Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 18, 1992

Senator Al Gore
Candidate for Vice President of the United States
The Clinton Campaign
National Campaign Headquarters
P.O. Box 615
Little Rock, Arkansas  72203

Honorable Senator Gore,

Enclosed is what the Clinton Campaign in Minnesota sent in response to our request for your position paper relating to Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The paper does not mention the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.

I am Anishinabe Ojibway, of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway are Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I am not an Indian.  “Indian” is an artificial identity created by the Europeans and applied to their own subject peoples, of European and Indo-European patrilineal ancestry.  “Indian” is a derogatory racist term to which innumerable negative stereotypes have been attached by the Whites who invented “Indians.”  “Indian” is also an Euro-American “legal” term used in unilateral United States legislation, executive orders, court precedents and bureaucracies applied to people caught in the “Indian” identity—and which were created with the intent (specifically stated in Title 25 of the U.S. Code) of forcibly including the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples in this fraudulent category of “Indian.”

Apparently, the people who wrote Governor Clinton’s position paper have some awareness of the nature of the term “Indian,” which is used only twice in your platform’s position paper.  The term which they chose as a substitute is “Native American,” which broadly and ambiguously means “people born in America.”  Governor Clinton is a “Native American.”  You are a “Native American.”  I was most certainly born here, on this land that is, and has been a part of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation for millennia—but by no stretch of the imagination am I either “American” or “Native American.”  “Native American” is an European term, referring to an illusory European identity.

When we requested your position paper, we, as Aboriginal Indigenous People of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, asked John Wodele of the Clinton for President campaign, “is your position five hundred more years of genocide?”  He did not answer our question at that time, and the position paper which he sent, still did not answer our question.  Six years ago, in response to the 1986 Democratic Party Platform, we wrote to the then-Chairperson of the Minnesota D.F.L., detailing some of the ways in which that platform continued the United States Government’s ongoing policies of genocide.  We did not even receive the courtesy of an answer from the Minnesota D.F.L.  The only significant difference that we see between the 1986 Democratic Party Platform and your present position paper, is the removal of the idea of “Trust Relationship” from your position paper.

It is quite true that there are about three million (according to the 1990 Census) people here who identified themselves as “Indian” or “Native American.”  A tiny minority of these people, along with a few people who were not enumerated by the U.S. Census, are the Aboriginal Indigenous People who have survived the centuries-long Holocaust by the United States of America and other European Nations.  The rest of these self-proclaimed “Indians” are Indo-European subject peoples.  Is U.S. Euro-American culture so bad, that millions of your people wanna-be Indians?  The “Indians” have an identity problem, but the Great White Father also has an even more serious identity problem.

I have spent the last sixty years of my life listening to lies about my people and our history, and studying the dishonesty of the Euro-Americans.  The U.S.-supported Red Lake Catholic Mission school, as well as the U.S. Government school, tried to literally and physically beat our native Ojibway language out of myself and all of the other Anishinabe Ojibway children over two generations.  They tried to replace our ancient language with a functionally incommunicado 400-word vocabulary of Broken English and Anglo-Saxon four letter words.  But, some of us have taught ourselves your “Crooked English” language.  I am not writing to you in my native language, I am writing to you in a language that was forced on my people.  I will communicate, but I feel no obligation to use what you call “proper English,” whatever that is.  The English language is a bastard language, whose native speakers have stolen words from people all over the world.

Over the past eight years, we the Anishinabe Ojibway People have gained access to the documents: U.S. Census records since 1830; Red Lake Annuity Payment Rolls; church records; B.I.A. enrollments; B.I.A. and Land Office “Halfbreed Scrip” records and other B.I.A. documents, position papers and correspondence; “Indian” genealogies done in the course of timber company litigation; fur trade records and other historical documents.  We can prove what we, the Anishinabe Ojibway people have always said among ourselves: most of the people who say that they are “Chippewa Indian” (or “Native American”) are really people of European, Indo-European, and African ancestry, pretending to be something that never existed.

