Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 26, 1992
[uncompleted & unpublished]

The “Indian” identity is owned by the Europeans, and the Whites can write anything they want to about their invention of “Indians.”  The people that they are trying to “assimilate” into Indians have been trapped in this dishonest identity.  Down in White Earth, the people are complaining about having a dishonest government.  But, when you have a dishonest identity, you deserve each other, until you come to terms with who you really are.  The whole “Indian” thing is a fraud and a fake, invented by the Europeans to steal this continent.

The European has the right to write history for the Indians, because he invented “Indians.”  The so-called “Indian history” that the Europeans and Euro-Americans write is all lies.  The White man needs to invent rationales to justify his stealing here.  There were no “Indians” here—in order to build up his ego and his self-esteem, he has to discredit other people.  European Science tries to prove how great the White man is (according to White science, the Europeans of the nineteenth century were at the pinnacle of Social Evolution).  European science is based on the Christian world-view.  The Bering Strait Theory is Adam and Eve, re-clothed in pseudo-science.  Since the White man invented the Indians, he can make up all kinds of nonsense and call it “science.”  The White historians say that the “Indians came over the Bering Strait.”

The “squaw men” were men of inferior class in Europe.  Their “superiors” brought them into the concentration camps called “Reservations” in the 1800’s to help destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  By 1928, the Brookings Institute described these “squaw men” as “an extremely low grade white, a misfit in the economic and social life of the white civilization, [who] forms a union with a low grade Indian.  These low grade whites turn Indian in a way that is quite shocking, and they may be found existing in shacks that are below rather than above those of the purely [Aboriginal] dwellings in the neighborhood.  Children of these unions have frequently the handicap of bad heredity and bad environment.  The White father, too, is apparently fairly prone to desert the Indian woman, leaving her with the burden of caring for the children.”  This is the “ethnic laboratory,” the social and genetic engineering of Western European $ivilization.

There is no role model for an “Indian” that anybody in their right mind would want to follow.  Look at all the stereotypes.  “Indian” is a derogatory name, built out of the ugly racism of the White man.  A lot of “Indians” are being paid good money to perpetuate this fake identity.  These are White people, who are dishonestly pretending that they are Aboriginal people, and lying and saying that Aboriginal Indigenous People are “Indians.”  Their genealogy proves that the “Heap Big Indians” at Red Lake, who control the Indian I.R.A. Government here, are descendants of non-Aboriginal people who were “packed” into Red Lake.

The United States Government hides behind the European “Sovereignty” which “clothes” the Secretary of the Interior, and quotes the Martinez decision that “Tribes” are in charge of who is Indian and who isn’t.  But, if you research it, Indian “Sovereignty” is also held, through their religion, by the Europeans.  The Indians are European subject people: Catholics’ Sovereignty is held by the Pope of the Holy Roman Empire, and Protestants’ Sovereignty is held by the Archbishop of Canterbury for the Queen of England.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway people, hold our own Sovereignty, through the Clans and Dodems of the Midewiwin.  That’s why we are writing our own history.  We have to debunk all of the trash and lies—we are not Indians.  The White man can say anything he wants to about Chippeway and other “Indians,” because he invented “Indians.”  Although the “Base Rolls” used for “Tribal Enrollment” were created under the Indian Reorganization Act, allegedly by “Indians,” these rolls came out of the old B.I.A. “Census Rolls,” and are still an integral part of the White structure, using our resources.

The housing that’s built for the Europeans’ Indians on Red Lake Reservation is very similar to the “settlements” on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Both of them are using European sovereignty to relocate subject peoples into somebody else’s territory in order to occupy it.  Both of these housing projects are paid for by Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.


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