  They are pawns in a game of grand theft played among the gang of European elite.  The Social Engineers are also taking the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People, and trying turn us into European subject peoples.  The assimilation goals of the United States are going in both directions, and are colliding in the crossroads.  Assimilation will not work in either direction.  No matter how many unilateral laws they pass, or how many lies they tell, the Euro-Americans cannot change the nature of reality.  Euro-Americans do not understand this, because they are hiding from their own identity.  Their religion, culture, roots, and Sovereignty are all European.  No matter how many slogans, or how many “patriotic” songs written in an European language, or how much propaganda they put in their “history” books, they are still an alien occupation force on Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  They are strangers in this land.  Look about you, and see the pollution and slime; the violent scorched-earth treatment and how they defile the land they pretend to call “home.”

 We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People are writing our own history.  We have deep and ancient roots on this continent, we have our own language, religion, values, and culture.  We have natural and Aboriginal rights, an inalienable right to exist as Sovereign Nations on our own land.  We do not need to have some Europeans who call themselves “Amerikans” writing mythology and lies about us, and calling it “history.”  They can not face the truth, and so they hide in a Disneyland fantasy of fictitious “Indians” and Wanna-Be’s.  The revered “Amerikan Historians” are more like exorcists, holding the cross of their mythology in front of themselves, chanting incantations and other hocus-pocus, desperately warding off the truth.  They are living in an isolated little satellite, fanatically clinging to their disintegrating structure of “scientific” lies.  Even a Constitutional Amendment cannot repeal reality.


The White Earth I.R.A. elections are an endless series of protests and complaints of fraud.  Unending creation of factions is designed as a part of the way the 1934 I.R.A. is “supposed” to work.  There is not one issue about which White Earth, or any other Indians, can get together in solidarity.  The White Earth Indians are complaining that they have a corrupt and dishonest government, but because of their dishonest “Indian” identity, they are stuck with the crooked social engineering built into the 1934 I.R.A..  These Chippeway Indians are trying to “assimilate” into the Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and it can’t be done.


Diogenes was going around looking for an “honest man,” he was looking for the truth.  Emperor Alex the Great told his slave Diogenes, “you can have anything in the world.”  Diogenes said, “just get out of my light.”  Plato saw the shadows, and Western European Civilization has been in the dark ever since.  But, other people see right through the Europeans’ self-deceit, and find crooked and slippery English enlightening.

“Democracy” comes from the Greek slave-states.  Jim Baker is looking for his Willie Clinton, oops I meant Willie Horton.  There are plenty of scapegoats to go around.  Both parties of the Demo-Publicans are feudally evading the serious issues that confront Feudal America.  The Japanese are laughing in scorn, and calling you “lazy;” they are telling the European-Americans “we are on our own land, and you aren’t.  You don’t have any roots.”  The so-called “Amerikan leaders” are desperately ducking the issues.  Ross Perot, by his actions says that both before and after the Amerikan revolution, there has never been any Amerikan leadership in the United States, because Europe holds Amerikan Sovereignty, through the economic system, through the European language and culture, and through the Judeo-Christian religions.  Just like Canada, the United States operates under Royal Charters and a Constitution controlled from England, where the United States’ Sovereignty is held.  Violent “America” is an European name for plunder, theft, and genocide.

Gun-control George Bush sold something bigger than Saturday-night specials to Saddam Hussein.  He’s still fighting the useless Crusades, and wanted to squash a revival of Islamic fundamentalism—and nationalism—above the oil sands.  This Good Christian Man thinks that by bombing the Garden of Eden, again, maybe he can get rid of “Original Sin.”  The reason that he’s so sure that Saddam has those papers is because George the Dragon-slayer’s henchmen sold them to him.  His Queen, the Dragon Lady of Windsor Castle, and her Knight Sir Ronnie Reagan know that, too.

There’s a knock-knock joke out, about World War III:

“Knock, knock” ...   ...   ???    ???


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