Anishinabe Ojibway People have always defined ourselves by our patrilineal Clans and Dodems, by our Traditional religion, the Midewiwin, our Sovereign Grandfather Religion held jointly by those of the Clans and Dodems.  We can document the genocidal colonizing strategy (which has been part of Euro-American tradition since the Roman Empire1) of genetic engineering—the intentional and often forced breeding of mixed-blood people with an Indo-European patriline: people whose Sovereignty is held by the Europeans and Euro-Americans, including “Indian” and “Native American” people whose identity was invented and is controlled by the Europeans and Euro-Americans.  Although many of the people claiming to be “Chippewa Indians” do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all (many of them were dark-skinned, dark-haired Moorish mixed-bloods who were already “half-breeds” when they involuntarily left Europe), there are also thousands of so-called Chippewa Indians who are the product of Europe’s colonial genetic engineering on this continent.  Their Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors are matrilineal.  Like some other subject Peoples, they reckon descent on the matriline.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, say “the woman (it doesn’t matter where she is from) marries into the Clan of her husband, the children are born to their father’s people.”  The Euro-Americans state patrilineal inheritance by saying “these are our subject peoples, ‘our Indians’... our Natives.”  Conquered people, including the Jewish People, use matrilineal descent, through the mother’s line; their (and your) Sovereignty is held by Europe through the Judeo-Christian religion.  Euro-Americans have a very serious identity problem, no roots.

United States military forces have occupied Germany for fifty years, along with their civilian adjuncts.  Many children of these occupation forces were born in Germany.  If you apply your logic of “American Citizenship” to these people, why didn’t they become Germans—particularly those with a little bit of German ancestry on the matriline?  The Euro-Americans are an occupation force on Aboriginal Indigenous land.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people never did any harm to the Euro-Americans; we were and still are a non-violent people, because of our non-violent religion the Midewiwin, Grandfather.  Yet, the Euro-American occupation forces have instigated all kinds of violence—it’s documented.  Europe was bankrupt, plundered to the bedrock, when the European occupation forces started stealing our property.  You cannot continue to use violence and Machiavellian politics and expect to be an effective world leader.  You have to come to terms with your own violent behavior.  As far as I can see, the Democratic Platform is remaining firmly on the Euro-American base of violence, plunder economics, and business as usual.  It’s not going to work.

The United States Government has directed their strategy of stealing a continent—land, resources and Sovereignty—by trying to use a “blame-the-victim” ploy and mis-identifying their subject “Indian” people.  The Indian “tribal entities” supported in your position paper are inventions of the Euro-Americans.  In a telephone conversation yesterday, Washington, D.C., Bureau of Indian Affairs official Lathel Bussifle told me, straight out, “the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians was created by Act of Congress.”  For once, someone in the B.I.A spoke the exact truth.  The so-called Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians was invented as a post-facto justification of an illegal “Treaty,” of which European subject peoples comprised both sides of the “Treaty.”  My patrilineal great-grandfather, Midewiwin spiritual leader of the Bear Clan and Dodem, known by his title Buss-e-noss, was at those 1863 “Treaty negotiations,” and along with the other Anishinabe Ojibway men there, refused to sign.  It is against our religion to “sell” Grandmother Earth, which is our religion and our identity.  That is what we told the Treaty Commissioners.  The United States Government used their “Indians” to “sell” land which did not belong to them, and has been using their “Indians” ever since, as brokers and middlemen in a series of thieving and genocidal policies directed against the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples.  They have tried to use their complacent Indians to mask the Euro-Americans’ own complicity in genocide.  Both the Indians and the other Euro-Americans are guilty of genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.

The Indians’ claim to this land is based, in part, on “Land Grants” from the United States Government.  Anishinabe Ojibway land never belonged to the United States Government, which had no jurisdiction to “give” Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land to their Indians.  “Indians” bear part of the responsibility, for accepting and selling stolen property.  The United States of America bears a far larger part of the liability.  Indians have a dishonest identity, and as long as they choose to remain in this deceitful identity, they are dishonest people.  There were no “Indians” here, and there were probably not any “Indians” among the myriad peoples of India.  The British Empire has a great time calling their subject Peoples “Indians.”  If you have read very many of the original documents from your country’s history, you already know this.  As long as we, the Anishinabe Ojibway, and my relations the other Aboriginal Indigenous People, did not understand English, you could claim to have “Indians.”  We understand English, now.

The colonial puppet governments created by the United States Congress under the United States’ 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A.) are the “governments” which you support, according to your position paper’s vague pledge to “guarantee the government-to-government relationships between the United States and ... tribal entities.”  The pitiful shams of “democracy” which the U.S. recognizes as their Indian Tribal Governments operate on “constitutions” written by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in which (European) “sovereign power” is specifically retained by the Secretary of the Interior.  These I.R.A. caricatures of “democracy” are intended to entrench the political power of the United States’ White Indians, who have been packed onto the Reservations on top of, or displacing, the few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The European subject people who are Chippewa Indians trying to lay claim to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation’s land and resources, and lately to our very identity and religion, is human rights violation, racism, and genocide.  The Chippewa Indians are not the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Unwittingly or not, the Chippewa Indians are fraudulent fakes, supported by the United States Government and in your position paper, implicitly supported by yourself.  Lawsuits in World Court, from the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent, are coming.  The United States Government is using the Chippewa Indians, and other “Indians” as a smokescreen for their ongoing genocide and their complicity in past genocide.

The 1934 I.R.A. was designed to provide a corruptible colonial government, in part as an occupation force, and in part as a broker to “sell” resources, and “close the books” (e.g. through the Indian Claims Commission) on land, which do not and have never belonged to the U.S. Government’s Indians empowered by the I.R.A.  Since the I.R.A. was forced onto the Red Lake Reservation through fraud (we can prove this), the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ remaining forests at Red Lake have been clearcut on a massive scale.  We have been left with environmental devastation, scorched-earth destruction of our Traditional food supply, and consequential nutritional diseases which are killing our people.  The B.I.A. has manipulated this theft, in collusion with the rest of the U.S. Government and other European countries, in a way that purports to bankrupt us.  On your crooked books, we’re nearly bankrupt.  Is this why you took “trusteeship” out of your platform, support “government-to-government” relationships [from an Aboriginal Indigenous perspective, it comes out European-to-European], and had the Bureau’s Philadelphia lawyers re-write the “Red Lake Indian Tribal Code,” which refers to [European] “Indians or persons.”

The Europeans and Indo-Europeans who call themselves “Indians” and “Native Americans” are writing themselves a free ticket in Anishinabe Ojibway land.  They have a dishonest identity.  On the White Earth Reservation, the Chippewa Indians are protesting the Indian Reorganization Act Government which the United States Government gave them, claiming that it is dishonest.  But, because of clinging to their dishonest identity, they themselves are also corrupt.  They are operating on a foundation of lies and deceptions.  The Indians cannot reasonably expect honesty toward themselves, until they are honest about who these people claiming to be “Indians” really are.  The “Indians” do have a real identity—and for all but a minuscule minority of lost, adopted-out, and confused or brainwashed people, this identity is not Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent.

It is time that the United States dealt, honestly, with the massive genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  F.D.R. could not handle the early reports of Nazi genocide: Hitler sent him a cable citing F.D.R.’s “own backyard,” and as a direct consequence countless people both in the concentration camps and in the Allied Forces died.  Until the United States (and Britain which still holds your Sovereignty through the Christian religion) deal fully, openly, and honestly with the past, they cannot even hope to begin to build a future.  Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism was a product of Western European Civilization just as surely as Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was, and just as surely as the 1992 Revitalized Democratic Party is.  The repercussions of the lies upon which your society is built extend in every direction, from the environment to social policy.  The violence which is engulfing your cities is part of the circle of violence which was transplanted by the Europeans onto our continent five hundred years ago.  The time when you must deal with the truth is here, right now.

We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist as a Sovereign People in our own land.  We need to find mutual terms of harmonious co-existence with the descendants of those who came as refugees, of those who came in chains, to our land.  Your platform “on issues of importance to Native Americans” does not touch the real issues.  We are extending an invitation to dialogue; we are also extending an invitation for you to come and look at the thousands of pages of documentation which back up what we write.

As Communism (a political theory written by Capitalists using the same linear thinking) has fallen, the focus is on you as world leaders.  You cannot point your finger at Saddam Hussein and say, “you are a dictator, committing genocide against the Kurds.”  You must come to terms with the genocide which you, personally and presently, are still in complicity.  You cannot be a world leader and continue lying about being a “free country.”  There are millions of people in this country who do not say anything, who work hard and try to make ends meet—but who are well aware that the bureaucrats slopping at the public trough are the ones hollering about a “free country” the loudest.  With the D.F.L.’s eloquent rhetoric about “change” at the 1992 convention, you have sparked a public awareness that you will not be able to quash after the election.  There are a lot of people who sensed the hedging in Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech.   Ross Perot catalyzed the change that was already building—you cannot go back to the “good old days,” and survive.  Violence always breeds more violence; it is a vicious circle, and the Euro-American elite knows that, and uses it to maintain their artificial position of “superiority” so they don’t have to work.  There was no violence on this continent until you people brought it as a part of your European cultural baggage.  The class system upon which Euro-American society is based, is violent in its fundamental concept, and needs violence and turmoil in order to stay in existence.  There were enslaved human beings chained in the holds of even the very early European immigrant ships, and among the very first things that the Europeans did on our Continent was build prisons and stockades.  The next thing they did was build churches and saloons and whore-houses—which are all inseparable parts of the cultural complex of artificially polarized “dichotomies” which define you.  The Judo-Christian religion is a violent religion, and when you say that you have a Judeo-Christian Nation here on this Continent, you are openly admitting genocide.  Rather than adding yet another layer to the violence, it is time for you to look at the root causes of your violence.  Hiring more police will not solve the problem.  You could make every Citizen a police man or woman, and you would still be shooting each other and stealing from each other.  Go to the mirror and look at yourselves.  The Americans need to take a long, hard look at the violence which is a part of their values, their religion, and inextricably a part of American history.

We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, did not have an hierarchial class system, and our religion the Midewiwin, is non-violent.  It is a twenty-four hours a day religion.  The Midewiwin is in part about the connectedness of all things that you mentioned in your acceptance speech.  Grandmother Earth is sacred, inseparable from the Grandfather Midewiwin religion.  Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest”—each time you break another link in the chain, and another species disappears, how much longer will you be able to stand there, before you disappear also?  All people are a part of Grandmother Earth, and each people, each species, has a right to survive.  Each species is a part of the inter-dependent totality, each species is here for a reason, and each bears the unmistakable reflection of the Great Creator in this vast and once beautiful living world.  You have no right to use violence, the threat of violence, and lies, to try to claim “ownership” of that which is not yours.

The orators of the D.F.L. said, to great cheers, that they wanted to re-build America.  From what?  To what?  While the Bigwigs in Washington were busy concocting what they hoped were airtight labyrinths of “Indian” policy, and while the Anthropologists were busy studying their own illusions, projections and reflections in their Indians, the Aboriginal Indigenous People have been watching the Indo-Europeans, and learning.

Are you basing your re-built America on the Greco-Roman traditions so proudly re-claimed in early 20th century history texts: Imperial traditions of which slavery was an integral part, depending on colonial exploitation of other peoples’ resources and capitol punishment of dissidents?  The sand of man-made deserts drifts through the ruins of their cultural centers, and their bloodstained torch passed into the grasping hands of their illegitimate half-“barbarian” sons of the colonial outposts.  You claim Roman law, the Roman Alphabet, and politico-religious institutions which bear the unmistakable imprint of an acclaimed Roman Emperor.

Or, do you think you can re-build America using the pattern of the Moorish Empire which occupied much of Europe?  The Moors taught the illiterate people of Europe how to read and write, and they taught them math.  The Arab culture is an ignored cornerstone of Western European Civilization.  Can you imagine using Roman numerals for the Arabic discipline of calculus?  The Moors also embellished what the Romans had taught the Native Europeans about brutal occupations, and laid the foundation for the Spanish Inquisition.  Although the Renaissance was funded by plunder and genocide in the mis-named “New World” under the purported Divine Mandate of Christianity, many of the seeds had been cross-fertilized by ideas from the East.  The patterns of colonialism were not invented by the Europeans.  When President Bush bombed the Garden of Eden, he closed the circle.  The paradigm of colonial expansion has exhausted itself, and if you understand your roots you will understand clearly why you cannot expect to continue the path of your cultural forbearers and survive in the world that you have pillaged and repressed so violently.  You must look beyond the confines of your tunnel vision.

Or, are you modeling your re-built America on the Feudal Europe of your forefathers?  We see the continuity of social structure, values and traditions, from the Corporate boardrooms to the beggars in the streets.  Did anybody ever stop to really think about what it means, for the Queen of England to “Knight” men you still call “President?”

Are you basing your re-built America on a continuation of the pyramid-scheme con-game of an “economic” system in which “opportunity” for the sons of immigrants rested firmly on the backs of those just off the boat, on the backs of those “kept in their place” by prejudice and violence—and on the once-vast lands and seemingly inexhaustible resources of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent?

Are you basing your vision of re-built America on the warped and greedy Judo-Christian hallucination of Manifest Destiny?  On land “titles” resting precariously on the allegedly “Divine Mandate” and the incredibly arrogant, racist claim that we, the Aboriginal Indigenous People, have no more claim to our own land than deer? [Really.  Look it up.  The Euro-Americans slighted the deer’s right to a place to live, not us.]  “Bounties” on Indian, and Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ scalps were still being paid, after the Emancipation [not Manumission] Proclamation.  When my grandfather was a little older than your son is now, in the 1870’s, the State of Minnesota paid more than $100 a “scalp” for murdering my relations in cold blood.  I am not writing these things to you to make you feel bad, but rather to tell you, urgently, that the future of us all depends on the United States’ leaders dealing honestly with the past, and looking clearly and in depth at the values to which you are heir.  Nobody else will say it.  The Euro-Americans are subject peoples who have lost their Sovereignty.  Your Indians are subject peoples, some of whom may see things because of their contact with Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, but who can’t say anything because they also are operating under European Sovereignty.  The Indians have good reason to believe that if they speak out too strongly, they will lose their Government house, their cousin will lose his Government job, they will be “relocated” (and/or “stricken from the rolls”), and they could go to jail on drummed-up charges.  Some of these Indians are also liable for prosecution under the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

The atrocities of recent history are not aberrations, but linear derivatives of your culture.  The transformational moment of the present may be your only chance for a very long time, to challenge the core values of the Euro-Americans, and extricate yourselves from your vicious cycles of violence.

The Japanese are laughing at the United States.  The Japanese are telling you that you are “lazy,” that you are not on your own land, but that they are.  The Japanese are telling you that they know that you have no roots here, and that the Europeans do not belong here.  The Japanese they know that the resources of this continent have been stripped nearly to depletion, and they know that the “patriotic” crooks of Corporate America have draped themselves in the flag and are greedily plundering the U.S. Treasury and absconding with the future of the United States.  The Japanese may be plundering other people, but they are leaving their own resources intact.  The United States can’t do that.

The balanced United States Budgets of the first one hundred years were based on the sale of stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources, and if the present-day “net worth” of the U.S. Government (the ultimate collateral of the U.S. Dollar) exceeds the 1992 deficit, it is because of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources illegally held on the “asset” side of the U.S. books.  In 1889, the United States Congress unilaterally passed legislation claiming two and a half million acres of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation’s land at Red Lake, upon the uninformed consent of a majority of their “Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota,” who had no right to Anishinabe Ojibway land.  That year, the U.S. budget surplus was $5,000,000.00, and according to a history book written shortly thereafter,2 “Congress was urged to take measures to reduce the revenues.”  The budget-books of the United States were balanced with booty, not by tax revenues meeting expenditures.  When the heirs of the nineteenth-century privateers had stolen just about everything there was to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People, they kept right on plundering—from their own people.  If you choose to derive “government” from the Queen of England’s Royal piracy charters of the Virginia Company and their ilks, go ahead.  Your grandchildren—and my grandchildren—would be far better served if your “New Covenant” United States Government truly is a “Government of all your People, by all your People, for all your People,” not just the elite.  Everybody has an inherent right to responsibly hold their own personal Sovereignty, and culture doesn’t “trickle down” any more than economics does.  Corporate America, who looted the Treasury and who is making money on the deficit, needs to pay the deficit back.  There is more than one C.E.O., and stockholder, who holds criminal responsibility.  The deficit needs to be paid back by those who have profited from it, and equitably distributed tax revenues must meet expenditures, every year.  The United States needs to keep only one set of budget-books, and needs to keep that one straight, so that all of the people know where their taxes are going, so that the U.S. is held accountable.

The “Indian leaders” with whom you are dealing are Indo-Europeans.  They make many times the average annual income of Aboriginal Indigenous people, getting paid to be “Indians.”  They are not Aboriginal Indigenous People, although some of them may be the only surviving descendants, albeit matrilineal, of entire Aboriginal Indigenous Nations annihilated by U.S. and other European genocide.  These Metis people, remnants of once-prosperous Nations, may tell you that, like some other conquered peoples, their descent is “matrilineal.” As the only surviving remnants of Nations completely obliterated in the Holocaust on these Continents, some of these people have rights which it would be imprudent of the U.S. to try to abrogate.  (Some of these people, however, actively colluded in the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People they claim as their mother’s relations.)  But, these “Indians” are not Aboriginal Indigenous People.  If they disagree, tell them to say so to my face; my phone number and address are on this letter.  (Even Euro-American culture retains some patrilineal inheritance, although some feminists have confused patrilineal inheritance and patriarchy, matrilineal inheritance and matriarchy; when an Euro-American woman marries, she symbolically enters her husband’s patriline by taking his “sir-name.”)  There were no “Indians” here before the Europeans tried to invent them, and “Indian” is still a mythological identity.  There were far more Aboriginal Indigenous People on these Continents than most historians are willing to take responsibility for the subsequent annihilation of; we had profoundly beautiful, non-violent and non-hierarchial political organizations comprised of the harmoniously inter-connected Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous Nations of this Continent; we had incredible wealth in our permaculturally based, sustainable agriculture, which took the European profiteers and their heirs the Euro-Americans twenty generations to plunder into ruins—but there were no “Indians” here.

“Indians” are an elaborately developed mythology of European culture, and with the exception of European and European-derived, often brutally violent, efforts to force Aboriginal Indigenous people into this alien mythology in an attempt to define and thus control us in your own terms, “Indians” have absolutely nothing to do with who we, the Aboriginal Indigenous People are.  Your position paper, euphemistically referring to “Indians” as “Native Americans,” refers to colonial puppet governments unilaterally created by the England, and sustained by their subject the United States, in collusion with their subject people posing in the imaginary identity of “Indians.”  You are not dealing with reality, and I refrain from commenting on the merits of most of the particular points in your position paper because they refer to non-existent people.  You could as well have a position paper referring to “Issues of Importance to Mickey Mouse,” perhaps dressed up as “Issues of Importance to Cinematographic Caricatures of Sentient Bipedal Rodents,” while taking the huckster illusions of Disneyland as literal reality.

The “Indian Religion” your platform supports is not Aboriginal Indigenous religion.  “Indian Religion” is Cult Christianity which has mis-appropriated some of our material artifacts, but none of our philosophy and values.  Congress violated the U.S. Constitution by passing the 1978 Indian Freedom of Religion Act.  We, the Aboriginal Indigenous People, are Sovereign and do not need the permission of the U.S. Congress, nor any other branch of the U.S. Government, to live our own religion in our own land.  We have a right to exist, as a Sovereign People, in our own land.  We know who we are.  So-called “Indian Religion” has nothing to do with our ancient, Sovereign Spiritual Traditions.

The U.S. Government is always threatening “Indians” with “Termination.”  Why don’t you go ahead and “Terminate” the Indians you invented?  The main reason that the U.S. wants to “Terminate” Indians is the U.S. has been telling lies for so long, they have started to believe their own propaganda and have the illusion that Aboriginal Indigenous People are “Indians.”  We are not Indians, and we did not sign the unilateral, crooked Indian Treaties that the U.S. has broken so many times and now wants to throw away.  “Indians” are a political mistake, and once again the President wants to expediently “Terminate” Indians.

One of the things that America’s “Indians” are used for, is to insulate truly egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous People from the hierarchial peoples of Euro-America.  The “Indians” do not “speak for us.”  They have tried to steal everything including our culture, but are scared to touch our values.  They are caught in a set of crazy stereotypes invented by the Europeans, and do not know who they are.  They are trying to act out European projections—that’s why your jails are full of “Indians.”  “Indian” is a racist label, and the time when you can use your millions of “Indians” to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People is over.  The time will come when you cannot continue to use Crooked English to obscure the truth.  The time for honest change is better now, than it will be later.

Your campaign is based on promises of change, but your “Native American” position paper is nothing more than back to business as usual.  There is no change, and from the contents of your position paper it looks like what we can expect is five hundred more years of genocide.  You continue to use crooked English, and try to say that Aboriginal Indigenous People are “Indians” or “Native Americans,” when we are not; your platform supports positions under which you will continue to pay Indo-Europeans to fill the crooked, racist identity of “Indian Leader.”  As long as you continue to try to legitimize the fraudulent Indian Identity; as long as you continue to support corrupt colonial I.R.A. “Indian” governments whose primary purpose is to oppress and disposes Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples; as long as you continue to deny the realities of your history, identity and social structure; you are clearly telegraphing your intentions of five hundred more years of genocide.  “Freedom” is an overused term.  Why do you use it in your slogans, in your patriotic music?  If you were really free, you wouldn’t have to try to convince yourself and your followers by repeating “freedom” over and over again.  Instead of getting lost in abstracts, and in the residue of centuries of European lies, look at reality.


(Francis Blake, Jr.)
Bear Clan and Dodem
Anishinabe Ojibway Nation 

cc: President Jimmy Carter
          John Wodele, Minnesota D.F.L.
          Nelson Mandela
          United Nations
          World Court

1As another example, how many Afro-Americans do you know who have an African patriline?  (Part of the “problem” with the Haitian refugees is that some of these people are still patrilineally African.  This is the second, unmentionable, level of Euro-American racism.)

2Edwin Emerson, A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year, 1900

Editor’s note: over the weekend of November 7-8, 1992, Al Gore and his wife got lost in the woods.

The Glasgow Herald reported on November 10, 1992:

Green Gores get lost in woods

BERKELEY SPRINGS -- US vice president-elect Al Gore, who has written a book on the environment, lost touch with his own environment when he and his wife Tipper were hiking in woods in West Virginia at the weekend. Sam Ashelman, co -owner of the 1500-acre resort near Washington, said: "It got dark and they were out hiking, so they had to use Secret Service . . . to find their way back down again." The Gores were unharmed by their adventure.

and the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, also on November 10:

Al and Tipper Gore get lost in the woods

from wire reports

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.VA. -- The environmental vice president-elect lost touch with his environment during a weekend trip.

Al Gore and his wife, Tipper Gore, were hiking Saturday at Coolfont Resort, in woods about 50 miles northwest of Washington.

"It's a wilderness atmosphere here and they actually got lost," said Sam Ashelman, co-owner of the 1,500-acre resort. "It got dark Saturday afternoon and they were out hiking, so they had to use Secret Service ... to find their way back down again." The two were never in danger and they were helped down the trail by agents, Ashelman said yesterday.

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